"What the hell is so damn special with Sparda, anyway?" Luka's thoughts wander off as he watches the distant earth move beneath him.

He feels alone on this plane. There's the occasional pretty face, but his urge to study this mysterious Dark Knight is keeping him from flirting with the women on this flight. The young journalist almost has a melancholic look on his face as he stares absentmindedly at the outside world. His father studied Angels, unknowingly, of course. And that was also the cause of his death. He doesn't know why, but this feels all too similar.

When Antonio worked for the Ithavol Group, did he feel the same fear he's feeling right now? There are so many things he wants to know about Sparda, that it's almost like an irritating itch. The path to knowledge is driven by curiosity. This truth is especially defined for journalists like him. Maybe flying out of the country is just what he needs? He needs some time off away from Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rodin, and those damn feathery freaks.

Eventually Luka realized that studying about Sparda in Europe isn't going to be doing much. The noble demon apparently lived the last of his days in America, so Luka decided to pursue information about him from the country he once lived in.

As the large propeller airplane begins to make its way to the runway, a funny but dangerous thought crosses his mind.

What if he gets killed for studying demons, in the same way that his father got killed for (accidentally) studying angels?

He just laughs the thought off nervously.

Bayonetta May Cry

Chapter 3 : Birds in the Vestibule

Being a freelance journalist is nice. It gives you a lot of opportunities to pursue whatever story you want to pursue without being hindered by a deadline dropped down by your boss. The only setback in working as a freelancer, is that it can get a little boring because the only company Luka has is himself.

The museum looks fairly normal from the outside, and it does too, on the inside. What makes this library stand out from the others however is the content of its books. He does not find dictionaries, bibles, or novels here, but he instead finds books written by mysterious writers, from unknown dates throughout history. It truly is a mysterious place. He didn't even hear about most of the books here before.

The museum's interior is a large circular space, with books lining an inner and outer ring. There aren't many people around, which makes Luka stand a little bit on edge. He's well aware that a few angels are still roaming about in the world, and he has this wild paranoid feeling that he is always being watched.

"Hey mister what are you doing?"


The young blonde girl narrows her eyes at his cartoonish pose. The little kid is dressed like a princess, with a frilly pink dress, and curly locks. She looks up at Luka innocently, before she shifts her gaze to the paper in Luka's hand.

"Are you just going to stand there like an idiot, or are you going to tell me what this is?" she grabs the list from Luka at the speed of a Glory.

"Hey! Give that back!" Luka tries to take the list back, but the girl hops back, examining the paper.

"Sparda? What'd you want to know about that guy?"

Luka disregards the fact that a little girl is so vehemently walking around in such a scary museum for a while. He once again tries to steal away the list, but the girl spins on her heel and dodges perfectly. Luka sighs and wipes his face with his hand. This is embarrassing.

"Listen, kiddo, I know that you're playing hard to get." he combs back his hair coolly. "But you're going to have to come back in 10 years if you want to have any real chance with me."

The girl tilts her head as Luka throws back his arms. "I am the great Luka! World famous paranormal journalist! I am well aware of how women, fawn over my very presence, so I'm going to give you a head start. How does an autograph sound?" he swiftly takes out a pen and paper from out of nowhere. "Hmm?"

There is a brief silence.

"So…" she presents the list to him. "…if you're so famous, how come I don't know you?"

"…" he swipes the list away and hides it in his jacket. "…you're ignorant, that's why."

"Uh-huh." the girl then slowly examines Luka from head to toe, along with the occasional shake of the head.

"What's a little girl like you doing in here, anyway?"

"Aren't you even going to ask my name first?"

Luka groans, is this kid for real? He wonders to himself.

"What's your name…?" he asks in the fakest voice of interest.

The girl nods satisfyingly before puffing her chest proud. "My name is Patty Lowell. And I'm here on official business!"

This prompts a curious raise of the eyebrow from Luka. "Official business?"

"Yep. You see, a friend of mine's birthday is coming up soon. And I'm doing research to get him the perfect gift!"

What kind of friend does this kid have? It must be someone really special. Luka dismisses the thought and just laughs to himself.

