My first day of school at Forks High School. Great. Its February, the middle of the second semester. And I'm a senior. It sucks. I had just moved to Forks from Texas two days ago and my grandparents (who I came to live with) are already making me go to school.

I stared into the mirror and touched one of the many scars on my face.

"Jasper Whitlock!" my grandma yelled. "Get down here and eat your breakfast! You have school today!"

I sighed and went downstairs. "Grandma, do I have to go? Can't it wait a week. I just got here. Please?" I begged.

She sighed and I thought she was giving in. "Nope, sorry. You gotta go." she said, smiling.

I huffed and grabbed a muffin off the table. I went out to my beloved truck.

I really didn't want to go to school. I picked one of my favorite CDs and turned it up as loud as it would go.

I really wasn't that hard to find Forks High. When I got there, I went to the front to get my schedule and parking space.

I drove around the parking lot, for about ten minutes until I finally found my spot. It was right next to a shiny, yellow Porsche. Hm... Rich girl.

Making my way to the building, I tried to tune out the giggles and whispers I heard directed at me. I rolled my eyes and continued on towards my first block class, Art.

I walked in a little late and went up to the teacher. "And you are?" he asked, uninterested.

"Uhm, I'm Jasper Whitlock, sir." I said, quietly.

He looked at me. "I am Mr. Stanley. Would you please introduce yourself to the class Mr. Whitlock?"

I turned to face them, a small smile on my face. I looked around, not shy at all. I noticed a girl in the back concentrating hard on her drawing. She didn't look up at me like everyone else did.

"Hey, I'm Jasper Whitlock. I'm eighteen and a senior here. I just moved here to live with my grandparents from Texas. Pleased to meet'cha." I told everyone. I heard some of the girls giggle at my accent.

Something told me that I was going to be a pretty popular guy.

"Thank you Mr. Whitlock. Please go take a seat next to Miss Brandon in the back." Mr. Stanley said. This was followed by a series of groans. I even heard one girl whisper to her friend "Why that freak? It's not fair that she gets to sit by Mr. Hot Guy."

"Miss Brandon" was the girl that I first noticed when I walked in. She still didn't look up when Mr. Stanley said her name, but I did see her stiffen ever so slightly.

She had black spiky hair and I could tell she was tiny even though she was sitting hunched over her drawing. I couldn't see her face.

I sat down and held my hand out. "Hello there. I'm Jasper. You are?"

She still didn't look up, but she did shake my hand and whisper "Alice" so quietly I could barely hear her.

"Well hey Alice. It's a pleasure to meet you." I chuckled. She nodded and continued drawing. I began my work. I was horrible at drawing.

I peeked at Alice's work. I might not be very good, but she, she was an artist. She was amazing. I stared at the three Japanese Anime girls on the page.

One was short and had spiky black hair, another was just a little taller with long brown hair and the last was tall with curly blonde hair. I knew right away that the first on had to be her and the other two were probably her friends.

"You're very talented Miss Alice." I complemented.

She just nodded and shrugged, still not looking up. Checking her watch she began to pack her supplies.

"Is it time to go?" I asked, confused.

Again, she nodded without looking up. She stood and walked to the door keeping an eye on her watch. The second she reached the door, the bell rang. I couldn't see her whole face, but when she opened the door, I think I saw a slight smile as though she was proud of her timing.

She baffled me. She didn't speak, didn't look up, and had amazing timing. It was so strange.

I sighed and went to my next class, American History. I was really looking forward to this class because I've always been interested in American History, especially the Civil War.

I walked into the class room and had to repeat my introduction. I was sent to the only empty seat, which just so happened to be next to…you guess it! Alice Brandon.

She didn't look up this time because she was reading. "Alice, I didn't know you had this class too!" I said.

She just shrugged. I huffed slightly and mentally made it a point to 1) see her face, and 2) get her to actually talk to me.

All through history she read. Didn't take notes, didn't look up--not even once.

Again, she packed her things and reached the door as soon as the bell rang.

This made me curious. In the hallway, I caught up with someone I recognized from my art class. "Hey? Jessica right?" I asked and she nodded. "Hi, I'm Jasper." her eyes widened when she realized I was the new guy.

She began adjusting her skirt, and smoothing her hair. "Hi Jasper." She smiled, with hope in her eyes. But all that vanished when I asked my next question. "What do you know about Alice Brandon?"

She sighed, disappointed but then scoffed to hide it. "Alice Brandon is a freak. She has like two friends and she's a major nerd. Always has her nose stuck in a book."

