Note: Usually I make the first chapter short in order to see if there is interest in it, then the next chapters will be longer

Chapter One: What the Hell!?


As the sun rose, peeking through the window Shou rolled over in an unexpectedly large bed, keeping his face turned away from the sun. He took a deep breath before hearing an unfamiliar sound, the beeping from an alarm clock that he hadn't heard before. He grunted annoyed but was somewhat surprised by the sound of his voice, maybe he had a cold that caused him to sound weird. He shook his head, he didn't feel sick. He opened his eyes before looking around at the room, where the hell was he!? This place was the height of luxury that was for certain, much better than his current living environment, but this wasn't his place. He sat up before catching sight of brown hair dangling near his eye. He yawned, if this was some person's idea of a practical joke then he didn't exactly find it very funny.

He stood up. He blinked in surprise, that didn't feel right, had he grown a little bit. It wasn't completely uncommon for a seventeen year old to grow during the night but this much was just excessive. He drowsily sat back down trying to keep his head in one place before looking around. "Shoko?" he asked for his manager. Once again his voice didn't sound right, he put a hand to his throat and found his hand to touch a metal chain, funny he didn't remember putting on a chain or any type of accessory. He took a closer look at the clothes he was wearing and his eyes widened, this was definitely bugging him. "Hey!" he called out into the hallway, "Whoever pulled this is gonna pay for it," he growled next.

Finally he heard the phone ring next to him and looked at it. He blinked, "Your phone's ringing!!" he yelled still half-asleep. There was no answer so extremely annoyed now he looked at it. 'Kyoko Mogami' He stared at the number again before answering it. "Hello?" he asked somewhat surprised at the voice he heard echo, that sounded damn familiar as if that stupid bastard's voice.

"Ah," he heard Kyoko speak nervously, "Tsuruga-san, I hope I'm not calling too early I was wondering if I could get your help aga---"

Shou stared wide-eyed at the phone, no! Shit no! "Hang on, I'm not that guy." Did that stupid actor think it would be funny to dress him up in strange clothes, leave him in a strange environment and then get Kyoko to call. Was that this asshole's idea of a practical joke!? He looked aside before seeing his reflection and stopped wide-eyed.

No! Fuck no! He stood up before seeing the reflection of Tsuruga Ren stand up, "No! Damn it! No!!" he snapped freaking out. No this couldn't be happening, this was some stupid nightmare or some crap. What had he eaten last night? He couldn't think of anything strange. He pinched himself in an attempt to wake himself up but felt an annoying pain in the place where his fingers had just grasped. "WHAT THE HELL!?"



"Shou," Ren heard as he felt his natural body alarm start to wake him up, he had been getting up this early for years and yet the voice he heard and that name were confusing. He looked above him to find that he was sleeping under the sheets. Funny, the sheets didn't usually reach that far. He pushed a hand through his hair to find that it felt much different from his perfectly maintained hair, which had to be that way due to the modeling shots he so often had to do. He pushed himself out to see a woman he had seen only a couple of times, that stupid guy's manager.

Shouko put her hand to her forehead before laughing, "Shou, I thought you said that you wanted to be up a little earlier today, we booked the studio for seven and you told me you wanted to sleep over so that you could run the chorus past me." She laughed softly as Ren stared at her wide-eyed, what the hell was she going on about? "It's my fault for thinking this would be good for you."

Ren stood up before finding he came short from what he expected, he put his hands back stretching before turning his head side to side. He was missing something, he put a hand to his neck before finding his chain was missing. His eyes snapped open and he finally spoke, "Hello, I don't think we've properly met," he gave a Tsuruga-style smile trying to hide the fact that he wasn't feeling his best.

The woman laughed, shaking her head "Shou, I would say that you..."

Ren stared at her, he blinked before turning to the side and stared at his reflection in disgust. He sat back down on the bed in shock, he paled over and closed his eyes finding a headache starting to creep up. This couldn't be true, this just couldn't be happening to him.

"Why?" he asked hating the sound of this voice that made his blood boil, "Why?"