"How about you? What're you doing here?"

She's a confident little girl, isn't she? Luka fixes his long scarf and leans against a book case, obviously in an attempt to appear dramatic. An imaginary spot light comes down on him from the ceiling of the museum as he begins his tale. "I am here on a quest, to solve the case of the mysterious disappearance of a folklore hero. Two thousand years ago, a dark lord rose from Hell and tried to destroy the human world. But someone from his army turned the other cheek, and saved all of humanity. The story is fairly long, but his name was Sparda…" he pauses to build up non-existent dramatic tension. "I am here to uncover his roots, to show the world that maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that someone is related to this legendary hero."

"Yeah, his name is Dante."

"Yes, Dante- wait, Dante?" Luka double backs at the girl's surprisingly calm expression.

"He's the Son of Sparda. He's also the person I'm talking about with a birthday coming up. I'm friends with him." she then shows him an ear to ear smile.

Luka leans toward her with arched brows. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah, I am. You're not really that good of a journalist, are you?" she hops back again and places her hands on her hips. "It's either that or you just fail at research. Everybody knows about the demon hunter in this city who's rumored to be the descendant of that Sparda guy."

Luka backs away into a corner and thinks to himself. Should he really waste his time with this lead? For all he knows this little girl could just be playing him. Maybe the FBI are even around, waiting for him to make a move on her. Then if that happens they'll jail his ass for pedophilia! But… but, this girl sounds like she's serious. Should he take the risk? Plus, what are the odds of a public library being a hotspot for sexual predators?

"I can take you to his shop if you don't believe me."

That answers his question. He jumps at the opportunity with widespread arms. "Take me to your leader then Ms. Patty Lowell!"

"Patty's enough, Mr. Redgrave."

She then takes his hand and walks him out of the library. Luka does nothing but follow after her, though he nervously looks around to check that no FBI agents are looking in his general direction. It's better to be safe than sorry, he thought.

The portal Courage created had been suddenly rerouted to a different location. It considered that this was maybe because of its imperfection as a mere clone of Fortitudo. Higher ranking angels were always able to create portals at will. This was done whenever they needed to traverse to distant locations. This city was not his destination, but it may very well be his master's intent to send him here. It opens its weak eye and watches silently at the fearful spectacle.

"Dan…te…" Nero's groan comes off as weak and painful. "…fuck you."

"Well it's nice to see you too, kid." Dante deadpans as he takes the Yamato from Nero's offered hand.

He takes the weapon, raises it up, and examines it. It seems to be in pretty good shape, but that's to be expected. Nothing is capable of damaging a devil arm of this caliber, anyway.

"Well this is awfully convenient, isn't it?" a feminine voice speaks to him.

He turns around and motions to her with his brother's sword. "Damn straight it is! This makes things a lot more convenient for me ever since I forgot where the kid lives!"

Bayonetta adjusts her glasses and shifts her weight on one leg. She crosses her arms, examining him from head to toe. Dante does the same- and they both come laughing at the same time.

"Your outfit is hideous! No wonder you're so popular." Bayonetta shakes her head. "You literally stick out like a sore thumb."

Dante shrugs. "That's the whole point. I want to be noticed, makes me feel all big and stuff."

"I'm sure you very well are." she begins walking around him as he watches.

There is no mistake on Dante's end. She fits the profile given to him perfectly, but doesn't this all seem a little too convenient? He imagined that he maybe had to go through a few dungeons before inevitably coming face to face with her. That Adrian guy is going to be so happy when he finishes this job before the week ends.

"In case you're wondering~" Bayonetta pauses and aims the Thyme at him. "If you ask your little friend back there, then you'll find out that I'm here to kill you!"

"Oh? What a coincidence!" Dante spins the Yamato around, cutting the air. "I'm here to do the same thing!"

"Under what contract?" she asks curiously.

"I can't tell you that, babe. There's this whole client-confidentiality thing I'm working on."

"Ah, well that's a little depressing." she lowers her gun. "Can I at least ask why you'd want to hurt little 'ol me?"

