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I turned suddenly, the loose hair fell back down over my face covering my line of sight by a little, ignoring this I pulled my face into a tight frown. Shooting wildly with my dual pistols, I popped the heads of at least five or six oncoming zombies, who in turn had each spotted me sneaking slowly down the smoking clammy confines of a somewhat deserted alleyway. I kept my gaze in front of me as a bent low and snuck around the corner of the creepy alleyway, picking off a few more of those stinking zombies as I went. Slowly but surely, I eventually arrived at the end of the path, I was now at the beginning of a road and a police car stood before me, lights on and all.

More zombies ran at me, Spotting me in the blinding light of the Police cars' headlights.

Raising my Dual Pistols, I shot off the zombies that threw their selves in my direction, I grinned slightly as I watched their head pop off and blood fly everywhere.


I gasped, "Shit, no more ammo!" I kneeled down onto the cool hard pavement and shoved my pistols into the back pockets of my jeans. My head snapped up as the oncoming footsteps of a fresh horde invaded my hearing space.

"Shit shit shit," I chorused, laughing lightly, and hurriedly raised my arms to grab the signed baseball bat which was strung tightly to my back.

My heartbeat raced as I shuffled back into the shadows of the empty alley and poised my bat before me. Just as the first zombie reached my, I pulled the bat back and powered it back forward, it made an amazing crack as it made contact with the blood covered zombie. My heart became caught in my throat as blood splattered up my body. With that I allowed a shallow whimper to escape my cold, thin lips.

The zombies reached me, eager for my warm flesh. Funny thing is I felt just as cold as one of them dead fuckers.

I was overwhelmed, My bat's swinging motions became slower and slower as the thrashing zombies packed tighter and tighter around me. I screamed loudly and tried to get them off me, they were biting, scratching and kicking me. But I remained standing, or half standing at that.

Tears began to flow down my cheeks in a flurry of water, clearing a small path on my blood and mud covered face.

I caved in and stopped swinging, I placed my bloodied arms around my head and tried to protect myself, still holding my bat.

'If Francis was here right now, his shotgun would be so useful… If only…' I though, trailing away into my own mind, I tried desperately to get the thoughts of my team-mates out of my head but the memories came pounding back and flooding into view. I miss them so god-damned much.

The worried yet strong chuckle of Louis, the way he laughed hysterically as he shot zombies and the way he was brought to the brink of crying from happiness when a hunter was finally removed from his chest. How he had decided to protect me, guard me from behind, to keep me safe. I never saw that tongue.

Then the memory of Bill came back, his confidence of leading our group, a small boast of his old days from the Vietnam war. How he always had a cigarette handy to comfort himself, and the way he cockily subsided to a kindly nature if one of us nearly died or gotten hurt really bad. I recall the way he had screamed as I cowered behind a car and picked off some zombies that surrounded him… the way the hunter found him before I did. *sigh*

Then… Then there was Francis, the first guy who I can remember as the one I had a crush on, or fancied, or even loved. I didn't care of the 10 year or so age gap, he was my man, and the fucking zombies tore him away from me. Breaking my heart. That fucking horde.

Louis. Smoker.

Bill. Hunter.

Francis. Horde.

And there was me, sitting behind a car, not noticing my teamsters being devoured before me. There are too many infected, everyone is covered in blood. Everyone looks the same.

God I miss them.

Full of renewed energy, I quickly stood up and gripped the baseball bat tighter with my sweaty hands, ignoring the yelps of the zombies I'd shoved. I remained in my fighting stance as I pulled back my bat, and in a flurry of strength and sent it flying back forward, stunning or killing at least five or six zombies.

I silently laughed and batted the fuck out of the zombies that surrounded me. I hit, whacked and punched the zombies that dared to approach. Only a few left. Only a few. I can take them.

My anger erupted from me as I twisted my body and jumped around in circles, whacking the brains from the already falling apart heads of oncoming zombie. The Bat reached high up as I pounced towards the last zombie I could see, I twisted my body and spun around, amplifying my hit. It worked well because the head literally fell from the zombie and went flying at least fifteen metres or so. Followed by what seemed to be a waterfall of blood.

I Laughed hysterically, and let the bat reach to the ground, with both of my hands still clasping it. I was panting, breathing in the rotten stench of deteriorating flesh and bones. I coughed and wiped my mouth hard with the stained sleeve of my already red stained jacket.

I turned and looked down at the mess of zombies I stood near, one was better looking than the others and my stomach churned. I had re-killed him, he had a life once, before this whole 'Green-flu' thing had started up. I sighed lightly and bent down to the zombies disorientated face, his eyes were wide and completely a murky off-white colour. And his hair was a bright blonde, his face was also strewn with the beginnings of stubble. He was wearing a blue hat which surprisingly was pretty clean, I reached down and picked it up. I and began to examine it, it's colour was of a mesh white with the front couple of panels being a navy blue with a small sewn on picture of a tow truck. I smiled slightly and placed it on my head, the peak facing the back. The feeling of something covering my head made me feel a little more secure. I stood up quickly and wobbled around slightly.

