Odd- that was one word that could be used to describe Hatake Kakashi, jounin elete of the leaf village. He was a peculiar person with even more peculiar habits. Mainly due to his blood line limit, which made him more animal than human. He was more cunning, more curious, more ruthless and relentless than any other shinobi in the village. And right now he was faced with a very intresting subject....his late sensei's daughter. Uzu Namikaze, the Kyubbi vessel, and his new student.

The adorable little kid that he currently had backed against a school locker, if the girl had any sense at all she would run. Not that it would do any good. He could easily track her by scent. Gods above she smelled so fucking good. He leaned in and sniffed the soft skin of her throat, and let his tongue snake out behind his mask to lick her skin and growled in irritation when he could'nt taste her. All he could taste was his mask, woolite, and smoke; yuck.

"Um....sensei?" The smaller than average girl spoke hesitantly, her tone weak and shaky, telling him that she was nervous and wary of his preditory actions.

"Mmmm, you smell nice."

"Uh, thanks. Ca-Can I just go now?" He glanced down at her face as he wound some of her platnium blond hair around his hand. She had such soft silky hair.

"Go?" He asked with a dark look on his masked face. Did the little chit think that he would really let her leave and escape him? Hell would freeze over first.

"T-T-To the roof, where the others are. Like you said earlier." She said with a nervous smile that did something strange to his heart. Made him feel warm, like he no longer had an brick of ice in his chest where his heart was supposed to be.

"I said that?" Honestly he could'nt recall saying for the kids to meet him on the roof. But then he had'nt really been paying attention to any of them but her. She had been the first thing that he had seen. She looked so much like her father. The hair, the almost delicate and angelic features. But she had her mothers personality. Not a bad combination since he had always believed that both Minato and Kushina together made the perfect woman.

And here was the end result. Something even more perfect, and a little less ordinary. Uzu was an extrodinary child. He knew it, even if she didn't. And the fact that she carried the demon fox inside of her made him feel even more possessive of her since the fox inside of her made her more like him.

More animal than human.

Uzu gave him a funny look as he leaned down again and smiled at her. Looking every inch like the mask wearing big bad wolf that he was. "You don't remember?"

"Not at all. Wanna help me remeber?" He purred as he started to lean in to kiss her when there was an loud banging sound, he paused in place and let his hand slid down the cool metal locker to rest over her heart as he straitened up and looked at the one interrupting him.

Iruka Umino stood there with his face blood red, a vein throbbing in his forehead as he stared the jounin down in anger and shock. Had the damn lazy pervert been accausting his adopted baby sister? "Hatake, what the hell do you think your doing?" He nearly shouted as he pointed at the silver haired man.

Kakashi shrugged without removing his hand from Uzu's chest, the motion causing a ripple down his spine. "Getting to know my new student." Kakashi said cheerfully. He was'nt about to tell the chunin about all the naughty things he was planning to do to the girl.

Hell he was'nt even planning on clueing the kid in on his plans, he didn't want to scare her away after all. Iruka bristled at his velvety tone. Like hell! He was trying to seduce the girl! "So does that mean that you plan to hump your other two students too?" Answer me you bastard! Iruka thought darkly as he saw Uzu trying to free herself from Kakashi's....evil clutches only to be pushed back against the locker and have the man turn his head to stare at her and growl.

"Don't move."

"I would never seduce an innocent, too much trouble and paper work." Kakashi half lied as he continued to stare at the girl. But Uzu would be anything but trouble, and even if she was; she would be totally worth it.

Iruka growled warningly and stomped over to the jounin and smacked his hand away from her chest, earning a brief grateful lookfrom the girl before she took off running down the hall, Kakashi let out a low feral growl and started to go after her but was stopped by Iruka's hand on his shoulder as he spun him around and slammed him against the locker. "Don't you dare try anything funny with her or I will skin you alive, Hatake." Iruka snapped at the silver haired man.

Kakashi said nothing as Iruka tore into him verbally, his mind was already a million miles away, planning how he could get closer to Uzu without scareing her, or making her even more wary. By the time Iruka was done and let him go Kakashi knew that the girl was up on the roof waiting for him to show up. He also knew that the damn girl already had her escape routs planned out. Your not getting away from me so easily cara. He thought as he quickly climbed the stairs to the roof and looked over the three kids before his dark blue eye settled on Uzu, who quickly ducked behind Sauske and tried to look invisible.

He smirked. Nice try love, but not good enough.