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(NO POV) ~(Heeh sorry i can''t write in the same style forever. Man. I'd suck at writing a real book... wait...)

The group powered ahead as best they could. Francis was barely able to run with his neck all battered and bitten, but still he urged forwards and followed the others. The possy of seven all yelled out to eachother when hordes upon hordes continuously began pouring out upon them.

"Look out!" Nick yelled to Zoey as a charger came screaming from behind an eptied bunker, he watched helplessly as the red coated girl tried to dodge the swollen arm of the mutated being. He barely missed her and screamed as he rammed himself into a wall. The charger stumbled back and attempted to regain himself, he fell to his knees suddenly when Zoey took out her surpised anger into his back with her gun.

Saying nothing, everyone pressed on and took a sharp corner around a bunker and jogged towards where the heli-pads were.

As the large painted, cement slabs approached, the group could see how much damage had been inflicted to the helicopters when they had all attempted to take off.

Swarms upon swarms of infected people stood on the pads, all groaning and moaning umongst eacother.

"Zoey," Ellis muttered, motioning for the girl to come into his embrace, which she did slowly, aware of the bleeding francis beside her and the zombies waltzing before them all.

"I wanna tell yah somethin' import'nt," He whispered, smiling weaking,

Zoey nodded for him to continue,

"If we don' make it out through all this, I'll be hearbroken, " he said slowly, inhaling before carrying on, "so i'd like to know if you'd wanna... y'know... go out?"

Zoeys' face froze for a second, and she stared at the tanned boys' face, aware that he was awaiting her answer,

"Okay," she said, so quiet that she had to strain her own ears to hear her answer,

The hick grinned, and was about to pull the girl into another embrace when a sudden yell was heard from behind them.

Zoey turned slowly, and hissed for silence when she saw the shivering body behind them all. She instantly choked on her breath when she saw Francis writhing in pain, grasping tightly onto his neck.

She jumped forward to him, overwhelmed with concern,

"ARGH! FUCK!" Francis suddenly shout, slapping away the girl as she approached, sending her stumbling into the path of the quiet zombies,

"Hey! Francis what was that for-!" she gasped, whipping her body around to be met with at least a good few hundered pairs of gleaming yellow eyes. She instantly shut up, mouth dropping agape when the enraged infect came sprinting to her in a flurry of hunger.

Zoey shot madly with her pistols, aware of her insecurity whilst on her knees. The infected screamed and yelled as their insides were spread across the pavemented floor.

"Zo!" Ellis shouted, instantly running out from his cover to help to swarmed girl.

The hick thrashed at the infected to get to the girl buried underneath them. Bodies began piling up around the whole group as everyone except Francis tried their best at clearing the masses of zombies.

Eventually, and in everyone's favour, all the zombies were cleared and an eerie silence evercame the six.

The only noise was Elllis digging deep through the dead, rotting bodies to get to the red jacketted girl that lay squashed beneath.

A sudden thrust of strength left zoey with a single hand squirming from under the mass of the bodies, followed by an arm, a shoulder, and her head.

"Zoey!" Ellis repeated, his voice breaking from his throat being all caught up.

"Ell..." Zoey started, instantly stopping due to the fact she had nothing of the required streangth to speak.

He held her close, Ellis, and carried her limp body back to the group. Everyone remained silent as they gathered around her body and watched her stirr as she was placed on the ground. The amount of scratcches and bruises across her body was massive. Ellis thought to himself whether the pain made her sense of hearing deteriorate.

Rochelle came in closer to the girl, and held two fingers to her wrist in an attempt to feel her pulse.

"She's still alive!" She confirmed.

Ellis grinned, although still scared for his and Zoeys' life. He sat back on his haunches and his smile grew broader when Zoey's eyes opened slowly to see him. Her dilated pupils began to comtract and her slow opened eyes opened further.

"Ellis," He stated, voice harsh yet quiet.

Ellis sat back further, pleased at the sight of his love. She was going to be ok,

"Ellis!" She repeated hastily, attempting to point at him, her eyes failed to settle between Ellis and something that stirred behind him.

Confused, the hick turned to face what was behind him. Probably just a zombie left over from the recent massicre.