My panting slowed and the pulsating beat in the back of my head grew stronger, I had given myself a really bad head rush. I moaned and dropped my bat, before grabbing my head and cradling in onto my chest.

"Shit, OwwOwOwOwww," I muttered,

A cackling laugh erupted from behind me , I attempted to twist on the spot to see it, but I didn't turn in time as I was thrust forward with a quick pace as something cold and clingy wrapped itself around my body. I felt hands covering my eyes and a pair of twig-like legs wrap themselves quickly around my neck,

"PeeEEkaaBoooOOO, AhAAkAAAEEE," The voice hollered, his voice echoing through the empty street,

I screamed, my head was being tossed and turned in nearly every direction, and my legs were wobbling from the surprisingly heavy body on top of me. Getting a free piggy-back.

A jockey.

I yelled out for help which I new would never come, I was convinced I was the only girl alive. The only human alive.

The Jockey leant back and suddenly threw me forward, I stumbled and hit my forehead hard onto the corner of the pavement's edge.

"Ahhhaa," I moaned as the pesky Jockey lifted my blinded head by my hair and hit my damaged head repeatedly against the sidewalk, I felt my hat fall from my head and just about heard it hit the floor. I was about to pass out. I heard the loud fires of a nearby gunshot and a single set of footsteps approaching me. The burden that weighed me down from my shoulders was suddenly lifted, the jockey screamed his death-call, and I lay on the floor motionless as everything around me faded slightly as blood covered my view.

Blinking madly, I felt someone scoop me up from under my head and my legs.

I felt heavy breathing on my face,

"It's ok, 'lil missy. I Gotcha alright," I southern accent quickly piped up, my head throbbed madly as I attempted to wipe the blood from my eyes, They cleared slowly and I blinked some more. I perfectly shaped face of an early 20s man stared back at me, a half worried, half pleased smile on his face. I Tried to say something but my mouth would only form the words and not actually say them. I instead pointed back down to where this kind looking hickey had picked me up from. I Blindly pointed in the direction of my hat. I paused and slowly turned my head back to the boy, and from what I could see, he was wearing the same hat, wait… did that mean--

"You want your hat?" He suddenly commented, keeping his gaze locked into my own blue eyes. He bent down and I reached out, and grabbed the hat. A little taken aback from his strength.

I held it close to my chest as he brought me over to a nearby building and leant me up against the wall.

"T-Thanks," I murmured, keeping the hat out of his sight,

"S'okay," He said slowly, "Hey, can I see your hat?"

I shook my head quickly, which made it throb slightly, I winced in pain.

He looked a little alarmed,

"Whoa, Hotrod. Don'ch You be movin' too quickly now, Y'hear?" He placed a surprisingly soft hand under my chin and lifted my head slightly so he could see my eyes. Tears were already streaming down my cheeks. I whipped my head away from his soft grip and tried to look away from him.

'The hat, it's the same as this guys. And their both hats that I used to see this small towns engineers wear. This hat must of belonged to his friend, whom I've just killed, I cannot believe it," I thought worriedly, tying not to look at him.

"C'mon it's just a hat,"

"He deserves to know," My thoughts whispered,

I shakily held the hat out to him, and he took it slowly.

My attention was turned back to him, and I burst out in a flurry of tears when I saw his expression. It was one of mixed emotions. Mainly sadness, a little distress, and some relief.

He turned the cap upside down and read out something that was written in a scratchy black biro.

"Keith 'Keithster'" The boy read, a slight build up of tears forming in his eyes, "Keith, Oh god…"

I Cried lightly, sniffing and sobbing. Obviously fully recovered from the jockey incident. My hands covered my face now, I didn't want to experience the emotions spreading across his face. I bowed my head as I heard the light sniffing of the human who kneeled before me. I expected nothing more from him, he'd just saved my life, and I'd killed his friend. Maybe even his best friend. Even if he was a bloodthirsty zombie.

I waited for the man to shout, or scream or burst into tears, but instead I felt the hat being placed lightly onto my head and the strong arms slide around my waist and bringing me into a tight embrace. I removed my hands from my face and instantly wrapped my own around his neck. I heard him sobbing into my shoulder, and I resultantly sobbed into his.

"I'm…So…Sorry," I moped, rubbing my face into his shoulder with every word.