Dante considers how he should say it, but disregards the kindness of the words in his head anyway. "Someone said you did something really nasty about something. It's a vague conduit of an explanation, but whatever it is, I'm sure that my orders are justified."

She frowns, for some reason feeling annoyed at the fact that he talks too much.

"Enough foreplay!" she declares with a raise of her gun. "Let's dance!"

Bayonetta decides to start a little slowly. She pulls the trigger five times, causing five bullets to align themselves unmoving in the air, before moving towards Dante at the same time. The demon hunter reacts by spinning the Yamato into a windmill, catching the bullets midflight within the apex of the blade and wind. He then places the bullets on the ground in a straight line before spinning the sword around and throwing the bullets back.

She reacts by making a minute movement to the side, dodging the bullets completely. Cereza looks at him, eyes widened.

"I've got to say, that was quite an impressive move!"

Dante takes a step forward and holds the noble katana under his hand. "Learned it from my brother."

Dante realizes that he has two options. He can play around for a while, or he can go all out and own her with his overwhelming speed and strength. Right now, he's leaning toward the latter. He can finish this before the sun sets for dinner. He might not have lined being in Fortuna for long, but he enjoyed the food here. Maybe he should drop by a restaurant once he deals with this.

He steps forward, disappearing in a red flash, before appearing right above Bayonetta. He swings the Yamato with deadly precision and she replies with an equally sleek movement of the Shuraba. The blades clash. The ensuing explosion of wind is so powerful that it sends a shockwave of air through the streets, lifting the feathers and demonic blood off the ground.

The next few movements came impossibly fast. The opposite blue and red katana, the Yamato and Shuraba, danced in the air. Fast motions of swings and thrusts combined into a whirlwind of colors.

"Impressive. You're really good with your hands." Dante says, his blade locking with hers, their faces inches apart.

"I try to impress." she jumps back and kicks him away.

She lands on the ground gracefully and snaps her fingers. The next instant, a black hand emerges from the ground, lifting up the nearby severed arm of the Savior. Dante watches silently, more impressed by the fact that the hand seems to be made of hair. The black hand then swings forward, launching the white fist of the Savior straight for the Dante.

Dante leans forward, holding the Yamato under his body. As the fist approaches he swings the blade in a vertical arc, cutting the fist cleanly in half. He then swings around, slicing apart the two pieces horizontally. As the fist disintegrates in mid-air, he takes the rebellion on his back and stabs one of the larger pieces. He then twists his body, throwing the large rock piece back toward Bayonetta.

She replies with a swift cut of her own, dividing the rock into further two.

"You're showing some promise, devil~" she says in a teasing voice while watching the rubble crash into a building.

"I try to impress." Dante replies in a faux British accent.

Bayonetta once again begins pacing around. "We're already in the middle of this little dance, and you didn't even consider bringing me gifts?"

"Well that was the gift right there, baby. If you didn't like it, you could have just told me." Dante grumbles like a disappointed suitor. "You didn't have to cut it up."

She once again readies herself into a hard, prepared stance. Dante doesn't do the same, and instead rubs his chin as he begins to steadily walk toward her. This battle, should take quite a while.

"Please wait here, Mr. Luka." Patty says as she hops down the staircase leading out of the museum.

Luka watches her with an air of uncertainty. Even now he continues to doubt if he should continue following her. It is somewhat taboo for a reporter to rely on such a young girl for information this early into an investigation. He watches her while she stands in the street, waiting for a cab to come and pick them up.

As he watches this, he feels a heated presence coming from behind. He turns around to see the black bartender rising from the ground, red light emanating from the ground beneath.


"Yo." he says in that deep demonic voice. "You better be sure about this shit you're getting yourself into, kid. Dive in too deep, and you'll be drowning under a sea of demonic shit in no time."

"You don't have to worry about me. I can handle myself. I survived the encounters with Cerezita and her older self, right?" he shrugs casually.

"What you don't get is that back then, the angels didn't give a fuck about the things you did. This is different." Rodin steps out of the Gates of Hell's glow. "Demons are ferocious, they don't need to follow those shitty rules the angels follow."

