Fringe is a weird show.
Just ask me, I would know.
With Walter and Peter and Olivia- Moo?
"Who let Gene on the shoot?"

They investigate inexplicable cases.
You can see 'the Observer' in numerous places.
He's a bald guy, who observes important moments in time.
He's got no eyebrows and gave Walter a coin that looks like a dime.
Most of these cases lead
Where it was Massive Dynamic versus the Fed.

Olivia's search for William Bell,
The founder of this strange corral,
Brought her to an alternate reality
In which his answers showed her mortality.
"A storm is coming," says Bell,
"One which only one universe will prevail."

Now faced with the fact she was part of the Cortexiphan trials,
She must save our world, still in complete denial.
All trust inside her team
Wondering who's behind the schemeā€¦