Nick cursed, Coach coughed worriedly, Rochelle made a leap to protect Zoey, Zoey yelled out again. And Ellis was pulled back. All at the same time.

Something was ripping at his back.

"Somethings got me!" He screamed, trying his best to hit and punch the being that attempted to re-grab him from behind.

The thrashing stopped, and his body pushed forward in an act of rejection. Nick unholstered his gun and held it shakily at the pale and bloody, white-eyed face that grimaced back. The pale skinned beings' arms throbbed as a mixture of green and red blood pulsated through his veins.

It was a 'him'.

His skin no longer looked as it did before, and if he was put in a line up with a bunch of zombies, you wouldn't of been able to be able to pick him out from the rest; save the fact his clothes and scribbbly tattoos gave him away.

His mouth had fallen ajar, cocked to the side slightly. His eyes a cloudy white and arms dangling lifelessly at his side. He stood wearily and flinched, blinking slowly.

"No," Zoey whispered, her posture literally dropping at the sight of the man, She stared directly into the man's eyes, pleading to him silently to look at her. He did. His glowing yellowy-white eyes fell onto Zoey's and he bared his teeth accordingly. His eyes hazed over a dull brown for a second before returning to their 'natural' yellow. Zoey could of sworn she saw the man laugh.

Ellis turned quickly to stare eye-to-eye with a growling, green-faced Francis.

A low growl was emmitted from somewhere above the group, and some of them looked upwards in hope of a helicopter. It was something worse. A massive grey raincloud was hovering directly above them, as if it was stalking their every moves.

The grey blob send down a mascarade of raindrop bullets, which soothed the sweaty skins of the survivors, and enraged the zombified man.

Zoey jumped to her feet, and roughly pushed Ellis out of the way.

Her fist made a rough connection with the pale skinned Francis, she couldn't of shot him. Somehow, to her, it was inhumain.


The zombie stumbled backwards, screaming loudly from the surprise punch.

Zoey kept at it. Lunging forward again and again with her rebelling fists, eyes welling at the sight of Francis' already decaying figure.

He stumbled further and further back, his back hitting into the metal poled fencing of the heli-pad area. A deep drop following behind it.

Grinding her teeth and letting the tears flow, the red jacketted girl screamed and sent one final uppercut to the man as he backed up to the metal fence. He roared out as his footing slipped on the wet ground, and his flailing body fell as fast as the rain as it toppled over the fence and deep into the somewhat oddly placed cavern.

Zoey slumped down, onto her knees. The rain slicking her hair to her forehead and making her sweating features unnoticeable.

She hated herself. For what she had done, despite for old lover being a zombie. He seemed to emotional, to real.

Everything was stupidly real now days.

She sniffed slightly, and nearly jumped out of her skin when a hand was placed slwoly onto her slouched shoulders.

The pounding sound of the rain made it impossible to hear Ellis footsteps as he had approached her. It made it nearly the same when she strained her ears to hear the phrase he said loudly to her.

A bright flash of lightning cracked and raked it's way across the sky, lighting up the fiasco of the groups surroundings, and their scared expressions for no more than a millisecond. A low rumble of thunder was shortly following the crack, making the scene seem ever-so more quiet.

"Zoey," Ellis shouted, trying his best to sound casual above the racket being made from the pounding rain, cracking lightning, and booming thunder.

She lifted her head, a clear path of her tears sliding easily down her previously sodden face. Her eyes were full of uttermost sorrow as she grabbed at her chest with her spare hand, squeezing her red jacket in an act of solitude. She was feeling for the dead biker. She missed him.

Almost instantly, Ellis took her wrist gently and lifted her into a tight embrace, easily sensing her sorrow and forbidden love for the fallen man.

"It's ok," he whispered directly into her ear, before hugging her tighter and leading her back over towards the spellbound group. They were obviously surprised at Zoeys' sudden burst of speed and anger at the biker.

"Guys!" Coach hollered through the rain, cupping his mouth with a spare hand, "We need to keep moving before another horde gets' us,"

Just about hearing, everyone nodded and followed the large form of the high school coach as he lumbered forward through the intense wind and rain. Sheilding his head with his free hand, and clutching his shotgun with the other.

Not many infected littered their way, as most were disrupted by the lightning, and decided that shelter was the best option.

