OK guys, here's a story that I'm excited about. It's my second attempt at a SOA story, but this one I actually have completly outlined. YES...I HAVE A PLAN PEOPLE. lol I also have several chapter already written and edited, so I'm ahead of the game on this one. I'm still working on ALL WE ARE, but I had this in my head and so far it's just flowed out.

This takes place after season Two. It skirts around what may happen in season Three with Abel's kidnapping and other events. It's really mostly just a love story between my OC and Jax with a little drama thrown in. Let me know what you guys think!

Happy reading! Dani


The wind blew through her long red hair as Paige Carlisle drove down the highway with the top down on her 2008 Ford Mustang GT convertible. The ride from Vegas had been pleasant enough barring the dry desert sun which was hell on her sensitive fair skin. Last time she had stopped she made sure to apply another layer of sunscreen, but despite her best efforts she could feel her shoulders beginning to blister.

According to the GPS she would reach her destination within fifteen minutes. She was ready to get there and get what she had to do over with, it had been put off long enough. Then after her task was completed she was going to find a hotel room and leave in the morning. Quick in and out, no muss no fuss.

Sure enough within the time the GPS predicted, she came upon a sign that proclaimed, "Charming, California Population 14,679 "Our Name Says It All". Soon after that she began seeing evidence of the township until she ended up on Charming's Main Street which seemed to run straight through the center of town.

It was time to make a stop.

After pulling into a small Mom and Pop's Diner, Paige first used the restroom then sat down in one of the booths to order a burger and fries. The people in the diner just seemed like normal everyday folk, and that was nice. After living in Las Vegas for the last 5 years she was not used to normal anymore. People in Vegas were generally strange, and she worried sometimes that some of that had rubbed off on her.

She sat there and soaked up the slow, easygoing atmosphere as she took her time finishing the last of her food. The burger had been really good and she had been hungry. She waited for the waitress to come back around with the check, then it would be time to get a little info.

After placing the bill on the table face down, the older waitress who looked like she had being doing her job for more years than she would care to admit asked, "Can I get you anything else sugar?"

Tucking a stray piece of dark red hair back behind her ear Paige looked up at the woman and said, "No ma'am I'm done, but I do wonder if you could help me with some information."

She watched the older woman's face morph from open and friendly to cautious and suspicious within a split second.

"Well, that depends on the information you want." The waitress put her hands on her hips and waited.

"I'm looking for a Jackson Teller. Do you know where I might find him?"

The waitress stared at Paige before finally drawling, "Yeah...I might know a Jackson Teller." Then she pinned her with a hard look. "Look honey, I hope your not planning on taking any trouble his way if I tell ya where you can find him."

Rushing to reassure the woman the redhead said, "No, no, believe me he'll be glad about my visit." 'At least I'm 99.9 % sure.' she thought to herself wryly.

Smirking, the waitress who's name tag read Janice snorted, "Don't get ahead of yourself doll, your a pretty thing for sure but you still might have to stand in line for that boy."

A little put off by the woman's insinuation she spit out, "It's not like th....oh whatever, can you tell me where to find him or not?"

Turns out the diner was just down the road from Teller-Marrow where Jax supposedly worked. 'Well his last name is on the sign, so that's gotta be good.' Paige thought as she parked in front of garage office.

Taking a deep breath to squelch the nervous churn in her stomach, she reached for her purse and the thick manila envelope that had been sitting under it. After a quick check in the mirror to make sure she didn't have any ketchup from lunch on her face or that her hair wasn't a complete birds nest after riding so long with the top down, she got out of the car and strode toward the small office that sat adjacent to the garage. In her peripheral she noticed that a couple of the mechanics working in a near by service bay were watching her progress from her car to the office.

The sign on the door said for customers to come in if unlocked, so Paige tried to door instead of knocking. She walked through the doorway and took in the tiny office and it's only occupant before shutting the door behind her. A woman was sitting at a desk engrossed in what appeared to be some type of paperwork. She had dark hair and was a fairly handsome older woman somewhere in her early fifties if one had to venture a guess.

Still not looking up the woman barked out startling Paige a bit, "Yeah? Can I help you?"

"I hope so...I'm looking for Jackson Tellar. Does he work here?"

The woman finally looked up and gave Paige a steady, appraising look. "Who wants to know?" She asked.

Straitening her shoulders back a bit Paige replied, "I do. I just need him for five minutes or so and I'll be out of his hair."