I politely thanked her and went to lunch. I sat with a few people I knew from my first two classes. I asked them about Alice, too and got the same answers I got from Jessica.

"Why do you care?" a girl named Marie jeered. "She's a freak."

I shrugged. What was with everybody calling Alice a freak? Just because she didn't talk much and read a lot didn't make her a freak.

Suddenly, I spotted an oh so familiar face, my cousin Rosalie Hale.

I stood up and Maria grabbed my hand. "Where are you going, Jasper?" she pouted in a failed attempt to flirt.

"Hang on. I'll be back…" I trailed off and walked away, whispering "not" under my breath. I had no intentions of coming back.

I walked the long way, so that she wouldn't see me. When I got to the table, I noticed she was sitting with two other girls and two guys. They were all laughing and chatting.

One girl had long brown hair and chocolate eyes. She sat beside a guy with tousled bronze hair and green eyes. Then there was a big muscular guy with curly brown hair. He scared me a little. I didn't see the other girl before I got to the table. She had gotten up to throw her tray away.

I put my finger to my lips signaling them to be quiet. I placed my hands over Rosalie's eyes saying "Guess who Miss Rosie-posie." I knew as soon as she heard my old nickname for her she would know it was me.

She gasped. "Jasper!" She yelled jumping up to hug me. "What are you doing here?"

I chuckled but then went serious so that I could explain. "You know how dad left us?" she nodded. "Well, mom didn't want anything to do with the messed up teen I became after that and sent me to live with Grandma and Grandpa."

"What do you mean messed up?" she asked worriedly.

I sighed. "I got involved in drugs and stuff. I'm done with that now though. You don't gotta worry."

"Oh, well, at least you're here now. Why didn't anyone tell me?" she whined, pulling me down into the chair beside her.

"Did it surprise you?" I asked.

"Um, DUH!" she laughed.

"Then that's why." I smiled.

She laughed again and looked around the table. "Oops, I guess I should probably introduce you to everybody. Everybody, this is my cousin, Jasper Whitlock." She pointed to the big muscular guy. "Jasper, that's my boyfriend, Emmett McCarty."

"Hey!" he bellowed cheerfully. I nodded my greeting.

"This is Bella Swan and her boyfriend Edward Cullen." They waved at me.

Then, she pointed to the girl that I recently gotten up. I didn't even see her return, but there she was. And I knew exactly who she was.

"And this is Edward's step-sister, Al--"

"Alice Brandon." I finished. I smiled and looked at her. She had her head bent so that I couldn't see her face.

"You know each other?" Rosalie asked, shocked.

"We have first and second together." I explained. "Hey again, Miss Alice."

She nodded but to my surprise, she actually looked up at me. "Hi Jasper." she said quietly. But I wasn't paying attention to what she said. I was distracted. She was beautiful.

Her spiky black hair stopped just short of her chin and she had big blue eyes that I couldn't see when she had her head down. She wasn't wearing any make up, but it didn't really matter. She was wearing some very high fashioned clothes. Hm. Fashion type, eh? I'll remember that.

I smiled. "Wow, you actually talked to me."

She blushed and shrugged.

"So, Alice, wha--" I began.

"DUDE!" Emmett interrupted. "What happened? You have scars everywhere!"

This statement earned him a smack in the head from Rosalie. "Shut up you idiot." she murmured, knowing that I really don't like talking about how I got my scars.

Emmett rubbed his head where she had hit him. "What? I was just wondering." he complained.

"Rose, I don't mind." I lied. "Emmett, I was in a terrible car wreck when I was ten. The impact shattered the windshield and sent me flying through the broken glass, leaving scars everywhere. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt."

"Wow. That's rough buddy." Emmett sighed.

I turned to Alice. "Anyway, Al--"

"So, Jasper," Bella said. "Where are you from again?"

I sighed, impatiently. "Texas." I replied, facing Alice again. "As I was sayi--"

"How old are you?" Edward asked. Seriously? Was I not meant to ask Alice a simple question?

"I'm eighteen, a senior." I replied.

"Emmett and I are seniors, too." Rosalie said. "Bella, Edward, and Alice are juniors."

"Oh, that's nice. So Alice…" I paused waiting for any interruptions. "What classes do you have next?"

"Junior English and Chem II." she answered softly.

I looked at my schedule. "Dang. Looks like we don't have anymore classes together. I have Psychology and Gym."

"I have Psychology next." Bella said.

"Yeah, and I have gym." Rosalie told me. "Looks like you'll never have a class alone."

I smiled half-heartedly. "Yeah, I guess not." But no more classes with Alice.

I didn't know why, but I had the urge to get to know her, to talk to her, to be with her. I've never felt this way. It's strange.

