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Bread – what normal person doesn't have bread in house?

Peanut butter





Tampons – I blushed reading it


Shower gel

Cleaning stuff

Washing stuff

I groaned, my list went on and on, the hour was late and it was close to closing time everywhere! Why doesn't Charlie have all these stuff in house, already? Well, except my things…

The Thriftway has closed at 7 pm. Why? The only store open, was a small one called 'Everything you need, anytime you need'.

I entered it, blushing when a bell chimed announcing my arrival. I looked around, it was empty. At least, no one will bother me.

I took a basket and started shopping for the things on my list.

I was on the tea isle and my favorite tea was out of reach. Dang it! If I climbed this shelf…You'll probably break your neck. I sighed and glared at the tea.

"Can I help you?" I whirled around, startled by the soft voice behind me. My eyes widened when I saw the boy behind me.

He was tall and lean, dressed in a red shirt with the letters 'Everything you need, anytime you need' emboldened on his chest and black jeans that looked magnificent of him. I saved his face for last; he had green eyes and full pink lips. I shook my head to clear it of my naughty thoughts.

"Yes, actually...I can't reach the Earl Grey tea." I whispered blushing.

He leaned over me and just reached up and took the tea. He didn't even stretch! I was jealous.

"Thank you." I said and took the box from his hand.

"You're welcome. Can I help you with something else?" he offered.

"I sort of need bathroom things and cleaning stuff." I said eyeing my list.

"Bathroom things on isle 5 and cleaning stuff on isle 7. I'll be around here, just shout." He said helpfully and disappeared around the corner.

I went to get my other stuff in a daze. Who was this guy and what was wrong with me?

I had been in Forks for two days and he was the best thing that happened so far.

I went to pay and he was there.

"Hello, again." He smiled. His smile made my breath catch in my throat.

"Hi." I said stupidly. He started ringing my products.

"I'm Edward." He told me.


"Swan? The Chief's daughter?" he chuckled.

"That would be me." I said blushing.

"Your Dad talked a lot about your arrival."

"I can imagine. So…are you going to high school?" I asked watching as he turned a bag of carrots around to find the price.

"Yes. Junior year." He said, moving quickly. I wonder why.

"Me too. Do you have to close?" I asked him.

"Yes. The doors lock automatically at 8 PM. I don't want to get stunk in here, again." He said as if it had happened before.

"Did you? Get stuck, I mean…"

"Yes. It was bad, the lights go down, too and well you don't want that to happen." He chuckled. I glanced at my watch. Three minutes until 8 pm.

He finished ringing the products and then I took my money out to pay.

"Let's get out of here." He said and guided me with a hand on the small of my back to the exit. I tripped over my feet when I felt his touch through the thick layer of clothes. He steadied me with a hand and with one pushed the door open. It didn't open and a loud sound was heard in the background, I jumped and screamed.

"Aww damn!" he groaned.

"Are we stuck in here?" I screamed panicked.

"It's okay…Don't panic. I told you this can happen." He tried to calm me.

"I have to call Charlie!" I moaned.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, looking apologetically at me.

"Why aren't you panicking? Won't your parents be scared if you don't get home?" I asked.

"Who?" he asked distracted and sat on his chair.

"Your parents." I said again. He looked away and shrugged.


"I'm alone." He said, still not turning his head to me.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't know." I whispered.

"It's normal for you to not know. I am sorry that your father will worry." He murmured.

Within five minutes, the lights went out, too.

"What now, what did you do last time?" I whispered and went to him, jumping on the desk next to him.

"Waited for the morning to come." He answered, dangling his legs and glancing at me.

"That was perfect." I offered after finishing eating. We had peanut butter and biscuits.

"I guess." He agreed, still feeling bad for having me here trapped.

"If it makes you feel better, Charlie may not even notice I'm gone. He's working non stop."

"Not helping." He grumbled and opened a soda and offered it to me.

"Thanks." I whispered and he nodded, drinking from his.

We started talking more about high school and he was in most of my classes. I felt good. I'd know someone.

"It's best if you won't." he said, slightly afraid when I voiced my thoughts. "I mean, it's better if you won't tell people we've met."

"Why? Are you the trouble boy?" I found myself teasing him. He blushed.