He leans forward, pushing Luka against a wall. This is a very uncomfortable experience for him.

"Listen here, do you know how to use a piece?"

"A what?"

"A gun. It'll keep your ass safe-"

"Don't need one!" he ducks down and scurries away, running down the staircase to head to Patty and the now waiting taxi. "But thanks for the concern!"

Rodin crosses his arms and swears under his breath as the yellow cab drives away. Just then, a second red glow emerges from behind him and out appears Jeanne, sucking on a lollipop. He turns to her, scowling.

"Following him, are you?"

"Well, yes. I'm rather fond of that boy." she discards the finished lollipop as she walks down. "Plus, there's nothing else to do. Cereza isn't around to play, might as well dick around through this boredom."

"Suit yourself." the former angel shrugs and returns to the portal he created.

Jeanne looks at him once before another portal appears, and from the portal rises her overly accessorized motorcycle. She gets on the cycle, revving it up once before racing off toward her prey. Disappointed that it's just going to be him and Enzo for a little while, Rodin descends back into the darkness.

"They're a different species."

"Well, they look the same when you strip them of all that white armor." Lady puts up her feet on the dashboard while thinking. "I read about angels back when I did research about you demons. Though for some reason, there aren't many recorded cases of them actually appearing in the flesh. There were gaps in the texts, it almost felt like someone erased them from history."

"Hmm… you don't say." Trish lies down happily in the back seats.

Adrian listens to the conversation as he drives the red convertible. Despite being really deep into debt, he has to admit that Dante has quite the nice ride. The two girls continue to converse behind him and his gaze shifts to the ocean to his right. Reaching Fortuna would at least take two hours, it's going to be boring. This intelligent conversation about his people is very welcome to pass the time.

Angels normally do not show themselves to humans, but when he shook Lady's hand a few hours earlier, he gave her the ability to see the ethereal angels. It is a technique that all angels can do. It is only done when an angel recognizes a human's pure heart, thus allowing them to see an angel's glory. The technique did not need to be performed on Dante and Trish. Their demonic heritage already gives them the power to see angels.

"So, Patty, how did you befriend this guy?" Luka asks just as the ocean comes into view. A high cliff wall runs frightfully close to his right.

The little girl shifts in her seat and glances at him. "Oh, simple, simple~ we hired him back then to investigate something about my father's inheritance to me. There were some nasty people in my family who wanted me dead. He was my bodyguard for a short while!"

Luka turns silent; disgusted at the thought that someone would want to harm such an innocent little girl.

"That's harsh…"

Patty looks up at him, sensing something. "Is something the matter?"

Luka lapses back briefly, remembering the time when he watched his father get ripped apart by monsters he could not see. The painful feeling within his heart aches again. Like long needles of memory, they cause him to forget where he is, who he has become. That was so long ago, but this girl was hunted down just because she was related to her father? That's much more cruel.


But her innocent call brings him back. And he smiles, patting her head with his hand-

-when suddenly the ceiling dents inward, bringing Patty into a high-pitched scream. Luka throws his body on top of her, protecting her from the shattering glass. He throws his gaze at the cab driver when suddenly the windshield breaks, and a powerful wind pulls the driver straight out the vehicle. Luka watches in disbelief as the man is thrown into the ocean screaming.

The car begins to swerve and Luka dives into the driver seat, struggling to keep the car in control. He looks around and sees distortions in the air, suddenly terrified at the realization that some angels might be hovering around them, ready to attack. But why? What the fuck did he do to deserve this? He sure as hell doesn't want this girl to get involved!

Suddenly gunshots ring through the air and a motorcycle races past.

Luka watches, recognizes Jeanne, and a smile crosses his lips. She doesn't acknowledge the fact that he's happy to see her. She brings forward her hand and circles her finger, creating a purple portal in the space before her. The motorcycle drives through the portal, bringing her into the dimension of Purgatorio.

"Bitch please-!"

