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It all happened so quickly, she was professing her… something she was telling me something about who she wanted when I slipped. Instead of vaulting the bed head I caught my foot and tripped, Amy seizing her chance to pin me and cuff me to said bed post… She's fast, very fast and in a blink she had my shirt unbuttoned, well she ripped buttons off, my new shirt ruined!

Then she sat astride me, her thighs clung to my chest and it felt good, I could smell her arousal feel her warmth against my bare chest. I couldn't help but look, really I didn't mean to she was just… well there! Her pale thighs parted giving away a hint of red beneath her skirt. Like a gentleman should I looked away but felt compelled to look again, just to make sure what I was seeing was real and not some sort of hallucination, maybe some cruel prank or worse a trap. When I opened my eyes she was still there, grinning down at me like a schoolgirl, Amelia Pond.

I closed my eyes again hoping she might leave me alone, maybe she'd get bored. Lots of species play dead when they're under attack right? So why can't I get away with it?

"Come on Doctor, don't tell me you don't want this."

I didn't reply, I lay there still eyes closed trying to wish myself somewhere else… I wanted her, but I didn't. earlier she'd made a smart quip about it being a long time for me, and yes she was right, it had been a very long time and that didn't help me resist her advances certain… certain parts of me had become so aroused it was painful.

My eyes flew open as something pressed against my crotch, Amy had shifted around and was now working on my trousers, unclipping me, exposing me…

"Amy please…" I gasped, her touch was like electric but I felt awkward, I wanted her there's no doubt about that. But there was something else, this couldn't happen it just couldn't…

Only I did.

Pulling my trousers down she straddled me easily. I, like a coward. Closed my eyes and refused to look at her even when she lent down to kiss me, her thrusting intensified and her kisses reflected this passion as she rode me harder and harder…

We came together, I could feel her tighten around me, still I refused to look at her I just couldn't.

Amy unclipped the handcuffs gently and lay beside me, hooking one powerful thigh over mine and nestling into my chest. I listened quietly as her breathing became rhythmic and she began to doze. I wondered should I run, run like the raggedy Doctor, the one who had abandoned her so many times before. Or should I stay? I could stay but things would never be simple again, not that they ever were I mean if 907 years has taught me anything it's that my life will never be simple.

That night I stayed and lay next to my new companion.