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Pairing: Edd/Kevin slash.

Warnings: mentions of abuse, boys kissing.

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White Lights

"What's the big deal soc-head? You always get A's. Getting a fucking B on a test doesn't mean the world is over." snapped a voice Double D knew all to well.

The latter sighed and replied back, "Eddy, do try to watch your language. I was just simply saying mother and father will not be happy to see this grade."

The shorter one of the two groaned and hit his head on the desk wishing his friend would just shut up already.

"Alright soc-head I get the point. You hate getting anything below a damn A." Eddy barked. Edd quickly got the sign that maybe he should shut up already. He did not want to anger his hot-tempered friend even more; lord knows where that could lead to. The two of them just sat in silence until the period ended.


Edd quickly packed up his stuff and rushed out the door. Lunch was next period and he did not want to be left behind by his friends. Last time he was Double D, was cornered by a couple of jocks. 'Why must jocks be Neanderthals?' he thought silently to himself. The two jocks had took all of Double D's lunch money, and took his homework, because he refused to give up his homework the 'Neanderthals' roughed him up a bit until he finally gave in, defeated and bruised up.

Double D ended up walking into lunch twenty minutes late, bruised up and hungry. This specific event caused Double D to question his friendship with the other two Ed's. Boy was Double D mad! He wouldn't talk to either Eds.

'Hope they waited for me!' Edd thought as he ran to his locker, desperately rushing to get everything into his locker. The genius did not want a repeat of what happened, anything but that. Double D sighed, his locker was not opening he tried and tried again but the locker just wouldn't open. Looking up to see if his friends left him, another locker came into contact with the poor boy's face.

His hand fell off the lock and he stepped backwards holding his face between his hands. Double D winced as his face felt like knives were being stabbed in. Hissing in pain, he looked up and was met with a pair of worried eyes.

"Dork, Watch where you're going, how stupid can you be?" it was Kevin he could tell just from his voice. Double D sighed, it wasn't his fault Kevin slammed his locker in his face! In fact, Kevin should be the one apologizing.

With his hand over his injured eye, Double D said a quiet apology. He then turned and tried to grab a hold of the combination lock only to have it fall out of his hand again. Kevin, seeing this felt bad and turned and grabbed the boy's lock.

"What's your combination?" he asked. Double D, still with his hand over his eye, hesitated at first and replied.

"12, 28, 34" Quickly turning the lock, Kevin unlocked it and took it off the latter's locker.

"There you go dork." He put on top of Double D's locker. Just as he turned away, a thought came to mind.

'Maybe I should ask about his eye.' The red-headed boy turned and walked up to Double D.

"Hey, um how's your eye?" Kevin felt bad, the dork didn't even do anything to him this time, and all he did was apologize to something that wasn't his fault.

The other boy was surprised but he answered, "It'll be fine. Thanks for asking though, Kevin." He looked back at his binders and closed the locker, put the lock on. "Well, see you around Kevin." he said quietly and continued on his way through the already abandoned hallways.

Double D hoped to god, that those jocks wouldn't come this way as they did last time.

Almost there to lunch halfway down the hallway, to be exact, Double D heard a noise and turned.

"Hey guys look it's the nerd. Let's get him", said an all too familiar voice. He turned and was met with a jab at his stomach.

Gasping for breath, he looked up and saw those Neanderthals again. 'Oh god!' he thought to himself. Double D felt his head bash against the wall causing him to lose consciousness.

Kevin watched as Double D walked down the hall, leaving him alone in the empty hallway. The red head couldn't figure out why he felt so guilty for slamming the locker in the dork's face. He always was mean to the Ed's after all; they always scammed the kids in the cul-de-sacs money. So why should now feel any different? It wasn't like the dork wasn't used to Kevin's usual behavior towards him.

You see, lately the young man was having a real problem figuring out his feelings towards a certain Ed. Kevin would find himself sometimes following his crush home. No, Kevin wasn't a stalker he just wanted to make sure his crush was alright. Who's his crush? Why, it was Double D, he smartest Ed and the politest.

The problem was: What if Double D didn't like him back? Why would he after all the harsh treatment he showed to all of the Ed's over the years.

The red head sighed and started to walk to the cafeteria. Hoping that, maybe Double D could his feelings.

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