The warmth that radiated from his body grew a little warmer and made me shiver with anticipation. It had been so long since warmth had been around me, since Francis had held me tight when I was scared or worried… This kid who was probably a little younger than me reminded me so much of my thick muscled, tattooed man. I know it was wrong but I felt so much happier.

We pulled apart and I saw a small smile slide across his face, which brought a smile to my own. His face was so cute, and cheesy, He had a tanned skin that was red from the crying, but his eyes still sparkled the way they did shortly after he saved me. I liked him.

"It's ok, Darlin'" He said, his voice merely a whisper. This made me break down again, after seeing the hope in his eyes fade as he examined the hat which sat cocksided on my head, he looked back down at me and his smile faded instantly, "No, no, no. Please 'lil missy don't you go cry. We don't need any more zombies 'round here," He cradled me in his arms and held his breath, then scooped my back up towards his chest and slowly began to walk from the way he came from when he saved me.

He cleared his throat,

"I heard you from our safe house just up here…"

'Oh my good lord, a safe house. Finally,' I interrupted by thought,

"…and I came to save you, Bec'z I went an' thought 'hey That don't sound like no zombie' Then I was like, 'I'll go save 'em'. So I did. And I came but instead of finding a horde that I heard earlier I find a really pr'tty girl struggling with a silly 'ole head humper on her head and I was like, 'I'd better save her quick, or th't head humper will sure get 'er first' and I was right bec'z I found you alive and well, wait except from that nasty cut on your head, and, Oh GOD it's still bleedin' ain't it? I'd better hurry right on up and get you to the safe room, and OH I can introduce you to Nick; he's a sourpuss with attitude, Coach; who likes 'is food, and good old Ro; the news reporter from that TV Th'ngy…"

I giggle and placed a single finger on the lips of the chatterbox,

"You talk too much," I simply said, Removing my finger from his mouth and moving my head closer to his own, halfway.

He stopped walking and talking, and made up the rest of the way towards me. I smiled and met his lips with a pleasurable smirk, We kissed tenderly with him holding me bridal style.

It was only a short kiss, one that made me realise that I liked the new hickey, and also made me think of Francis. We had never kissed like that before, we would either have a peck for a kiss, or snog each others faces off.

But this one. This kid. I had never known such a loyal kiss, never even known that someone with a face like his can kiss just as good. Too add to that, the hug we had shared when we cried for the man named Keith was one of the best I can remember for a while. Francis' hugs were only ever strong ones, powered from his biker muscles and rough-playing nature. The hickies hugs were much more… passionate… Meaningful.

The boy carried on walking, his eyes locked onto mine again. Reading me from the outside in.

He glanced up and looked back down at me, smiling,

"We'd be here now, Darlin'" he said softly, his accent picking up strongly, he nuzzled me with a light Eskimo kiss before backing through a tall red iron door, he instantly piped up as he entered the room. His warmth emulated around me as he held me tight against him, and I began to feel wheezy as some fresh blood dripped down from my brow and onto my cheek.

"Look what I found guys," He Joked, beaming, walking over to a battered green sofa and laying me down beside a man in an off-white tux who had a grim smirk on his face.

"Wow, you actually found someone pretty, someone who can't get startled and rip the shit out of you," The man sneered, sending the Capped boy a mean looking glare, before adding, "Oh god she even has a matching hat like you, overalls,"

I pouted, sitting myself up and studying the guys face,

"Your Nick?" I questioned slowly, sharing a glance with the Hicky who stood with a soft hand on my shoulder, he squeezed it intently.

"Yea, What of it," He muttered, resting his feet up onto a low table which was placed before him.

He moved his eyes down to my unzipped red jacket, I only had a tight white Tee underneath, I could plainly see him examining my jugs. This made me angry, really angry. What a perv!

I yanked the zipped of my jacket up until it covered my breasts, and then I crossed my arms. Brow furrowing deeply.

I sighed and turned my head to the sound of footsteps making their way down a stair way to the side of the sofa, a black man and woman were quickly coming down the stairs. I stout looking man with a whistle around his neck, and a dark skinned woman with a pink T-shirt and bangles both gleamed with smiles as they saw me. The woman came straight over to me and knelt by my side.

The boy withdrew his hand,

She Smiled, "Hey there! I'm Rochelle, this here is coach, that depressing man next to ya is Nick and that sweet young kid who brought you in is called Ellis," she beamed for a moment and carried on, "I am so glad that there is another girl in this god-damned world otha than me, being surrounded by three guys don't do nothing good for you," she paused and turned her attention to Ellis who was looking down at me intently, and I was looking up at him. Rochelle smiled lightly and she pulled a sneaky smile. I looked towards the friendly looking woman.

"I'm Zoey,"

"That's a nice name. Hey, Nick. Coach. Come upstairs with me a moment I uh.. Gotta tell you guys something" she said intently,

"Right, whatever," Nick sighed, heaving himself from the sofa gruffly and stomping past coach who was at the foot of the oak stairway.

