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-Chapter one-

Three years. Three years since all of those amazing, wonderful, breathtaking adventures. Starship UK, Churchill, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Vampires… so much more than she could possibly imagine.

Amy Pond was putting her sleeping two year old daughter in her own bed for the night when the memories struck. She gently pressed a kiss to the young girl's forehead and walked out of the room with a soft "I love you" and quietly closed the door. The light outside the room caught the diamond on her left hand and her eyes darted toward the sparkle.

She'd yet again put the wedding on hold, still hoping, still wishing for her Doctor to come and take her away again. She loved Rory dearly, of course she did, but that teenaged love had diminished. To her, he was more like a best friend now, rather than a boyfriend, fiancée, or husband. That feeling only strengthened when after her daughter was born, Rory spent more time at work. She'd convinced herself for the first year of her daughter's life, that he was trying to do his best for the family. Now… she just thought he was avoiding her and their child.

She ran her hand through her dark red curls, sighing tiredly. She walked into the living room and quietly picked up the toys left on the floor and put them in the toy hamper next to the sofa. She closed her eyes briefly to shake her head and clear her head of the memories, before opening them and walking into the bedroom, and she fell on to her bed, closing her eyes for the final time that night.

The next morning, Amy woke to the slight jumping of the mattress beneath her and she slowly opened her eyes to see a small girl with a lighter shade of her red hair bouncing up and down beside her, repeatedly saying "Mummy! Mummy!" while grinning.

"Grace please don't jump on the bed. You'll fall off and hurt yourself." Amy said softly.

"Okay." Grace said and suddenly stopped, grabbing the sheets in her tiny hands to keep her balance. "You dreamed about your friend again mummy."

Amy sighed softly. She had of course dreamed of the fantastic time she'd had with the Doctor. She'd long gotten over her daughter's unique, uncanny ability to see into her dreams. She still didn't know how Grace came to have it, but she wasn't as worried as she had been when she first told her what she'd dreamed.

"Where's daddy?" Grace asked.

Damn it. The one question she was dreading. She looked over to the side, to his side of the bed. It looked as though he hadn't come back in the night. And grace had only been jumping in one place. "I don't know." she answered truthfully. "Go on, pick out what you want to wear for nursery and pick out your toy."

Grace nodded, slid down off the bed and ran off to her bedroom.

Amy sighed heavily and picked up her phone, calling Rory and waited for him to answer.

"Is your daughter going to see you at some point today?" she asked when he answered the phone.

"Amy I can't talk now." Rory said.

"You never can. I miss you… we both do…" Amy sighed. "Where are you?"

"I'm at work." he answered.

"Okay, well I'm phoning your superior, and getting him to let you go early today."

"No… Amy you don't want to bother him… he's a busy man…"

"And you have a family. Or do the vows you're going to say next month and your child mean nothing to you?" Amy blinked the tears from her eyes.

"I'm not listening to this." Rory said and hung up.

"Damn it!" Amy hissed, throwing the phone down to the bed and put her head in her hands taking deep, calming breaths.


Amy looked over to see Grace standing in the doorway holding her pink teddy in one hand and her pink princess dress in the other. Amy forced a smile and got up off the bed and walked with her back into her room and she dressed her.

She was sat on the floor with Grace brushing through the long red curls into a ponytail when the home phone decided to ring.

"Wait there." she told Grace gently and got up, walking into the living room and answered the phone.

"Hello?" she said.

Silence on the line.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

The person on the other end hung up.

"Whatever…" she muttered, replacing the phone back on the holder, walking to her bedroom to get herself dressed into an old pair of black jeans and a blue blouse, brushed through her own hair and threw it into a messy ponytail and walked back into Grace's room and picked her up into her arms. She carried her into the kitchen, setting her down on the chair at the table.

Once Amy had given Grace her breakfast, she helped her put her shoes and coat on before putting her own on.

Meanwhile, Grace had slid down the stairs on her bottom and clambered into her pushchair unhurt, and she put teddy in her lap, looking up at the stairs waiting for her mother.

Amy looked around her, looking for Grace. "Grace wher-" she cut off, looking down the stairs and into the waiting pushchair. She rushed down the stairs, smiling down at her. "Next time you wait for me, alright. You could have fallen and hurt yourself." she told her softly. "Are you going to walk home when I come to pick you up later on?"

Grace nodded, looking up sweetly at her and then pouting down at teddy.

Amy laughed softly, and opened the door, pushing the pushchair out of it and shut the door behind her, slipping the bag with a change of clothes over the handle.

She dropped Grace off at the nursery, handing the bag to one of the nursery staff and kissing Grace on the forehead before Grace ran off to the toys and her friends.

The nursery supervisor, a kind woman, walked over to Amy, smiling at her as she watched her fold the pushchair. "Amelia… have you spoken to Rory since our last chat?"

Amy shook her head. "He hasn't come back for the past couple of nights…"

"Well he needs to speak to you soon love, because it's affecting Grace whatever it is that's going on."

"I know it is… it's up to him to make the effort now. I'm done. Anyway, I'll pick her up later… speak to you soon…" Amy said and carried the folded up pushchair back through the village of Leadworth. She could feel people staring at her as she walked, and she fidgeted uncomfortably. People hadn't taken lightly to the fact she worked as a kissogram, and they all felt she didn't deserve to be a mother. She blamed Rory for telling the whole village in a fit of anger. Her aunt, her only living relative had disowned her, and now she and Grace were alone in the world.

She kept her gaze to the floor as she hurried back home, not lifting her gaze until she was safe inside her home.

"I can't do this alone…" she sighed heavily, throwing the folded pushchair down and she kicked the door shut behind her and she walked up the stairs, and into her bedroom, throwing the wardrobe doors open, looking at the outfits she'd worn for work before she had Grace.

"Sorry Rory, but it has to be done." she ,uttered, pulling out a random outfit as well as her phone from her pocket calling one of her friends. "Get yourself ready for later. Amy Pond is back in business."

The voice on the other end laughed. "Good girl!" the woman said.

"Well Marie, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Stuff what Rory said. Stuff what everyone else thinks."

"Yeah. If he can spend 24/7 at the hospital, why can't you do something you love?"

"Exactly." Amy laughed. "D'you think Jeff could take Grace for me?"

"Yeah course. Just bring her over when you pick her up and we'll go. Oh, and grab your police outfit."

"Already got it." Amy smirked, "Right, I'll talk later. Gonna sort out the house and get ready."

"See you in a couple of hours." Marie said and hung up.

True to her word, Amy spent the time getting the house cleaned and then got herself ready. Her ginger curled pinned to the back of her head, the outfit was on, the make up was done, and she walked out of the house, locking the door behind her and she walked to the nursery to pick Grace up, ignoring the strange but familiar metallic whirring sounds echoing.

"Mummy!" Grace giggled with delight as she saw her, and ran to her.

Amy laughed and picked her up. "Did you have fun?" she asked, consciously making sure her skirt was pulled back down.

"Yep, me and Mya played in the big dolls' house all day and…" she trailed off, looking over her mother's shoulder.

"And what?" Amy asked.

"Mummy look. Grace pointed.

Amy looked around in the direction she was pointing, to see that same old strange man who she'd once kissed, still felt for. And he was still wearing that ridiculous bow tie.

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