My love, I need you

HaouxYohan (Darkspiritshipping)

Rated: T (AU)

Chapter 1: Dark Hearts

Haou stared out across the Dark World, his golden eyes sweeping the desolate land of utter darkness. He leaned on the balcony railing jutting from his room, on the second story of the high castle that served as his fortress, waiting for troops to assemble to go out on a needed conquest to strengthen their forces. A rough wind mussed his hair, pulling his coat and cape about his legs and the king sighed. The truth was, he did not wish to leave the one sleeping in his bed.

Steady breathing could be heard from within the confines of the dark room, the form of the king's lover outlined by black blankets, dark blue hair framed by blood red pillows. Yohan quietly slept, and a smile tugged at Haou's lips when he turned back to see Yohan's face, a small amount of drool hanging from his lower lip, as a hand dangled over the edge of the bed.

The king made his way over to the bed, removing his coat, and cape so he only wore his pants, slipping into bed beside the dark haired man. Yohan turned so his back was facing Haou, and the golden eyed man took the opportunity to slip his arms around his lover's body, and pass his fingers over the pink nipples near his fingers, making the body they were attached to shiver and moan in response. "Ngg..." Yohan shifted in his sleep at Haou's touch, turning to face the brunette holding him. Orange eyes slowly opened, a smile appearing on the sleepy face in front of the king. "Haou..." He whispered, his eyes closing and sleep taking him into its clutches again. Haou merely hugged Yohan's naked body to himself, covering up with the blankets, and falling asleep along side his lover.


Morning came, but it was still dark as always, as Skull's Servant knocked on the large door to the king's chambers, awakening Haou, who sat up, growling. "What do you want?!" The dark lord asked, moving swiftly to the door, and yanking it open, his hard golden eyes boring down at the duel monster that called himself his servant.

Skull's Servant twitched under the king's gaze, stuttering a little before explaining himself. "H-Haou-sama, the armies are ready to depart. I was sent by Skilled Dark Magician to wake you...." He stared up at the fearsome face that was his master, in awe of the man, as he could cast an aura quite large and powerful, even while half-asleep. He snuck a peek into the king's bed chambers, to see Yohan sleeping on the twin sized bed, Haou's own cape draped over his form. 'I wonder why that man has been here...I don't even know his name.' He quickly bowed to Haou, before starting off down the hall. Before he got a foot away though, the king grabbed his shoulder, spinning him around.

Haou stared at the duel monster, his hand wrapped tight around his boney arm. "I need you to make sure Yohan stays safe within the castle.....can I trust you?" Skull's Servant frantically nodded, overjoyed with the task of watching his master's friend.

"Yes, Haou-sama, I can do that." He gave another bow, and started his way back down the hall.

The king stood straight, heading back into his room and gathering his clothes and armor, trying hard not to wake Yohan as he put them on. He went over to the bed when he was done, leaning down difficultly in his armor to kiss his love on the forhead, before placing the visor down on his helmet. "I'll be back...." With that the king departed from his room, closing the door behind him, and headed down the hall to the stairs, ready to meet his troops and go on a patrol of his land.

(A/N: Yes, Haou goes on regular patrols in this story, and he does so to keep his skills in check. ^^)