Time stops inside the dimension of angels as Jeanne leaps into the air. She comes into a violent spin, shooting a barrage of bullets in every direction, ripping apart the Affinities. Feathers scatter, blood spills, as she comes storming down, landing perfectly back on her motorcycle. Satisfied at the sight of more dead angels, she creates another portal, returning her to the realm of idiot humans like Luka.

"Shit! Jeanne!" Luka shouts as the witch drives up next to him.

"Did I scare you back there?" she holsters the black luger.

"No shit you did." he fingers his ear. "Damn that was loud!"

"Stop shouting will you." she tilts her body back and stretches her arms, driving the motorcycle freehanded.

"WHAT? No I'm not here to study Sparda! I'm here on vacation!"

"Quite." she rolls her eyes. He's gone deaf, hasn't he?

"Patty! Are you alright! Are you hurt!" Luka shouts at the girl in the back. The brief fright doesn't leave a lasting impression on Patty, and she is now settled back into a casual sitting position. She looks at him with an irritated look, instead of a petrified one. She's used to these seemingly random attacks by now.

"Can you please stop shouting?" Patty kindly asks.

"Yeah! I know! What the hell was up with that!" Luka replies with a shout.

She sighs deeply before looking in the direction of the witch in red. White hair and a red suit? That makes her look like a walking female version of Dante. She giggles at the thought. Jeanne hears this and glares at her, feeling offended for whatever reason.

"Your little pet over there is laughing at me! I demand the reason why!"

"Yeah I want to know why this is happening too!" Luka answers her, obviously not hearing anything right.

Jeanne sighs in a similar manner to Patty. It's obvious why he's being attacked, there's no doubt about it. For whatever reason, those angels wanted Luka dead. They've left him alone after the whole deal with Jubileus. But now, they seem to be targeting his ass directly. She expected this to happen though, once she heard about him foolishly researching about Sparda.

Unbeknownst to her, demonic feet crush the earth as they sprint through the asphalt. Four assaults, travelling at the speed of a racing car take their positions around the cab and the motorcycle. Unlike the angels, these demons are visible to the naked eye. This gives them a much more terrifying appearance.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE!" Luka, with a sudden movement swerves the car into an Assault on the right. But the demon leaps high into the air and lands atop the cab.

"Oh for God's sake stop shouting!" Jeanne raises an All 4 One and fires a burst at the Assault.

But the demon, driven by blood thirst and anger, ignores the lead entering its skin. It digs its massive armored claws into the cab and pulls out the roof, exposing the now terrified girl from inside. It delivers a quick fatal thrust but Luka pulls the girl out at the last moment, while at the same time throwing a grappling hook into the high rock wall. The Assault's attack tears the vehicle in half, causing it to explode into crimson flame as it ruptures the fuel tank.

The four assaults turn their attention on Jeanne. They leap high into the air, surrounding her from every direction. Thinking literally on her feet, she kicks the ground with the heel of her shoe. Using the momentum of her sudden stop, she lifts her motorcycle in the air and crashes it straight into the demonic Assaults. The demons are sent crashing all over, into the road, into the ocean, and into the cliff.

She comes into a halt as two of the demons that ended up on the road recover. They growl lowly at her, pissed off and angry.

"Well what's this? Why are you hitting on me for? I'm on your side, you retarded little fuckers."

But the demons do not recognize her contract with them and instead bolt forward with terrifying speed. Jeanne readies herself to fight, but her concentration is interrupted when a red convertible suddenly crashes into them.

"This is taking forever!" the witch complains.

"You got that right. I'm beginning to feel a little bored." the demon agrees.

Nero, barely recovered from his humiliating defeat, watches the battle wage on. Massive black fists run the air, crashing into the man who once saved his life. But Dante retaliates easily, catching the powerful force with the power of his own sword. He delivers a sudden attack—a stinger, but the girl dodges in the last second, which is when time comes to a 90% halt.

Hovering in Witch Time, Bayonetta can do nothing but admire Dante for his efforts. His form is great, his stance is perfect, and if that broad sword of his might have hit her, it would surely have caused great damage. But times a wasting, and she doesn't feel the need to spend any more time in this city fighting this half-assed traitor.