"On contrary, Bella. Please, just don't. I don't want them to think poorly of the new girl. They've been excited about your arrival."

"I may as well tell them that I have cooties, but I don't think that would be believable at this age." I giggled. I'd do anything to stay away from the spotlight.

"So you're not the popular girl type?" Edward questioned, somehow sounding relieved.

"Do I look like a popular girl?"

"No. Not at all." He assured me. "Not a trace of blond in your hair or blue eyes, no heavy make up or at all," he smirked watching me. "No pom-poms, what else?" he asked, thoughtfully. I liked this playful side of him.

"I hate sports so you won't find me cheering. Bleachers scare me. Last time I was near one, I found an used condom." I said disgusted, remembering the dreadful experience.

"Then you may as well tell them all that we've met. No one would spare you a look. But I hope you won't do that, I don't want you to go through that." He sighed heavily.

"Are the kids rude to you?"

He started laughing loudly. "You sound like a mother."

"Just answer me." I insisted.

"By ignoring me? Or by saying stuff behind my back, that I'm not meant to hear, of course?" he asked rhetorically.

I couldn't believe someone could be mean to him. He wasn't bad. He wasn't bad at all, he was the best boy I've ever met.

"Are you tired yet?" Edward asked softly, looking concerned.

"Got bored of me?" I teased, jerking my leg and bumping it in his. It felt as if I had electrocuted my leg.

We stared at each other, wide eyed.

"What was that?" he whispered, touching his leg where I had hit him.

"…I don't know." I said, honestly.

He moved closer and touched my cheek with his palm. "You promise you won't care when you'd hear bad stuff about me?"

I nodded, dumbly, intoxicated by his nearness. His green eyes were visible when he was so close and mine dropped to his mouth. I took a deep breath and watched as the corner of his mouth lifted up.

"Can I try something?" he whispered, suddenly fearful, his voice trembling.

"Sure." I squeaked and my hands went to his biceps, grasping him. He had muscles. He was perfect. And he was going to kiss me.

His head leant down and our lips touched once, softly. The same electrical current ran between us and I gasped at the contact. I wanted more and I held his head in place, pressing my lips firmer to his, kissing him strongly. He moaned and moved away, his eyes wild, his jaw clenched. He looked scared, panicked even.

"I'm sorry." I said, choking back tears. He had rejected me, of course.

"I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have imagined you'd want that."

"I wanted it." I mumbled, not meeting his intense gaze.

"Can I do it again, Bella?" he asked tentatively. I looked up and grinned, of course, he could! I nodded enthusiastically and we kissed again. This time, we didn't separate when one moaned. Edward's hands got under my shirt, but soon he got them out and mumbled an apology against my lips before resuming the kissing.

Did I want him to touch me? Yes. I wanted him, right now. I had never wanted anyone like this. Not even my date to Christmas party that ended up in his bed, snoring loudly. I wanted Edward, really wanted him. So I let him know by putting his hands back on my skin.

"We don't have to-"

"I want to." I assured him and kissed his smooth lips again. Clothes started leaving our bodies and my heart was in my throat. I couldn't wait for his touch…there.

"Wait." He said urgently and got up, unsteadily. He disappeared around an isle and I started to panic. What was he doing? You've scared him and now he's trying to open the doors and run away! I truly hope not.

Edward reappeared next to me, soon and grinned widely. "Remind me to pay for this in the morning." He chuckled and kissed me exuberantly again. "You're beautiful, Bella."

I blushed and looked around for what he had brought. A packet full of condoms. My blush intensified a few shades.

"Lovely. Absolutely lovely." He said reverently and touched my cheek, going back to touching and kissing my body. He nipped at my shoulder, around the strap of my bra then went down, scratching his teeth to my exposed breast. I moaned loudly and lifted my back off the floor. His hands went behind my back and he started struggling to open the bra.

"I've got it." He murmured when I reached to help him. I waited patiently until he had it open. I slipped it off my arms and he had me in his arms. "Let's move this some other place. The floor is dirty and cold." He had time to be considerate. My raging hormones didn't give a flying fuck about the floor, but he was right.

I had my legs around Edward's torso as he moved around the shop trying to find the right place. I was getting impatient.

"If you don't decide it ten seconds, I'd throw you against a wall and have my wicked way with you." I hissed in his ear. He stumbled and nearly fell.