One less, the group now began to jog, towards what looked to be a large lake, or a sea of some sort, they all wondered to themselves about why they hand't noticed to before.

Nestled opon the steadily roughening waves was a large ship, it bowed and rose as it easily floated upon the dark, murky waters,

Saying nothing, the group instantly set their sights on the liner, seeing a few lights switch on simultaniously in the cabin high above everything. Tiny sillhouettes were visible through the harsh rain.

Everyone grinned as they pulled up onto the empty decking of the ship, Coach, who was leading, took out a few minor commons that loitered their way.

A man jumped out from upon the deck of the ship and waved his arms, he carried a light and got the groups attention, waving in a manner that only proved him to be human.

"GET ON GET ON!" The man hollered, as the group came into his range of shouting.

They obeyed, eager for warmth and all seeking the dryness of a roof.

Eventually, they bustled themselves into a tight room, on the deck of the ship. Everyone literally crashed to the floor in an act of tire, all panting and all soaking wet. Zoey fell beside Ellis and rested her head in a slumped manner onto his shoulder, appreciative of the roof above her head. As was everybody else.

"We are not doing that again," Nick muttered, looking up to the man who stood broadly in the doorway to the room, it was Ellis' friend Dave who had hoisted them aboard, "Oh great," the conmans' gratitudial smirk faltered and a frown fell hastily upon his face.

"Well I'll be!" Dave exclaimed looking down at his old companion, "Ellis, you trooper!"

Ellis looked up, still panting deeply, and grinned weakly.

"Hey, Dave," He swallowed and took a breath before carrying on, "Glad to see yer still around,"

His friend sent him a knowing look before approaching the whole group and clapping his hands together in a satisfactory manner,

"Guys, I'ma glad you made it onto my dad's ship. We we're 'bout to be leavin' without anyone else,"

"There are others?" Rochelle questioned, raising a toned eyebrow to the hick,

"Yeah, we got a whole cabin full of 'em below deck. Their all havin' a party to celebrate their escapin' of the fresh outbreak,"

"Good," Nick grumbled, "So the thumping in my head isn't my pulse,

Dave sent him a sideways glance,

"Yeah, after you guys are ready, feel free to join 'em!", he clipped the tip of his baseball cap his his thumb and broadly grinned, "I'll leave yer all be, now,"

He motioned to a door in the wall of the room, where the pounding sounds of music was coming from, before making his own way up some spiraling stairs to a room above.

After he left, the group all closed their eyes and stayed laying on the floor, with a puddle of rainwater gathering around them from their heavily saturated clothes.

After a while, Zoey opened her eyes to the sound of shuffling. She followed Nick cautiously with her eyes as he moved around, shifting through drawers for something of no interest to her.

"Nick," she eventually said, aware that everyone else was alseep,

He whipped around, face all afluster,

"uh, What?" He asked, a little surprised,

"What are you doing?"

"Just... searching,"

"For what?"



Zoey sent the gambler a sly look before hoisting herself up to her feet, waking the dozing Ellis in the process. She lumbered sleepily over to the man and leant against the set of drawers, her attention quickly turning from the conman, and over to Ellis, who was now standing up himself, yawning.

"It was quick, but that was a guuurd sleep," He noted, rubbing his eyes sleepily, hauling himself over to Zoey and dopily sliding his hands around her waist. He rested his head against her shoulder and purred into her ear. Nick scowled at the sight.

Not much later, everyone else had finally woken up, and were preparing themselves to eplore the ship, much to Nick's delight, it had a Casino. Coach was glad to hear of an all-night buffet that was beginning, and a gym without a coach. There was even an auto shop for the cars that had been allowed onto the liner but were all bashed up, for Ellis. Zoey retreated herself to mere exploring of the ship; which she was glad to do, and Rochelle was pleased when she heard of a tour of the massive liner starting soon.

"All meet in the disco place at..." Coack looked up at the time, which was against the high ceiling of the cabin, his mouth dropped when he saw what the time acctually was, " meet back here at eleven, It's half seven in the evenin' now, so, we's got plenty of time to do stuff."

Everyone nodded, and went seperate ways, some up the stairs, the rest through the disco.