He cannot get to her while she is in Witch Time. Witch time allows her to move at an inconceivable speed, albeit for a short period of time. But those few seconds should be more than enough to sever his head. She takes her time raising the Shuraba over Dante's head, and with a quick swing drops it in an instant-

-until the demon hunter catches it with the tip of his gun. She looks in awe as time for him comes to a similar standstill, painting the terrain in a still white. Now in quicksilver, Dante takes advantage of her brief lapse of concentration. He moves in, stabbing the rebellion into the ground behind her, and pushing her hard against it.

They are face to face, bodies inches apart, as he pushes the Ivory into her chest. She breathes out, licking her lips at the proximity of his presence. It is a teasing action, meant for seduction, not for affection.

"You're getting a little too close, dear…"

"I can't help it." he answers with a sneer. "I keep trying to get close, but you're always out of reach. Walking away and keeping your distance like that."

Time then ends, returning to the normal flow. As they exit witch time and quicksilver, they become once again visible to Nero. He perceives them, looking at them in a state of awe. Not because of the previous swiftness of their battle, but because of the soul fact that they look like they just finished having sex, or are just about to start.

The panting breaths, the sweat, and the slightly torn clothes prompt just three words from Nero.

"What the fuck?"

His words however have a negative effect on Dante's concentration, distracting him just the slightest. This is also when he looks down, and realizes something unsettling. Her foot is aimed at his crotch… and there's a gun attached to it.

"Well this is too bad, isn't it?" she says in that deep English voice. "We appear to be at a stalemate."

"Hm. You're right… there's a difference, though." Dante makes a pained expression. "I can recover from that…" he points to her heel-gun with his chin. "…it's going to be a painfully slow healing process, but I can recover from it. However…" He presses the barrel harder into Bayonetta's chest. "…I don't think you can do the same. Should we find out?"

Cereza's sour expression lasts for approximate five seconds before she kicks him in the balls, sending bullets into places they should not be in.

"Enough talk!" she turns around, running her hand through her hair and casting a spell. "I do not fancy men with a larger mouth than mine!"

The spell is fueled by magical energy, transforming her hair into a large medieval iron maiden. Dante doesn't even resist as he falls into the coffin-like apparatus. Driven by more demonic power, the coffin closes, impaling him in every place, every direction, hundreds of times. The witch turns behind her and sees the Rebellion stabbed into the ground.

In a fit, she pulls the massive blade with her hand and throws it straight forward, thrusting it straight into and even through the iron maiden. A river of blood flows from device's tiny holes.

"Well that was easy." Satisfied with the result, Bayonetta turns around and begins walking away.

She walks away for approximately 5 steps before stopping.

"You don't say…" a pained grunt sounds off from the maiden.

Bayonetta turns around just in time to see the maiden crack open and explode. Dante emerges, red all over from his own blood, the rebellion stabbed through his chest. He claps his hands twice before assuming a battle-ready stance.

"What the hell are you?" she asks him, this time in a more serious tone.

Being the joker that he is, Dante does not answer seriously. "I'm one of a kind, baby."

"Interesting." she flips back her hair and holds the Scarborough Fair at the ready.

Loud music begins to play, as the battle heats on. It is no longer a battle driven by a man or demon's orders. It is now a battle driven by interest. For them, the money offered to them, whether halo or paper, doesn't matter anymore. Dante to Bayonetta is as interesting as a new species of demon, and Dante feels an odd attraction to his target's talents with the gun and sword.

So without further ado, they swear to the heavens together.

"This party's getting crazy!"

"Let's Dance!"

Bayonetta May Cry

Chapter 3 : Birds in the Vestibule

She walks through The Order's cathedral, waiting.

Eventually, the naïve singer comes, asking her something as she gets up from sitting on a pew.

Miromi smiles at Kyrie before taking out the hidden gun and shooting her in the shoulder.

The gunshot is heard throughout the cathedral and armed guards run in.

Just in time to see Dante standing over Kyrie's body, his face drawn with blood in the same way as before, when he killed their leader.


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