"Oh the goodness of youth! Is that little bundle of joy Naruto?" Sasuke sighed at this new voice, all morning he had been defending the young blonde against attacking fangirls who screamed, "Kawaiiii!" and now he has to face… ugh

Naruto, on the other hand, stared at Sasuke curiously. He didn't know what made the Uchiha so edgy today. He seemed fine when the blond woke up this morning, better than fine in fact, he seemed so peaceful. That is, until Naruto got hungry and poked Sasuke awake.

He swore he wasn't going to go far with those girls, they seemed really nice. But Sasuke didn't think so; his eyes would go red and narrowed as he dragged the 5 year old away from the cooing girls. And whatever Sasuke thought was right would be correct, so those girls must have been bad.

Besides 4 of them, their names were Sakura, Ino, Hinata (who went all beet red for some reason) and Tenten. The pink haired one ('Sakura, was it? Or was it Billboard Brow?') said that they were part of a team and that the three of them were all teammates. She also said that they were close friends and hit Sasuke for not telling her about Naruto earlier, but soon she got into a fight with a girl that had long blonde hair, ('I think that one was Ino-pig…'), Hinata had scary eyes, but she seemed so gentle and quiet. Although Naruto could never figure out why the girl blushed all the time…

Oh well, Sasuke was going to give him a surprise! Well, that's where they were going before someone called and –"Ahh!" Naruto screamed and ran behind Sasuke. His blue eyes quivered as they laid eyes on the bushiest eyebrows he had ever seen. And so much green, he didn't think he could take anymore. What was worse was that there seemed to be a younger clone trailing behind him.

"Sasuke… w-who are they? Are they dangerous?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, how is it that Naruto could be scared of someone like Rock Lee now, and then call him Bushy Brow when he's older? "They're not dangerous Naruto, all you have to do is not mention the words 'effort', 'green', 'trying hard' in front of them. Oh and make sure you never EVER say the word 'youth'."

"Why not?"

He couldn't help but smile, Naruto could be so cute as a kid, "Because you'll regret it. You trust me, right?"

The blonde nodded, of course he trusted Sasuke! Sasuke was always right! The raven smiled, "Alright, let's go before Busy Brow and Bushier Brow Sensei," 'When the hell did I start talking like Naruto?', "try to… I don't know, force you into a green suit. Hey, get back here!" He called after Naruto, who ran through the crowds, as far away from Sasuke and Rock Lee as possible.

Huffing and puffing, Naruto sat down and leaned against a wall, "Must… not… be… put… into… ugly… green… suit. So much green!" He winced and covered his eyes, "So green!" His eyes widened at the sound of a bark and tilted his head to the side of a white puppy sniffing him energetically. Naruto giggled and pet it.

"Akamaru! Where on earth are you?"



A tall boy with messy brown hair and two triangles at the side of his face ran up to the dog, "Akamaru, found you! Who's this? Ha! You look like Naruto! Man, I gotta find him!" At that moment Sasuke reappeared frowning, Naruto backed away- he was in for it now, "Don't run off like that again, you don't know where you're going." The Uchiha said in a gentle voice.

"I'm sorry Sasuke…" Naruto muttered, "I-I couldn't stand the thought of…"

"Yeah I understand," Kneeling down 'hn'ing when Naruto cautiously walked towards him, "C'mon I've got a surprise for you."

Of course Kiba, not knowing what was going on, just stared in amazement, "What the fuck Uchiha? A-Are you high or something? B-But Shino said that he didn't have any more..."

If looks could kill, Kiba would be below six feet under.

"Have any more what?"


"Kiba…" Sasuke growled

"Ok ok! It wasn't anything serious! He just called it Phanaeus vindex and said that having them frozen is essential for him, so I asked for some… It was anything serious!" He added, "You can't tell Kurenai sensei about this!"

Sasuke beckoned Naruto to come over to him, which the blonde complied, and sighed rubbing his temples, "Kiba," he said, "The Phangeus vindex is essential for Shino because bugs live in his body."

"O—kay, where are you getting at?"

"Idiot," he muttered, Naruto cocked his head curiously, "What you've been taking are frozen dung beetles…"

"…WHAT!" Even Akamaru flinched at this.

"Erm, Sasuke…?" Naruto tugged at his sleeve

Shaking from holding back his laughter, "Alright, let's go." So the duo made their way back to where they were, Naruto clutching onto Sasuke for dear life as people surrounded them, cooing at the boy. Girls the same age as Sasuke gushed over his looks and powers, Naruto didn't really like them. Their voices were to high pitched and fake, and what was so attractive about being pressed up to someone whose glare will have you crying for your mother?

"Sasuke-kun, could you help me with this?"

"Sasu-chan," the look of the Uchiha was murderous at this nickname, "would you like to spend some time with me?"

…And so on

He never truly realised how much Sasuke liked him until this afternoon of the busy streets of Konoha. To say that getting through to a place called Ichiraku's was difficult would be a major understatement. But they finally made it, after an epic fight against Billboard Brow and Ino-pig. He thought that they were all teammates. If they were, how come Sasuke spends half the time plotting the kunoichi's death?

"Ramen! You love this stuff… Or you will anyway." Sasuke muttered sheepishly. The moment Ayane saw Sasuke she blushed and rushed towards him, although she kept it civil and dignified, unlike many of the other girls. The Uchiha was eternally grateful for this as she set down their ramen, "Itadekimasu Naruto!"

The blonde stared at it curiously before taking a small nibble. "Who's this?" Ayane asked, "He looks like a miniature version of Naruto… wait what?" she stumbled at the look on his face, "You're joking right?" She then turned to the boy, whose eyes seem to light up as he devoured the ramen, "What's you name cutie?"

"Naruto Uzumaki!" he drained his third bowl ("How the hell does he eat so much?" Sasuke asked, "No idea," the cook said, "But it's probably where he gets all his energy from…")completely before adding, "Believe it!"

Sasue sighed, it was always the females that Naruto seemed most comfortable with. 'I suppose that the Pervy Sage's doing…' "Has he met Jiraiya?" a voice next to him asks. The raven turns to see Kakashi laying back casually, "Yo!"

"Shouldn't you be working for a cure?"

"Shouldn't you be an emotionless avenger?"

Sasuke scowled, "No he hasn't met the Sannin, and I'd rather he didn't for some time."

"Oh come on, I know Jiraiya is a bit perverted, but even he has his limits."

"He told me to get Naruto learning his Sexy no Jutsu as soon as possible…"

"Ok… maybe that IS a bit disturbing…"

"What's disturbing?" Naruto piped up, "And don't worry, I already know who Jiraiya is. He's a writer. He left me this book to read!" To Sasuke's horror, he fished through his small bag to pick up a copy of the dreaded orange book, Icha Icha Paradise.