Whoever just knocked on her door had better have a damn good reason for interupting her, otherwise the watchtower just might have more doorways than in the design papers. Infuriated, she walks over to the door and opens it and is stunned by the figure standing in front of her.

„Batman?" is the only thing she gets the chance to say before he brages in, shuting the door behind him.

Taking of his cowl, he asks his stunned Princess: „Kent called and said you were acting... odd. What's wrong, Diana?"

„'What's wrong, Diana?'?!? Bruce, this entire month we haven't even had time to speak with each other, and now that you're finally in front of me you're all business. Not a 'Hi, darling', no kiss on the cheek, not even a 'My , isn't the weather nice today'?! Bruce did you even miss me at all?" she yells at him.

„Diana, i don't have the time. I'm here on borrowed business time already. What is the problem?"

„That is the problem, Bruce. This entire month we've been so busy that we've had no time for each other. I miss you. I miss your voice, I miss your eyes, your lips. I need to hear you, I need to feel your arms around me, my arms around you, your lips on mine. I need to feel you... All of you. I need you! And you act as if nothing was wrong!"

He comes in and hugs her. „I know, Diana. I miss you to. More than you can imagine. It hasn't exactly been sunshine on my side either. The way I spoke to Clark and J'onn today, I doubt they'll be calling the next two weeks. I promise, as soon as things go back to normal again, I'll give you everything I couldn't give you this entire month and more."

She turns toward him, aiming her lips at his and whispers: „You can start refunding me now..."

Just as their lips are about to graze each other, his communicator goes of. He growls and answers it, while she lets out a sigh of disbeleif, anger, dissapointment and frustration all in one. Tim Drakes voice comes out of the communicator: „Batman, you'd better get down here. Things are getting serious here."

Holding in his anger: „I'll be right there."

„I guess you have to go..." her voice a mix of sadness, dissapointment and anger.

„I do" he exclaims, puting his fingers under her chin. „But that doesn't mean I can't at least do this" he whispers to her as he pulls her chin up and aligns her lips for a pasionate kiss, even if it was but a quick one.

Upon that he heads towards the teleporters, and just as Diana is taking in all that just happened she receives her asignment as well.

That night she returned around half past 3 in the morning to the manor. She went up to the bedroom, entered the bathroom to get ready for bed. Even as tired as she was, she didn't really feel like sleeping without Bruce in the bed beside her. As she walked out of the bathroom and towards their bed, being so tired as she was, she hadn't even noticed Bruce in bed waiting for her. She noticed him only when he puled up her sheets to help her get in. Surprised, but far to tired to be able to react, she simply snuggled up into bed and close to him. They spent a few minutes just lying there, hugged in silence. Finally, he leand in slightly to kiss her forehead and not long after they both fell asleep.

The morning sun woke her up as Alfred pulled back the curtains. Even with here eyes not fully opened, her vision still blurry she could see Alfred going about his duties and she could see Bruce was not there.

„Master Bruce had some business to take care of, but he has requested that i tell you to stay in the Mansion. He will be coming back shortly, miss Diana. Oh, and breakfest is on the tray there, miss."

„Thank you, Alfred" she replied with a noticable joy. Her body had remembered the feeling of Bruces arm around her. It felt good.

„My pleasure, miss" said Alfred, as he made his way to the door. „Remember, miss Diana, stay in the Mansion" he reminded her as he was exiting.

„I will try, Alfred" she replied, even though Alfred had already exited the room.

She spent the next few hours finnishing of breakfest, stretching out, reading a bit in the study. She was still anxious and frustrated, but last nights sleep had calmed her a bit. Still, with every passing quarter of an hour she grew more and more impatient. Where in Tratarus is he? He said he'd be back shortly.

He shows up finally just as she was preparing to leave the study. A smile gracing his face, his shirt slightly unbuttoned. If she was angry at him for keeping her waiting so long, she no longer was. Now she was mostly curious as to where he was and what he's got planed.

„Where were you?"

„I was tying up some loose ends, and telling the League how we'd be gone for a week" he answered with another smile.

„What do you mean gone? What about Gotham?"

„Taken care of" he answered swiftly.

„And my missions?"

„Taken care of."

„Wayne Enterprises?"

„Lucious can handle one week without me."

After a little thinking over, she finally asked, her beautiful face dawning a smile: „Alright. So where are we going?"

And just as Batman said, they were gone for the next week. Noone knows where they were or what they were doing. Gotham was in the hands of Robin and Batgirl, though not much needed to be done, as Bruce was pretty thorough the last month. Dianas duties were distributed between Superman, J'onn, Shayera and Green Lantern.

When Bruce and Diana finally returned, their demeanor was drastically different. Diana had a smile of satisfaction on her face that noone and nothing could take from her, her skin shining. She radiated with a fullness and happiness she hadn't been seen with in quite a while. Even Batman seemed less moody than usual. He was more patient with Wally, less annoyed at Supermans motivational speaches, even talked to other people more than twice a day. He couldn't even hold back a smile whenever he'd look at how satisfied Diana was.

Whatever they did during their week away, it didn't just solve their problems. Things didn't just go back to normal afterwards, they got even better. Their little time alone gave them a chance to think about themselves and their future, among other things.

And the future looks good.