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Author's note: The finale is broken up into two parts: this is part one. Review please!

Finale Part 1

Kevin, towards the end of lunch, looked for Double D, first in the library then at his locker. He started to get worried. Where was Double D? He just saw him…

The jock, fixed his cap and went back to the cafeteria, had Double D been there and he had just not seen him? He hoped so. He went over to the Ed's table, he frowned.

"You guys seen Double D?"

Eddy looked at him and raised his eyebrows, "Whats' it to ya?" he smirked. "Besides, it's not like I'd ever tell you!"

The jock clenched his jaw, now was not the time, Double D was missing and no where to be found.

"Look, you're friend hasn't been here at all during lunch. Doesn't that worry you or are you just too goddamn narrowed minded that it just doesn't register in your mind?"

The shorter of the two Eds gawked. What the heck was Kevin's problem? But the jock didn't have time for the short dork's reply, he ran out the cafeteria doors. Leaving behind a stunned Eddy and a clueless Ed, nothing unusual there.

The jock ran down the hallway, sweat beaded his brow. Where the hell was he? Didn't he just see him not even an hour ago? The red-head sighed. The bell rung, signaling lunch was over. Kevin groaned, if he didn't get to his next class, he was in for another detention! He walked to his locker getting out his textbooks and walked to math class. This was silly! Double D was fine, right? If anything the boy probably got sick and went to the nurses' office, Double D was okay and nothing happened to him. If only Kevin could believe that.

He fixed his cap and ran a hand over his face, not again! That body, those small rosy lips, those piercing eyes of his. He couldn't imagine anyone who'd ever hurt such a fragile boy. If anything, the dork was way to small, not that it bothered Kevin, he preferred the boy that way. His heart raced at the mere thought of him, how happy he'd be if he could kiss those rosy lips once again. The red head boy gulped, Double D was nowhere to be found (at the places he looked). Kevin knew he couldn't just waltz right into the nurses' office without a pass or injury, so going there right now would definitely be a bust. Besides that, Kevin was late to class! His mom would freak out if she found out he got another detention. Which meant no freedom and no Double D!

Call him crazy, but Kevin took off his cap, ran a hand over his smooth hair, pinched his cheeks and walked to the nurses. He looked rather feverish, his hair messy cheeks aglow, perfect picture of a sick kid. The nurse would have to buy it! He was going to get his Double D, even risking a lecture from the nurse (trust me, you do NOT want to get one from her).

Oh, what he'd do for love!