Title: What the Cell Phone Knows: Daniel Meade Edition

Summary: Sometimes your cell phone knows you better then you know yourself. Character study

As I have been working on all my different stories, I realize the importance of truly knowing the characters that I'm working with. A couple weeks ago when I was adding new Apps to my new cell phone, I came across one that I thought would absolutely be on Daniel Meade's phone. Then I thought of other things that would be on the character cell phone and what they mean. This is that story.

Essentially this is a writing exercise that I've decided to share with everyone. If it is well received, I will do these stories for all the Ugly Betty characters. Compared to everything else I write this is going to be extremely short.

There is going to be no set schedule because I will just be writing these when I feel stuck on one of my main stories.

Spoilers: Up to and including all of season four. Takes place in the Gossip Universe sometime after the first story. However you will not need to be familiar with that story to get this. The biggest difference is that instead of going to London without a plan, Daniel is taking over Mode UK.

Pairings: Daniel/Betty

Disclaimer: I do not own Ugly Betty or any other version of the show. This is just a way to release a lot of stress and not cry over the cancellation.

Part One: Recent Calls and Text Message Records

Maybe if he started paying attention to his cell phone earlier he would have figured out he was completely in love with Betty sooner. He should have known three and a half years ago when he got completely wasted and the bartender called Betty because she was the person he called the most even then. It took exactly 22 days for her cell phone number to become the number he called the most. Through girlfriends and wives, Betty has kept the position of being the person he calls the most.

She was usually the first person he called when everything was falling apart. She was the first person he called when he had no idea what he was doing at Mode, then and now. She was the first person he called when he felt overwhelmed. She was the first person he called when he just wanted someone to talk to.

In the last year, he has called Betty's cell phone 495 times from this phone alone. He has called her home phone in Manhattan 123 times. He's called her office phone 89 times. He is called her father's house 52 times.

This does not even count all the receive phone calls from Betty. Over the last year, all together he has received around 451 phone calls from Betty, 523 text messages, and more emails than he can actually count. This does not include instant messaging or similar activities.

He doesn't call her as much now, but then again they lived together. He does call her more during the day. If he has a few minutes between meetings he calls her to see how things are going. On average, he's pretty sure he calls her at least three or four times during the workday. If they can't meet for lunch, they always call each other. When he has to deal with certain employees that drove him crazy he called her. When she felt overwhelmed by being the one in charged she called him. Even if he had someone in his office, he would take her call anyway and she would do the same for him.

The last phone call that he made to her before he and Betty both move to London, lasted 23 minutes. Of course, this phone call was him pleading with her not to go. Before that there was a 45 minute phone call with Betty talking about the Amanda situation. Then there were all the little phone calls like him asking her to come over to work on a project or just be there for him.

Yesterday, they spent 26 minutes talking to each other between meetings about one of her story ideas for her magazine. He may have also made several dirty comments about what he would like to do to her when they got home that night.

On those mornings in NYC when he woke up completely hung over and couldn't exactly remember what he did last night the call log would tell him he called Betty. In last year, when he got completely smashed he called Betty. A few months ago he got very drunk after he saw Betty making out with that absolute prick of a playwright. He does not exactly know what he did but he does remember waking up the next morning with a record of calling Betty's father's house. It turns out Daniel left a 5 minute drunken rant about being completely in love with her on her dad's answering machine. It took him 20 minutes to convince her father to delete the message and never tell Betty what he did.

Text message records tell him the same thing as phone call records. During the average staff meeting at Mode New York he would usually send her about 15 to 20 text messages. Usually they would be critiques about Wilhelmina's latest pitch. By the end of their time in New York the conversations were more personal.

Now in London, even though he is trying to be the constant professional he still sends her three text messages during the last almost sleep inducing meeting with the accountants. She usually sends a quick message back telling him to pay attention and that she loves him. He saves every single message where she tells him that she loves him. He loves these text messages the most.

Half of the time they can't share a town car into work. Most of the time one of them has a business breakfast first thing or some other obligation. When he rides into work alone, he sends her a text message or two. The last time that, happened he sent her 18 text messages, but he was really bored. Besides every single one of them said "I love you" or "I miss you". There may have been a few dirty ones in their but he didn't go too far.

He sends her text messages instead of calling her because she was most likely meeting with an advertiser or one of her subordinates. He didn't want to interrupt her unless it was absolutely necessary.

When it was the other way around, she did the same thing. There's nothing better than sitting through an absolutely horrible business breakfast and getting a message from his girlfriend that said "I love you". Even though there current relationship is fairly new, he's already saved dozens of such messages. They join the other messages that he is saved from her for over the years. He saves messages of encouragement and little things he wanted to remember.

Maybe if he paid more attention to what he was saving on his cell phone he would have realized a long time ago that he was completely in love with Betty Suarez. As he received another text message in which Betty said that she loved him, he thought to himself it didn't matter. He had her love now.