"What? Chu mean I Gotta go back up these stairs when I just came down?" He groaned, "Nice, to meet ya Zoey," He quickly looked at the expression on Ellis face, I looked also, he was almost in a trance, studying my hair and stroking it slightly, Coach hummed, "You guys have fun," he grinned.

The other three left the room and left Ellis and me looking deep into each others eyes.

Slowly, I swung my legs around the edge of the sofa and patted the seat beside me. I waited patiently as the hickey placed himself beside me and took my hand slowly,

"I…Like your name, it is real pretty," He whispered, rubbing his thumb slowly across my


"And yours too, I didn't think someone with such a handsome face and smile had a name and voice to match it,"

Ellis looked amazed,

"Y-You like… me?" he murmured, "Most others in mah little group find me annoying, especially nick." I noticed the change in tone as he said nicks name.

I glanced down, at our hands, they were knitted into each other. Ellis' spare hand was placed onto my right thigh.

I looked up.


He leant in to kiss me, and I obliged slowly. But the peaks of our caps got in the way, they tapped each other at the end and stopped us from moving in close. He smiled, showing his white teeth in a wide grin, eyes sparkling with happiness. His face flustering in a light blush, mine followed suit. I looked up at the peaks and reached up with my spare hand, I grabbed my hat and twisted it around, so the caps' peak was facing the opposite direction. Ellis did the same.

Our hats were now re-organised and we smiled deeply at each other. Examining each others eyes.

I placed a hand on his cheek and leant in, pressing my forehead against his, then forcing my lips against his own, my hand moved to the back of his head and gripped what I could of his hair.

Oh god it felt amazingly good to kiss someone like this again, it's been so long…

My tongue trailed on the edge of his lower lip, I bit it gently and he opened his mouth slightly, gaining me entrance to his wet cavern of a mouth. I explored for while with my tongue and he did so with me, I gripped him tightly and raised my body against his, he fell back against the arm of the chair and I travelled from his mouth down his neck to his shoulder and began vigorously sucking and kissing him. He groaned happily and held my body against his,

I suddenly stopped, thinking about what I was doing,


Ellis was a little surprised,

"What, What's wrong? Darlin' " He said worriedly, "is it me?"

I shook my head lightly, resting against the chest of the boy before me, he was still holding me against him.

"I… Barely know you Ellis," I sniffed lightly, "We've only just found out each others names and already were kissing each others face off," I looked away from him, a slight tear in my eye.

He hushed my light sobs and held my head onto his chest, I sniffled again and shuffled up and squeezed in beside him, hugging him tightly, still regretting every move I made.

"It's ok, I think I'm fallin' for someone I barely even know. But," He swallowed his breath, "I like her, loads, and I wanna get through this stupid apocalypse with someone close, someone who I know I can trust, rely one, someone that I can fight for and hopefully someone who can care and fight for me aswell, you?"

Ellis moved back a little on the surprisingly wide sofa and cupped my head in his hands, he kissed me tenderly on the forehead, making sure to miss the dried blood on it's right side.

"I ain't gunna let ya go and doubt yourself like this," he whispered, his accent soothing my emotions,

"O…Okay," I smiled slowly,

'I can't forget him thought, I can't forget Francis. The amount of times I'd told that guy that I liked him, or I loved him. The amount of times we stood together blowing zombie brains up. I can't just let him go for a younger and better looking guy… but… He is dead, for sure. No ammo in the middle of a horde? No one could survive tha-- Oh.. I did… But only through Ellis' help. Otherwise I would've died… and I have to repay him. I am so sorry Francis,' My thoughts took over and I slowly began to fall asleep in the arms of the Hickey-boy Ellis, who was playing with my ponytail, with his eyes closed lightly.

We sat laid like that for a good few hours, until the sky outside was a dark shade of blue and the others upstairs were snoring. Rather loudly.

I sighed dozily and rubbed my head under his. Peacefully tracing the muscles along his back with my fingers, through his thin yellow shirt.

Well, all was peaceful until,


The safety bar fell from the large metal door and both me and Ellis shot up from a light sleep, I lifted my head to see who was trying to get in through the door. My jaw dropped and I attempted to say something,

"Wh-Who is it, baby?" Ellis whispered, trying to look over his shoulder,

A muffled gasp emerged from he doorway, directly in front of the sofa. I couldn't see his features that clearly but I could instantly tell who had stumbled upon me and Ellis sleeping together.

"Z-Zoey?! What… No!" The gruff voice was disappointed and angry, "How...could you?"

I welled up with tears of sadness and joy all at once,

"F…Francis…" I whispered, the single word seemingly echoing throughout the silence of the room.

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