Chuckling, the woman reached over and grabbed a pack of cigarettes that had been sitting on the edge of her desk. Taking one out she lit it up and took a deep pull of smoke before saying, "Look honey, if you want to speak to Jax your going to have to tell me who you are and what the hell you want."

This was not good. Paige had no intention of going into who she was or what she wanted with Jax with anyone other than him, but it was clear to see that this woman was going to be stubborn. She quickly decided that her best bet was to stand her ground but try and stay polite.

"I'm afraid that this has got nothing to do with you ma'am, I just need to speak to Jax please." She glanced anxiously out the small office window in the vain hope that the man in question would suddenly appear.

Stubbing out her cigarette in agitation the older woman rose to her feet, which brought her just an inch or two shy of the tall red head and said,"First of all don't call me ma'am, my name is Gemma. Second, anything to do with my SON Jax has everything to do with me, you got that?" At the word Son, Paige's eyes had widened in surprise. Gemma continued, "So...once again I'm gonna' ask you. What do you want with Jax?"

'Oh shit...his Mom? Are you kidding me? That is really just my luck." She thought frantically as her mind raced to figure out how to handle this new development. Retreat now and figure out a new game plan for later. She figured that was the only option she had left as she tightened her grip on her purse and slowly began backing toward the door.

"Maybe it's best I…..come back another time." She stammered as she groped for the door handle behind her back. Unfortunately before she could make actual contact with the knob the door was suddenly thrust forward from the outside pushing straight into her back causing her to stumble forward.

"Not so fast." Gemma said sarcastically to Paige before she looked to the person now coming through the door. It was a big, dark skinned bald guy who easily stood a good couple of inches over six feet, and was clearly in very good shape. All in all he looked like the type you wouldn't want to mess with.

"Go back out and shut the door behind you Happy." Gemma told the guy, then added, "Stay outside the door and don't her leave till I say so." Nodding wordlessly the big guy did as she asked without question, firmly closing the door behind him as he exited the room.

Then the two women were again left alone in the small quiet office, just a desk situated in between them.

Gemma once again leveled a flinty look at the younger woman, "Alright, you're not leaving without telling me what you want with Jax, so just spill."

"Look, I know your his Mom but this is a private matter." Paige tried again lamely. She doubted that Gemma would respect her reasoning but it was worth a shot.

"I hate to burst your bubble sweetheart, but Jax doesn't care enough about most women to have private matters with them. Just tell me why your here and then we'll see about you talking to Jax."

Then Gemma spotted the manila envelope that the younger woman had been clutching and asked, "What's that? Wait, your not here to serve him papers are ya?"

Paige chewed on her bottom lip nervously at the mention of the envelope, clutching it just a bit tighter in her arm. She met Gemma's intense glare head on and said, "No, I'm not serving him papers...not in the way you think." She sighed wearily then continued, "This is really just something that doesn't need to be a big deal."

Holding out her hand toward the envelope Gemma said sternly, "I'll be the judge of that. Give em' here."

Paige knew that she was backed into a corner now, quite literally. She just hoped that Jackson's Mom would keep her cool. She seemed a little high strung to her. Reminded her a little of Mamma Grace back in Vegas. Usually thoughts of the surrogate Mother figure who had taken Paige under her wing five years before made her smile, but the situation was a little too intense for smiling of any kind.

Reluctantly handing over the thick packet, she watched as Gemma sat back down in her vacated seat and began the task of opening it. Bracing herself for whatever reaction that might come, Paige took a seat situated at the end of the desk and waited.

Taking out the papers, Gemma began reading through the first page and froze. She looked up at the attractive red head sitting on the other side of her desk in shock.

"You're fucking kidding me."

Paige just lifted her eyebrows as if to say, "See I told you so."

"Your Paige?" Gemma asked.

Nodding her head in an affirmative she watched as Gemma drop the papers back onto the desk and just sat there a minute absorbing the information. Finally the older woman reached over and opened one of her bottom desk drawers. She rummaged around a moment until she came back up with a half full bottle of Tequila and two shot glasses.

"So Paige..let's chat." Gemma slowly drawled, carefully pouring first one shot glass full and then the other. She slid one of the shots toward the younger woman before picking up the other and throwing back the shot in one gulp before thumping the empty glass back down on the desk.

"So tell me...how the hell did you end up married to Jax?"