The prison was always a stark contrast to the big top. While the tent was the epitome of color and life, the prison walls were flushed a dreary gray and shrouded with a haunting silence.

All was quiet, too quiet for his tastes. White Joker could only hear his footsteps echoing against the prison walls. Prisoner's feet scraped against the stone tiles, their animal masked heads hanging down in pure misery. Chains shuttered every time they moved.

"Why is atmosphere is so dismal here?" White exclaimed, nonchalantly sidling near a faceless jailor. "It's rather depressing if you ask me. I can't understand why Black Joker enjoys this place so much."

"J... Joker-sama!" The jailor's face drained of all color, taking a tentative step back from the crimson-haired ringmaster. "W... What are you doing here in the prison?" White smiled. The jailor immediately understood. "Oh... Her. Well then. Please follow me, sir."

The faceless jailor swiftly walked forward, Joker following his pace with elegant ease. A single wine red orb cast around his surroundings, assessing the overall dreariness with apathetic eyes.

White sighed, wishing Black listened to his cries for renovation. Black Joker was never one to pay attention to interior design and certainly didn't care about decorating this prison a bit more vibrantly. No wonder Black was so moody all the time!

His thoughts were derailed when the jailor halted, his metal keys clattering as he unlocked the door. The cell finally swung open with loud, ominous creak. White gave the jailor an appreciative nod, dismissing the faceless man from his midst.

Soon he was left all alone with his prisoner.

"Hello?" He called out from the cell's darkness. He paused, awaiting for a response.

"Go. The hell. Away," the voice said with a slight snarl, her words laced with venomous poison.

'Looks like she's still alive after all.' His mouth curved to a wide smile as he waltzed through the threshold. His eyes easily adjusted to the dimness, extricating a female figure from its dark depths.

Long, winding scars circled every visible point of her tattered body. Her clothes were mere rags, stained with dry, black blood. She was seated on the floor, idly toying with the dark metal that restrained her from escape.

"Hello there, miss," the redhead said cheerfully. "Are you willing to cooperate with us now?"

"Cooperate?" The word barely escaped her lips. He would have almost believed it to be the wind. Small, dainty hands clasped around the chain, trembling with incomprehensible rage. "Cooperate with this!"

Joker almost didn't expect her to leap to her feet and fly her fist towards his face. Almost being the operative word. The girl gasped in surprise, gaping to see her fist caught easily in his hand.

"My, my. No wonder he has such a hard time with you. The little birdie doesn't seem to know any manners." Her fragile bones cracked underneath his merciless fingers, forcing the girl to fall to her knees and stifle loud, painful cries.

"Now, I shall ask you again, and I expect a proper response." He roughly pulled the prisoner back to her feet and forced her to face him. Their noses nearly touched, his blood red eye fixated on her faceless countenance. "Are you going to cooperate now, or must I show you what else I do to insolent prisoners?"

The girl's ire suddenly dissipated from her systems as another emotion flooded into her face. Her mouth slacked. Her countenance faded to a phantasmal white.

"W... W... White Joker..."

Satisfied by her sedated state, Joker released her from his grasp. She stumbled back onto the floor, gingerly cradling her hand with shaking fingers.

For a fleeting moment, White almost thought he should be upset. How could that girl confuse him for his unrefined counterpart? Their personalities were so distinct that it shouldn't even make a difference they look alike.

Then came beautiful clarity.

Of course, she would have been expecting the crude speaking warden. Black was in charge of interrogating this young lady, using any means he deemed necessary. It only made sense she expected to see him instead of the circus clown.

White only briefly stepped in to take Black's place when Black was growing impatient and was tempted to kill her. Even though they were nowhere near a resolution, it seemed too early to end her life when she still held so much information.

Every time he stepped into the prison and took his turn speaking to her, she seemed to lack her original vivacity, the fire in her eyes. Everything would fall into complete silence.

"Miss, why ever so quiet? Black always complains about that little mouth of yours," White spoke softly, taking a step closer towards her. The faceless girl scooted back, pressing her back into the cold, cell wall. "Why so silent?"

