Well, this is basically from Jak to Keira telling her he's sorry for the two years she was left on her on in Haven. Also, he's secretly apologizing for the kiss with Ashelin after part three. This is about four months after the end of part three.

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for all the time you spent alone

Sorry for the time that it was so cold

Sorry for messing up your life

Sorry for the days I made you cry

I'm smarter then that now

As you can see

Now none of that matters

'Cuz you're here with me

I'm sorry that I broke your heart in three

Sorry for all the time you wasted on me

Sorry that it took me so long to see

That you were always right for me

You never deserved it

It should've been me

Now would you forgive me?

Please, I'll never let you go

Now I hate myself

I'm sure that you know

We were always meant to be what we are now

Together forever 'til the day we die

I know that you'll love me

And I swear I'll try to be the one you deserve

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