"Sorry. But I don't want his to-"

"I don't need flowers and candles. It's enough that you're doing it." I was honest. I was glad that I had been too out of it to have my first time with my Christmas date.

"But girls…" he protested and pushed me on a shelf, kissing my neck hungrily.

"Girls," I hissed the word. "Popular girls. I'm not one, we established that."

"Would my desk do?" he asked, finally realizing a flat surface was available. I nodded.

He went to his desk and put me there, going back to my abandoned breasts. I struggled with his belt and when I had his fly open, his erection popped out. A commando boy, mhmmm.

"Bella." He moaned and crushed his lips to mine, again.

"Where are…?" I asked as he hooked his fingers in the elastic of my knickers.

Edward quirked an eyebrow at me and groaned loudly when he finally saw me naked. "Exquisite." He murmured. I was sure I wasn't meant to hear it, but I was glad he liked what he saw.

"You're not half bad yourself." I chuckled and I could see a faint blush color his cheeks. "I was asking about the condoms."

"God, you talk too much." He moaned and kissed me again. "Don't go." He whispered and turned to go in search of the abandoned condoms, nearly falling down, getting tangled in his jeans. "Fuck." The quiet curse was heard loudly in the empty store. I started giggling as he stepped out of his jeans and then came back with the condoms.

"It's not funny, Ms. Swan." Edward said quietly and grasped my hips, bringing us closer, nestling himself between my legs. "I very nearly left you flustered. I could have died." He continued quietly. "What would you have done?"

"I'm not into necrophilia." I said, laughing.

He joined me in laughter. "Here, I hoped you'd say that you would have cried above me until morning came and you had to explain to your father why I was naked and cold on the floor."

"You're killing the mood, Edward." I pointed out and moved against him, hoping for friction.

"I really like it when you say my name." he admitted and took a condom from the packet, tossing it over his shoulder and rolling the condom on him. I hadn't much experience, but he looked above average. How lucky of me. I mused. "Tell me if I hurt you. Wait." He stopped again.

"What now?" It will be morning soon if he kept stopping.

"You haven't done this before?" he probed.

"No. You?" What a stupid question Bella! Of course he had! Look at the boy! What a damn good view he was…

"No." he said softly. I nodded and stopped mid-nod. Come again? No? "Shh. You talk too much, I wasn't kidding." He put his fingers over my lips. I couldn't resist and licked them making his growl. That was one sexy sound. I wanted to hear it again. "Here we go." He whispered and kissed me again.

I braced myself on the band behind me as he positioned himself at my entrance and slowly entered me. It hurt and I started to wonder if there would be any pleasure at all. He wasn't all the way in, not even close to my barrier. A soft finger smoother between my brows and he kissed my nose.

"I'm so sorry. It will get better. Or so I've heard." He murmured in my ear, his voice strained.

"Just do it." I advised him. The faster, the better, right? He chuckled and pushed fast in me. I cried out as the pain took over me and I clutched to his back, digging my nails in his flesh.

"Oh shit. Sorry. I'm so sorry. Bella, tell me, how badly are you hurt?" he asked urgently, taking my face in his hands.

"I'm fine. Move. Can you do that?" I asked, hoping that friction would make the pain go away.

He moved and went even deeper, if possible. Delicious feelings flooded inside my body as he moved in and out, slowly, careful not to hurt me more. I met him thrust by thrust and the coil in my stomach intensified.

"Bellhha." He groaned and quickened his pace, sweat covering his glorious body. "I can't." he said brokenly and he stilled his movements, his head falling on my shoulder as he panted in my ear. I wasn't expecting to come from my first time, but I was just there. I needed one push…so I touched myself, forgetting that I could touch him, too.

"Holy shit." He muttered and eyed my fingers. "That's incredibly hot." His fingers joined mine and he withdrew from me. All too soon, I was spiral down from high clouds.

"You're amazing." I said and touched his cheek.

"I can't believe what we just did." He said bewildered. "This is not something I normally do."

"I gathered that when you said you hadn't done it before." I winked at him and tightened my legs around his waist and wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Why didn't you believe me? Isn't it normal to be virgin at seventeen?" he asked and I could see and feel his blush.

"I won't know." I shrugged and we both started giggling.

We had round two on his chair.

