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Chapter 5

So far Gemma was having one shitty ass morning. She sighed as she reached for the work order that Chibs had dropped off just a few minutes earlier. Totaling up a customers bill, her mind drifted in several different directions.

She thought about the night before, and how she had spent the better part of the evening trying to sooth Clay. Something had not gone well on the latest run and it had put the SAMCRO President in a hellava foul mood. So far he was being tight lipped about what was going on, but she would bet her sweet ass it had something to do with Jax.

'If those two don't straighten their shit out soon I'm gonna' need jaw surgery.' She thought wryly as continued to work.

Then her thoughts turned to earlier that morning, and the run in she had with one of least favorite people.

Pulling into the lot at Teller-Marrow after dropping Abel off at the daycare, Gemma had spotted an all to familiar blue Ford Explorer. It belonged to none other than Jax's junkie of an ex-wife and unfortunately Abel's Mother.


'knock, knock, knock' Gemma wrapped hard on the SUV's window to gain the younger woman's attention. Wendy glanced out through the glass and spotted her ex-Mother-in-Law standing there impatiently. Her expression resembled that of a deer in the headlights, and it took a moment before she finally rolled down the window.

"He's not coming in for awhile, so what the hell do ya want?" Gemma bit out, tired of dealing with the troublesome woman.

A look of disappointment crossed Wendy's face before she said, "I just wanted to talk to Jax about Abel's birthday Gemma. That's all, honest."

The matriarch scowled, "What about his birthday Wendy?"

"I..I.." Wendy licked her lips nervously before trying again, "I just wanted to know if he was gonna' have a party. I'd really like to help, ya know?"

Gemma stared the nervous woman down before she drawled, "I just bet you would." She leaned in closer to the opened window and said coldly, "If I had my way you wouldn't see that kid again ever, let alone get the chance to celebrate his birthday with him."

Wendy's eyes began to water, "I know I don't deserve it. I know I fucked up, but I'm clean now!" she said pleadingly, "I just want the chance to prove that I'm better. I can be better for him... Gemma, Abel needs his Mother!"

Unmoved, Gemma hissed, "Abel doesn't have a Mother, remember? You signed your rights over to that awhile back."

"I know..but..but Jax said if I got clean.." Wendy started, but was quickly interrupted.

"You know what you are Wendy? You're a fuckin' cockroach. You just keep crawling back out of the woodworks, don't you?" Gemma said and then smirked cruelly, " Better watch out little girl, you just might end up getting squished one of these days."

The ex junkie turned a shade paler at the obvious threat. "Please just tell Jax I came by Gemma." She mumbled as she quickly started up the SUV.

Gemma stepped back, placing her hands on her hips. "We'll see.."

Disappointed, Wendy quickly backed up and took off out of the Teller-Marrow lot.

(end flashback)

Now at her desk Gemma threw down her pen with an annoyed sigh. She knew as much as she didn't want to pass the message along, she had little choice. Jax had made it crystal clear that he wouldn't tolerate interference with how he handled Abel's Mother.

Gemma worried about that situation a lot. She thought her son was too soft on the crack whore, and always had been. Now with the bitch spouting off about being clean and pulling all the right sympathy strings, it was concerning that she would somehow manage to weasel her way back into her boys' lives. Especially with Tara no longer being a real deterring factor.

The office door opened, and the new prospect Shark stuck his head in the door. A recent transfer from the Wyoming chapter of SOAMC, he couldn't have been more different than Half-Sack. Not only physically with him being short and thick with muscle, but also in personality. He walked around the club with a swagger just brimming with self assurance, so unlike Kip who had been sweetly hesitant and clumsy at times. In Gemma's opinion, the new kid was a little too sure of himself and would probably need to be brought down a peg or two. It'd happen eventually, she was just waiting for him to hit a wrong button on Clay or one of the boys.

"Boss lady, there's a cop out here wantin' to talk to you." He said as he stood in the doorway.

"Of course there is." Gemma grumbled. "Don't just stand there, let him in Shark. Let's see what those assholes are after now."

He nodded and stepped back out of the doorway allowing a familiar face to walk in.

Rolling her eyes Gemma sighed, "Oh Christ, it's just you."

"I'm not getting a very heartwarming feeling here Gemma." Police Chief David Hale said as he entered the Teller-Marrow office.

"It's the new prospect...had me thinking that the Feds were up my ass again." She murmured while grabbing a cigarette and lighting up. After taking a deep draw of smoke she asked sarcastically, "So what it is now Hale, hmm? You here to haul me in for an outstanding parking ticket?"

Tapping a thick folder against his leg, Hale just sighed. "Don't worry, your still free and clear of the law...for now."