My feet were aching, I don't know how long we had been walking beforehand, but now was definately not the best time to go wandering around again, and on a liner with a good few hundered people onboard? Puhhleease, I'm not gonna be able to move! It's worth a try considering I get a good few hours alone to go hunting around for amusement, but still... my legs hurt so much! And I can't believe it's half seven!

I stumbled forward slightly down a bustling corridor, aware of how bad my hair must of looked, c'mon, I was covered in about twenty or so different body parts, how bad must I of looked? Despite my aching ankles and dripping wet, blood and rain soaked body, I trundled forward in hope of entertainment.

It didn't take me long to find the arcade, where some guys were moping around a 'DanceDance3000'. Man I used to play that game so much when I was younger, I was like a pro... or something.

I licked my lips and laughed to myself when one of the men roared out in anger from being unable to beat the high score. He slowly and reluctantly removed himself from the arcade game and started moving in my direction, waving his goodbye to his friends.

I decided to do something I hadn't done in months. To any human, anyways.

"Excuse me?" I asked when he passed me, He looked up and stared at me, scanning my blood and puked covered body,

"Yeah?" He replied, his dark skin flustering when I smiled my reply,

"I couldn't help but see you playin' that game back there," I grinned, "They laughed at yo,"

He smiled equally as broad and whipped out a hand to greet me, I looked down and admired his black rimmed Swatch Watch. I took his hand gently and shook it, looking back up to his dark yet surprisingly friendly eyes.

"I'm Rochelle," I said much more timidly, aware of how close he had come in, still smiling that oddly creepy smile.

Man, If Nick was here, he'd surely give this man a run for his money. And I mean that literally. But this guy seemed nice, very appealing, and someone to talk to at least.

"I'm Louis," He suggested, shrugging as if his name wasn't real a big deal, "Shall we go find somewhere to sit, my legs ache,"

I grinned at him further, did his legs ache the same?

"Okay, but you can lead me, I have no idea where to go on this ship,"

The man nodded eagerly and took me gingerly by the hand, he let his eyes falter on my own before skipping away with me in his grasp. He attempted to explain where we were headed as he ushered us on.

Oh Gawwwsh.


What's a boat without it's casino? I'm just glad this liner is big enough to have one. My jacket was stuffed to the brim with the money I'd stolen from the cabin back there. Finally, a good use for it all.

I yawned, and stood in the doorway to the dark casino, some familiar heads raised to see me. I smirked when I saw them mentally facepalming themselves at the sight of me surviving through all the zombies and shit. Coughing, I walked down to where a group of people were huddled around a poker table.

Taking a spare seat, I cleared my throat and looked slyly at the dealer. He was new and had a quick hand, He dealt out the cards to us players quickly and effortlessly, almost as skillful as me.

After revieving my cards, I glanced quietly at the rest of the group. Being careful to remain with my poker face intact.

One of the other opponents was stupidly new. His fingers were twiddling nervously and his brow was sweaty. His lower lip was quivering slightly, making me grin to myself from within my poker face.

I watched him as he glanced down at his cards, and back up at us. His eyes constantly averted across the table.

He had no idea how to play...

After I had collected my winnings, I strode over to where the cashier was standing, leaning with her head held in her hands.

"Cash it," I blunty ordered, unpocketting my winnings before her,

I watched her curiously as she counted out an amont of money and handed it over, before returning to her laziness. She continued with staring onwards.

"Hey," I said calmly to the girl, she remained silent, but looked up at me with her bright blue eyes, her curly bleached red hair bouncing as she did so, "you okay,"

I've become such a softie. Probably Ellis' fault. It would be.

"Mmm," She eventually sighed, looking away and staring forwards as before, "A little bored I guess, not much to do in a casino other than bet,"

Seizing my jackpot, I bent down to look her in the eye,

"I can think of something much more fun,"

"Really?" she suspiciously said, sitting up and eyeing me over, "like what?"

I leant a little closer,

"C'mon Doll. I'll show you, what's your name?"


"Melanie? I'll call you Mel, I'm Nick. Come on, follow me,"

I stood up from the girl, and turned away. I walked briskly towards the exit of the casino, not bothering to check whether the hot girl was following me or not. After straining my ears I managed to hear her footsteps hurrying to follow me.