"I'd never be able to sit here without thinking of your beautiful body." Edward groaned as he moved me on his length.

"Just something to think of when you don't have customers." I laughed and kissed his mouth.

"You're a minx."

"Me?" I wanted to sound seductive but it came out as a squeal when he touched a spot inside me. My head fell back and I moaned loudly. "Edward." I said shakily.

"Let go." He growled and I felt it against my chest and I let go, indeed. I slumped on his chest and I closed my eyes, exhausted.

"Get up!" I was being pushed. "Wake up! Someone's outside." A voice said urgently in my ear. "Bella. Someone's here to look for us. Get. Up!"

I moaned and nestled better. "What?" My head jerked up and I took in my surroundings. I was still on Edward's lap with him…in me. I blushed. He took me in his arms, got up and rushed to the place we had shed our clothes.

"Damn. I need a sock." He grunted. I slipped in my clothes and watched him hop around.

"We're opening the door! Don't panic!" Someone shouted from outside.

"I'm panicking, all right." Edward moaned and ran a hand through his hair. "Damn sock!"

I couldn't help but laugh at him. He stopped hopping and glared at me. "Not funny. And do something about your hair." He advised gently.

After he found the sock and had it in place, he put his other sneaker on and went to clean around. Throwing the condoms away. There was a bit of light outside, might be very early.

I watched Edward putting some cash in the cash register. He pocketed the condom's packet and returned to my side.

"Do we look innocent?" he whispered.

"If you'd wipe that 'just fucked' grin of your face…" I hinted and poked his stomach. He caught my finger and kissed it.

"Funny, Bella." He snorted. "As I said before, this is not my thing, but I'd truly like if we met again."

"I'd come shop, tonight." I giggled.

"That's not what I meant." He sighed, his eyes dropping.

"Hey, I was kidding. I'd like it, too. And tomorrow or…today, actually, why don't you wait for me and go together in school. Show me around…you know?" I asked, grinning up at him.

"The janitor closet? I think it's quite dirty. In every sense of that word." He murmured thoughtfully.

"I'm really wondering why people don't like you. You're amazing, I mean it. What have you done? Killed puppies in front of them?"

"No. Then, I'd be their hero." He chuckled darkly. "So school…together." He squinted at me, trying to find an ulterior motive. The door opened.

"You know where I live." I whispered.

"I don't have a car." He admitted, softly.

"I'll come get you. Where do you live?"

"Edward!" A middle age woman rushed to him and hugged him tightly. "Are you alright, sweetheart?" I thought he didn't have parents.

Edward glanced at me and winced at my glare. "Esme…she's Bella Swan." He whispered, getting her attention. She stopped checking him for injuries and turned to look at me. She was kind and loving and the perfect mother figure.

"Your father is so worried. He's outside. Go to him." She said gently. I nodded and scooped my bag with shopping and made my way outside without glancing at Edward. Why had he lied? What else had he lied about?

"Bells! You're alive! If something had happened…" he choked and in a un-Charlie-like way, he hugged me tightly.

"I'm okay. I met Edward." I offered.

As if summoned, Edward came out, red in face and stopped in front of me. "Good morning, sir." He addressed to my dad.

"Thank you for taking care of my girl."

"No problem." He answered smoothly and took my hand, dragging me aside. "I'm sorry, I didn't explain. I just don't open up to strangers and after we got to know each other better…we didn't have time to talk." He pointed out. He was right.

"You're right. It's okay. We're still in for today?"

"It would be a nice change to have you drive me. Esme drives me, everyday." He whispered, blushing.

The things people might laugh at were here on the table, but I found it cute.

"Carlisle promised to get me a car, but it's my fault I have none. I'm picky." He chuckled. I ruffled his hair and we started laughing at my forwardness.

"So? Your address?" I inquired.

"I'll wait for you on the main road, near the road that leads in the forest." He said softly.

"Is it a secret?"

"You won't find it. Maybe after school, I'll show you." My heart picked up at the prospect.

He acted boldly and pecked my cheek, offering me a small smile then going to Esme's car. I went to mine and followed Charlie home. Forks didn't seem so bad, anymore. I was looking forward to school, to living here…to knowing Edward better. The shopping list that sat on the bench next to me held so much meaning. I had to frame it…or maybe not.

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