"Good to know." She snarked. "Well..this isn't a social call, so what do you want?"

The Police Chief walked up closer to Gemma's desk and threw down the thick folder he had been holding. "Thought you could help me out with something."

Gemma lifted her eyebrow in question before grabbing the folder and pulling it toward her. Flipping it open revealed a wrinkled manila envelope, smudged with dirt and perhaps oil. Opening it up she immediately froze.

"Where the hell did you get this?" She demanded, confused at how he had come by these particular papers.

"That was brought in by one of my deputies from the scene of a car collision this morning. A 2008 Ford Mustang was blindsided at a stoplight between Holden and Main. The victim was unresponsive at the scene and THAT was recovered along with other personal effects." He leaned in closer to the desk and asked pointedly. "You want to tell me what the hell is going on?"

Gemma stubbed out her barely smoked cigarette and asked, "You know if she's ok?"

Hale sighed at the stubborn woman and answered truthfully, "I don't know. They took her to St. Thomas from the scene." He watched as Gemma stood up and gathered her purse before walking around the desk and heading toward the door.

"You're not going to tell me are you?" He asked as he watched her open the door.

Before she excited the office Gemma called over her shoulder, "Nope." With that the door closed with a bang.


"I'm trying to find someone that was brought in from a car accident. Her name is Paige.." Gemma checked the last name on the annulment papers again, "Carlisle."

The woman that was manning the desk nodded her head and said, "One moment ma'am." Then she began typing into her computer. After a few moments the hospital receptionist looked up and said, "She's been admitted up on the 4th floor."

"Thanks." Gemma murmured as she turned to find the nearest elevator.

Standing in front of the 4th floor nurses station this time she asked, "Looking for Paige Carlisle."

A young nurse standing nearby looked up from her paperwork and called over to her colleague, "That's the one they just brought up." Then she asked Gemma, "Are you family?"

Gemma chuckled, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

She nodded and then looked at the other nurse, "Call Dr. Reynolds and tell him that Mrs. Carlisle has someone here now." Then she looked back at Gemma, "I was heading down there anyway so I'll show you where her room is."

After grabbing a packaged syringe and a glass bottle of medication she came around the desk and gestured toward the hall that led to the right.

Following the blond woman as they passed several rooms Gemma asked, "She gonna' be ok?"

The nurse had now stopped in front of a room labeled 411 and answered, "The doctor will be here in a few minutes to fill you in, but I think the prognosis is good." With that she led the way through the door.

As Paige came into view laying in the hospital bed, Gemma winced at how beat up the young woman appeared. Extremely pale, she had a couple of nasty bruises along one side of her face and bandages on both her temple and right arm. Even unconscious the kid looked uncomfortable and in pain.

"Is she unconscious or asleep?" Gemma asked as the nurse moved around her patient and began the process of injecting something into the IV.

"Oh that's just the pain meds. If she were still unconscious they would have put her in ICU."

Nodding Gemma walked over to a chair nearby and sat down with a sigh. She watched as the nurse efficiently finished her tasks and then left them alone. She studied the red head who was currently still legally her daughter in law. She was a pretty thing she admitted to herself, and wondered what her story was. Showgirl living in Vegas she had told her yesterday? Gemma mentally snorted, no doubt about it, the girl DID have a story.

Her thoughts were interrupted with a short knock at the door, before a gray haired middle age man in a white coat breezed in. He looked somewhat familiar and Gemma thought perhaps she had seen him around before when she was frequent visitor there at the hospital.

He looked at Gemma and extended his hand, "Dr. Reynolds, I treated Ms. Carlisle in the ER."

She stood up and shook the offered hand before responding, "Gemma Teller-Marrow." There was a brief flash of recognition in the doctors eyes which wasn't a surprise. In Charming, most recognized Gemma either by face or name.

"So what's the damage doc?"

The doctor glanced at Paige and then back to Gemma, "She's a very lucky young lady, she took quite a hit this morning and it could have been much worse. The airbag deployed and saved her from a lot of damage, but she was struck from the passenger side and it caused her to hit the side window on her left. She has a nasty cut on her left temple around the hairline, and we currently have her under observation for a concussion. That's the biggest concern. She lost consciousness at the scene but regained it in the ER, so right now she's just sleeping."

He looked down at the clipboard and read for a moment before continuing, "Lets see...she has some bruising along her left side, two bruised ribs and a nasty burn from the seatbelt. Oh..and her right arm has twelves stitches. We had to remove glass from the wound. All in all, aside from the concussion and ribs she should heal well. Like I said, we just have to be careful of that head wound, they can be tricky."