A tender hand was suddenly upon my shoulder, and I turned on my heels to see the bright face of the girl up-close. She was much more pretty than I first thought.

"Nick," she said slowly, sliding her hand up around my neck, and sending her other hand to follow it.

I said nothing, leting my poker face come into play.

"Nicolas," she whispered, coming in closer, the sound of her timid voice made my ears ache a little.

"Mel," I replied, moving my hands so they were at rest on her waist, and leaning in slightly,

she made no reply, but cleared her throat and looked steadily into my eyes,

"Melanie," I smirked, letting my poker face fall as we both connected in a tender kiss. We remained connected by the mouths until she removed herself form me and took a sharp intake of breath.

I expected her to want to stop kissing me, becasue we only knew eachothers names, but instead she leant closer so our bodies were pressed together, and thrust her head forwards so our lips came in contact again.

I grinned and took the obvious signs, picking the girl up in a bridal fasion and casually walking out of the casino, towards where I was planning to go with her in the first place,

The bedroom.


I wandered forward, still a little tired from the whole running around ordeal we'd been through quite a while earlier.

I looked curiously down the corridor as lots of bustling people moved along it. I myself was among the crowd, walking forward quickly to get too some unknown destination. There wasn't really anywhere to go that took my fancy... and I was gettin' mighty hungry.

Yawning, I took a step forward, and something tall and black caught the corner of my vision.

What the...

I diverted myself out of the crowd and stepped in the direction of the machine, my eyes growing wide with glee as I realised what I could see inside the black box.

Now my face and hands were pressing against the glass of the vending machine. My eyes stared forward and focused on the large purple chocolate bar that was conveniently placed before me,

"Oh holy..." I began, silencing myself before I could say his name in vain,

Now I was away from the machine, and was rooting around in my pockets for the beloved money. Suddenly, my partially gloved hands came in contact with a cold, flat coin, and I produced it in the air i was breathing in triumph.

Hastily, I stuffed the coin into the slot and pressed the corressponding buttons. The metal spring twisted and eventually, the chocolate bar fell into my grasp. I began to drool lightly as I lifted it up and peeled back the wrapper. The chocolate was instantly in my mouth and I was savouring every moment.

Oh lord I was in heaven.


We walked for quite a while, around the ship, holding hands. As we were passing some portholds, I peered over to check on the weather, and my emotions heightened when I saw the sun shining brightly through the whitening clouds.

"Ellis! Ellis!" I cheered to him, taping him on the shoulder with my spare hand, "The weathers all sunny! Let's go outside!"

He looked down at me, tilting his hat slightly and nodded in silence.

We happily strode out of the inside of the ship and inhaled deeply as we could, recieving as much fresh air as posible. The deck was drying from the intense rain that had shed itself onto us, and the seas were calming.

I leant forward onto the rail of the decking, being careful to hold on with at least one hand. My loose hair flew around my head slightly with the high paced, yet surprisingly warm wings.

I felt Ellis's arm as he brushed up against me slightly, he sent me a wavering smile before moving his arm up and around me so it dangled over my shoulder.

"Zo..." he sighed quietly,

I looked to my right with a calm yet quizical look;

"Yeah, Ellis,"

"Ya' know what I said earlier 'bout you bein' my girfriend and all..."

I scrunched my face up in confusion, my eyes probing his own as he stared down and over the decking,


"I was wrong,"

Awestruck, I shrugged out of his grasp and sluck away, my face full of horror. What was he saying? He chaged his mind about wanting to go out with me? Is he deranged? I thought he loved me!

"What do you mean?" I asked woefully, my face reddening. I angered slightly on the inside when I saw his face remaining passive and still.

"I," He turned to me, a slick of a smile across his lips, "I didn't say I din't love ya' no more, Zo,"


"I was just wrong 'bout saying, that. I meant somethin' else,"

My heart throbbed and jumped around umongst my other frantically working organs,

"E-Explain, please..."

He turned to me and held both my shaking hands firmly, bending down slightly too meet me in the eye. His blue southern orbs brighteneing slightly as he opened his mouth to speak. By the way his chest was rising and falling suddenly, I could tell he was nervous, what was he going to say? What was he going to do?

"What I meant was...

He let go of one of my hands and flung himself onto one knee;

"Will you marry me?"

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