Birthday fic for Luffy. Yay.

My first Zoro x Luffy. I love them, their so cute :3.

Luffy: Yay my birthday :D

Bamii: Indeed here's your present.

Luffy: YAY! *frantic unwrapping*

Zoro: …

Luffy: Woo it's a Zoro.

Zoro: I hate you so much Bamii

Bamii: Hehe my bad :)

Any way my disclaimer shall be read by… Bon Clay.

Bon Clay: and one and two. Bamii doesn't not own One Piece. *Twirls away*

The cake was in the oven and the rest of the food was being prepared. Sanji was working swiftly as Zoro walked in, got a bottle of sake, looked briefly at the calendar and left.

Sanji counted down 3… 2… 1…

Zoro practically ran back in.


"Idiot you forgot didn't you?"

"Shut up curly-cue"

"He's going to be mad"

Sanji turned around to see the marimo gone. He sighed Nami had won yet another bet.

Zoro ran to the girls' room, getting there after several wrong turns and knock loudly on the door.

"Nami, Robin!"

"Come in swordsman-san"

Zoro open the door to see Robin and Nami drinking tea from elegant cups.

"You forgot didn't you"

"Shut up."

"I knew it, I even reminded you last week but noooo you didn't listen did you?" Nami said glaring at him.

Robin simply smiled at him. "Would you like some help swordsman-san?"

"Yes please." Zoro said. He was so desperate that he had even said please.

"Get him something simple" Nami said plainly.

"You just don't want me to spend money, witch"

"We're in the middle of the sea Zoro."

"I knew that"

"She has a point; Luffy doesn't care about big, extravagant gifts"


Zoro turned around and left the girls room. Robin sighed slightly as Nami's eye turned into beli signs. She then left, presumably to collect her winnings.

Hours passed and it was time for Luffy's birthday dinner complete with lots of meat and a massive cake curtsy of Sanji. Everyone sat down for a normal manic dinner. Food was flying everywhere as Luffy stretched for other people food, Usopp being a main target as always.

Now it was time for presents. He got a song from Brook which Luffy loved. A small book about meat from Robin. Usopp and Franky built him a trampoline and Chopper got him a cuddly panda to stop cuddling him every night. Nami had fixed all his clothes free of charge and Sanji along with the cake gave him permission to raid the fridge for a night. Everyone turned to Zoro except Luffy who was busy playing with the panda now dubbed Beary.

Zoro got up and reached inside of his pocket and pulled out some slips of paper. He walked over to happy captain and gave him the slips.

"Hmm?" Luffy looked up at him with innocent confusion. Zoro would have blushed if everyone weren't watching them.

"There vouchers for you to use on me, you know if you want me to play a game you a use the game vouchers. There are also blank ones for other stuff."

"Thanks Zoro" Luffy beamed and ran out the kitchen.

Everyone else left as well.

Later, as Zoro was napping on the deck, Luffy came running up to him and jumping on him. Zoro woke up to see a voucher in his face,

"One free kiss"

Zoro smiled lightly as Luffy read out the voucher. He quickly complied to his request and press his lips to the younger ones.

"Happy Birthday Luf" Zoro whispered. Luffy turned around in Zoro's lap and snuggled against him. He pulled out Beary from nowhere and whispered a thank you before drifting off.

Zoro smiled and joined him in dreamland.

I'm sorry this is late :(.

I was tired. ¬¬. Damn year 11 and GCSE's. FML.

Oh well. I know fluff :D

Zoro: *snore* Luffy

Bamii: Aww how cute he's mumbling in his sleep

Luffy: ZORO!!!!!

Bamii: Damn it Luffy I was watching him sleep.

Zoro: Cause that's not scary.

Bamii: Shut up.

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