Nodding in understanding Gemma asked, "She was on her way out of state today. You know when she'll be well enough to travel again?"

He hesitated giving her a strange look, "Well..we'll keep her here for a couple of days at least. I would say that she should be ok to travel in a week or two. I'd like to see her in a week, and we can take it from there. Is she staying with you or family while in town?"

"She staying at a hotel." Gemma said dryly without elaborating.

Dr. Greyson arched a brow at that. "She'll need to have someone stay with her when she's released. Is there anyone who can do that?"

'Well fuck.' She mentally sighed then said, "Yeah, I'm sure we can figure somethin' out."

Soon the doctor was heading back to the ER and Paige was still down for the count, so Gemma decided that it was probably as good a time as any to call Jax and fill him in. She hadn't talked to him since picking up Abel this morning, but at the time he'd supposedly been on his way to talk to the girl. She wondered if he'd talked to her before the accident happened.

Walking past the nurses station on her way out, she saw a familiar head of dark brown hair in a white coat hunched over a clipboard writing something out.

'Shit.' Gemma thought. With the morning that she'd had, it was probably best if she avoided contact with this particular person.

There was a time not too long ago that she actually would have been pleased to see Tara Knowels, but these days she was anything but. It was a rare thing for Gemma Teller- Marrow to give a anyone a second chance, but when Tara had come back into town after eleven years Gemma had eventually done just that against her better judgment. Pleased that Jax seemed to finally be happy, she had even allowed herself to grow somewhat close to the younger woman.

Tara's abandonment of Jax and Abel when they needed her the most several months ago had ruined that though, and as far as Gemma was concerned it would be a cold day in hell before she played nice with that woman again. If she'd had her way she would have run the doctor out of town by now, but once again Jax's benevolence for the women in his life had gotten in the way. He just couldn't seem to shake his feelings for the weak bitch and Gemma would never understand how he could stand to look at her these days let alone fuck her.

"Gemma?" A voice called out when she was no more than three steps past the desk.

She thought about ignoring the voice but found herself rolling her eyes and turning around anyway. "Well..well..well.. if it isn't Doctor do good." She sneered.

"What are you doing here? Is someone hurt?" Tara asked in concern.

Gemma snorted, "Wow Tara, you sound almost concerned. ."

The younger woman ignored the verbal swipe,"I haven't talked to Jax in a couple of days, did he get back from Oakland yet?"

Gemma shook her head, "You just don't get it do you? Where he goes, who he's with, when he's home from a run? All questions that you have no business askin' anymore." She leaned in close to the other woman, seriously invading her personal space. "You should have stayed gone babygirl, there's nothing left here for you anymore. Jax just doesn't need you in his life anymore." She murmured in obvious false empathy.

Tara's lips thinned in frustration before stepping back, "Actually Gemma, what goes on between me and Jax really isn't any of YOUR concern, and when he wants me to leave him alone he will tell me himself."

Gemma was fuming inside as she usually did when she ran into Tara these days. This woman had hurt her baby twice, and still continued to hurt him just by sticking around. Tara would never understand Jax's importance to the SAMCRO, or SAMCRO's importance to Jax even if she pretended to. Too weak to be the true partner that he needed, she was a liability to Jax and to an extent the Club as well.

Gemma thought, 'God, if only I could get rid of the stupid bitches in that boys life.....'


An idea began to take form, and suddenly Gemma regarded Tara with a smirk, "Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news sweetie but your gonna' find out real soon that it's not your job to worry about him anymore. He's got someone else for that now."

Silence fell between them for a long moment as Gemma's words hit their mark.

"If you're talking about one of those crow eaters that you've been throwing at him Gemma, I'd hardly count a one night stand as..." Tara began.

"Oh that's definitely not what I'm talking about." The older woman interrupted. "You know what? I'm not going to say anything else, Jax should be the one to break it to ya."

The doctor's face was a mask of confusion as she tried to figure out what Gemma was going on about now. She knew that the woman would pretty much say anything to upset her, but something about the smug expression on her face said that there was some validity behind her words.

'What if there is? Do I really have the right to be upset anymore?' Tara wondered.

With a glare, she stepped away from Gemma and headed off to finish her rounds. She would call Jax later and see what was going on, but for now she had to get back to her patients.

Gemma smirked a little as she watched the younger woman take off in the other direction without saying a word. She had definitely given Tara something to chew over, now she just had to set the stage a little.

Strolling over to the nurses station she looked at the nurse behind the computer and said, "I need to talk to someone about correcting the name on my daughter-in-laws paperwork. Her name is Paige Carlisle in Room 411, but the last name should actually be Teller, T..E..L..L..E..R."

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