When the bell rang, I walked with Bella and Edward to Psychology. "So, do you guys know why Alice is so quiet?" I asked them.

Bella looked at me. "She's only quiet in class or when she's not with friends. When you get her with her friends, she won't shut up!" she laughed.

"Alice is just quiet and mysterious by nature. Once you get to know her, you'll learn that she's also quite loud and talkative by nature." Edward said.

He pecked Bella on the lips, making her sway slightly, and walked away to his next class.

Bella turned to me. "So, you're Rosalie's cousin, eh?" she asked.

"Yup. We were really close when she lived in Texas, but then she and her family moved here. This was the first time we've seen each other in about five or six years." I told her.

"Oh." she replied simply.

My Psychology teacher made me stand in front of the class like all the other teachers. I just repeated the exact same introduction I'd given to the other classes. I recognized a few faces from other classes.

The hour and a half went by slowly. I was eager to get home. When the bell finally rang, I gathered my things and walked out with Bella. I met up with Rosalie and she showed me how to get to the gym.

"So, Rose," I started, getting ready to ask the same thing I asked Bella and Edward. "Why is Alice so quiet?"

She snorted. "Trust me, she's not quiet when she's with us. Only when she's in class or with new people. She's really shy and a bit of a book nerd."

"Hm. I've heard so many people calling her a freak. I don't know why. I don't think she's freakish at all!"

Rosalie looked at me, with hate in her eyes. "Who's been calling her a freak?"

"Um, Jessica Stanley and Marie Whats-her-name." I said.

She shook her head angrily. "I hate them." was all she said.

We finally made it to the gym and, after getting instructions from the teacher, when and changed into gym clothes.

We played soccer. I was Right wing and Rosalie was goalie. She was pretty good at goalie. Our team won.

After gym, I quickly changed out of my gym clothes and made my way to the truck. The yellow Porsche was still there. I wondered who the lucky owner of this car was. Oh well, I'll find out sooner or later, I guess. I thought.

I climbed into my truck and drove home, not even blasting my music for a change. This time, all I did was think about the beautiful Alice Brandon.

When I got home, Grandma was waiting for me.

"Hi Jasper, how was your first day at school?" she asked. "Any new friends?"

"Good. Yeah, Emmett, Bella, Edward, and…and Alice. Did you know that Rosalie went to Forks High?" I responded.

"That's great! No, I didn't know that. Well, that's good."

I nodded and went upstairs. I threw my things on my bed and went to my laptop.

I got on my Facebook page and automatically searched Edward, Bella, Emmett, and Alice. Luckily, each one of them had a Facebook. I sent them each a request, then logged off to start on my homework.

About an hour later, I finished my homework, and got back on Facebook. Wow. Seven friend requests. Three notifications. I checked the friend requests and accepted them, barely acknowledging the names.

Then, I moved onto the notifications. Emmett McCarty has accepted your friend request. Edward Cullen has accepted your friend request. Bella Swan has accepted your friend request. Alice still hadn't accepted.

Just then, a chat message popped up from my friend Peter back in Texas.

(A/N: Jasper is in italics, Peter is underlined.)

Hey man. How's rainy Forks, Washington?

Not bad. Turns out, my cousin Rose goes to the school I'm going to. And I met some people. You remember Rosalie right?

Yeah, I remember her. So, any hot girls in Forks?

Nah. There is this one girl though. She's beautiful. Not hot, beautiful. But she's really shy and doesn't talk much. She's always reading. She's friends with Rose.

Ooh. The shy book nerd. Sounds freakish. Tough. Sorry. xD

Hey, she's not a book nerd. And why is everyone calling her a freak? She's not a freak just cuz she likes to read okay?

Ok man, sorry. Jeez. You really like her don't'cha?

Well, yeah. I've never felt this way about someone. I'm going to try to get through to her. She doesn't seem like she wants to socialize with anyone but her friends. I talked to Rose and some others and they said that she's only shy around people she's not comfortable with. When she's with friends, apparently she's complete opposite. Peter, I really think I like this girl.

Gag! Dude seriously? I've never heard you talk like that. All that rain is going to your head. C'mon, why don't you come on back to Texas?

You know I can't. and honestly, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't wanna come back. I mean, I miss you guys, but I gotta stay here. I want to.

Yeah, I know, I know.

Yeah, so how's Charlotte?

Good, good. Aw dang! sorry dude. I gotta go. I'll text you later or something. Peace.

Ok, bye.

I logged off and sighed. I did miss Texas, but I don't want to go back. I need to stay here. Alice was here.