Chapter 5: I'll Love You Till The End

Yohan didn't mind that Haou was a vampire, nor did he care when the troops began to go missing, one by one every other night. He didn't mind that Haou drank his blood, in fact he got aroused off the feeling. All he really wanted was for Haou to love him as he now did, and was pleased with Haou for staying with him.

Haou couldn't help his craving for Yohan's blood, but tried to take as little as possible while still making the bluenette happy. Both of them accepted the other for who they were, and nothing could tear them apart.


As the years wore on, the two had conqured the Dark World with ease. Yohan with his strong tactics and stratigies, and Haou, The Supreme King, with his powerful monsters and intimidating presence.

The two were happy in their castle together, and though Haou's powers would sometimes go out of control from his being a vampire; Yohan could always sooth him by giving his blood. And that, to the two of them, was more than enough to live out their lives together as one.

They'd always be tied together by a simple phrase, a few small words that Yohan always said to set Haou's heart and mind at ease whenever he was troubled.

"My love, I need you..."


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