A Favor Asked

Launchpad was lying in a hospital bed with his leg broken being visited by Drake and Gosalyn.

"I can't believe you broke your leg while making a sandwich, LP" said Drake.

"It's not as easy as it looks" said Launchpad. "I'm sorry I won't make it to your baseball game Gosalyn."

"That is all right, Launchpad. I will tell you all about tomorrow with a play by play guide."

"Thanks kid, do you mind if me and your dad talk for alone a minute."

Gosalyn raced out the door "Jut hurry I don't want to be late for the game."

Drake was slightly confused "Is something wrong LP?"

"Well you see DW, it about my old employer Scrooge McDuck."

"That old fossil that paid you a penny a mile you flew?"

"That him, his nephews are going to be at the game you know they're on the rival team."

"Let me guess you don't want Gosalyn to beat them to badly in today's game." Drake laughed, but stopped when he saw Launchpad frowning.

"Will I guess that be nice, but I thinking more on the lines of just checking on them for me. I was talking to Scrooge last night and something seemed off, like he was worried about something."

"You're sure it wasn't about stock market."

"I'm serious DW. I know something is bothering him. He not all about money you know. Many people don't realize that Scrooge has a heart too."

"LP, the man only paid you a penny a mile. I don't even know how you lived off that."

Drake was about to say more when saw the concern on Launchpad's face. "Alright, if that important to you LP, I see what going on with Scrooge McDuck."

"Thanks DW!"

With that Drake left the room to take Gosalyn to the game.

What do you think? Send me a review. The next chapter coming tommorrow for sure. This is my first crossover fanfiction so tell me what good or bad. I'm trying to write it like the writers for shows would had if they had done a crossover episode.