The girl's mouth opened slightly, but no words came out. She dragged air into her breathless lungs and replied quietly, "Because White Joker is scarier than Black Joker."

Such a response obtained Joker's full attention, as well as his amusement.

"Me? Scary? Really?" He laughed at the very notion. "Dear, after all those few, rare days we've been together, I've struck you as a frightening person? That's the very last thing I've wanted to do. I don't want you afraid of me."

Her whole body fell completely still when Joker knelt down beside her, his mouth curved to a bright, friendly smile. She did not relax her guard, not naive enough to be taken by such a pleasant facade.

Upon noticing this, Joker sighed and swept his gaze over her person.

The girl was quite the specimen - a specimen indeed. Though riddled with scars, damaged by Black's cruel methods, there was no denying her subtle beauty. It was almost a shame to see something so lovely so broken.

"I don't think I should be the one whom you should be afraid of," he drawled in a calm, rich voice. "I'm not the one who tortured you, beaten so cruelly to get the truth we want. I've never laid a single hand on you, have I?"

A small, curved knife suddenly appeared in Joker's hand. The cool, untainted blade followed the delicate curve down her cheek and to her arm. It barely pierced flesh, but it was enough to open her past wounds and draw blood. The girl's lips tightened to a thin line, trying her hardest not to cry out in pain.

"I can stop all this suffering." White was suddenly right over her, gently holding her face with his free hand. His molten scarlet orbs were gleaming with such softness... and something more dangerous.

Her breath became heavy and laborious. She felt almost weak at his touch, spellbound by his gaze. Her clock heart ticked loudly in her chest. Satisfied by her frazzled state, he leaned in to close what little distance remained between them. "You just have to tell me one simple thing..."

And his lips crashed onto hers, releasing all air from her lungs. He easily penetrated through her defenses and was inside her, tasting every amount of sweetness that was hidden within. With each touch, with each breath, he felt herself submit to the desire, falling limp and pliant in his hands.

White pulled back, his breath mingling with her own. "Who else was part of the conspiracy against the Jokers?"

The answer came much quicker than he hoped or expected. "No matter what you or Black Joker do to me, I refuse to say anything. I'd much rather die than betray those closest to me."

White was taken aback by such a response, underestimating her adamancy and will. Though weak and enervated of all her strength, she still stood before him with unwavering resolve, defiant even.

White sighed desolately at the thought and pressed his forehead against hers. He could not wrap his head around it. The answer they wanted was so simple, as simple as black and white, and yet she still refused to answer.

White Joker could only do one thing.

His mouth curved into a gentle smile. "It's such a shame. I'd love to spend more time with such a lovely lady as you, but I have other business to attend to."

A husky breath flew from her lips. Her body slowly fell into his arms and became very still.

Joker lifted his bloody blade from her back, watching warm rivulets of blood stream down onto his prison floor. He dropped her dead body and shook his head in disappointment. "Tsk. Tsk. What a loss... This all could have been avoided if only you'd cooperate with me…"

That was the true reason why they switched. Black Joker's methods of homicide were far too long and brutal. Torturing someone to death was Black's favorite method after all.

White's preferences were always faster and simpler. Perhaps, for that very reason, he was the one many feared. He was one to kill a person without a single warning, silencing them in the quickest way possible.

'I suppose that's why we share the same body.'

They were to two halves bound together to make a whole person. It even took White to come to the realization that they completed each other, temper each other's rather unstable personalities.

Though Black was considered as the darker of the two, it was White who was more sinister, more malevolent than his seeming kindness made him appear.

What would happen if either one of these two individuals were missing?

"Time to go back to the circus..." White Joker looked down after he finished cleaning off his blade, noticing a droplet of scarlet on his finger. He slowly brought it to his lips and licked it clean. Then Joker smiled with his usual conviviality and began walking forward.

'All hell would surely break lose.'

Darkness cannot exist by itself; it can exist only when it is supported by light. Contrariwise, there can be no light without darkness.

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