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Word Count: 138

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**Delicate Amber**

He has a beautiful girlfriend, the woman of his dreams. They complete job after job with his best friend, and it's wonderful and joyful, like they're the last people on earth, and life feels like a game.

He's happier than he ever has been. But he's not happy. In his waking hours he can hear Alex whisper in his ear, the strains of the music box's delicate song murmur in his head at night, and its image haunts his dreams.

With every job they pull, he thinks of it with frustration. He wants to retire, to go away and hide away with Kate.

She won't listen though.

And because he loves her, he shoves the thought, the desire, for that beautiful, beautiful temptation away deep in his heart.

When he dreams, Kate's eyes are amber in the dark.