The Doctor took his chance to lead Amy away from the room. "Come on, Pond, you probably need some food after everything that's gone on." he told her.

Amy sighed heavily, she hadn't thought about food until he brought the subject up, now it was all she could think about. "Yeah…"

The Doctor lead her back down the corridor where they eventually came to a shop. "Oh! I love these places! A little shop, just what the doctor ordered." he grinned widely, dragging her inside.

Amy smiled softly. "Doctor, it's just a shop, what's so special about a shop?"

"A little shop does wonders for people. Trust me, Pond." The Doctor grinned.

Amy rolled her eyes, looking around the shop and proceeded to pick up some chocolate from a near by shelf, making her way to the till to pay for it.

"That'll be 4 credits." The young lad at the till said, looking at her.

Amy raised an eyebrow. "I don't have 4 credits."

"Here!" The Doctor bounded to her side and handed the boy over a stick-like object, and took it back once the chocolate was paid for. "Nearly five hundred credits on this." he grinned, waving it in Amy's face before putting it back in his pocket.

Amy just laughed. "Okay, let's go before you go all… you in this place again." she smiled and walked out, opening the bar of chocolate, broke a bit from it and ate it.

"There's nothing wrong with the way I act, Pond." The Doctor smiled and followed her out.

"No, of course not. It's perfectly natural for a grown man to be acting like a four-year-old in a sweet shop." she said sarcastically, laughing.

"Of course it is!" he spoke. He looked around and spotted a familiar face. "Stay here, I'll be back in a minute."

Amy just looked confused as he made his way over to a medical-looking creature talking to somebody by the far window. She wasn't sure if she should call them doctors or nurses , or even consultants just like she could tell on Earth.

After ten minutes, the Doctor came back over to her. "I want you to meet someone." he said, a smile back on his face once more.

"Who?" Amy looked up at him.

"Jenny." he answered and walked with her in the direction Jenny was obviously in.

"Who's that?" Amy rose an eyebrow at him again. "Doctor you're not making sense."

"Remember when I told you I left my daughter here?"

Amy nodded.

"Well her name's Jenny."

"Oh right.." Amy said slowly, and walked with him and stopped just a few feet away from him when he stopped outside a door.

The Doctor looked through the window. There she was. Bed three, looking exactly as she did when he left her, only with a little more colour in her face this time. He wondered how she would react to seeing him, since he looked different back then.

"Doctor? What's wrong?" Amy asked.

"Nothing…" The Doctor spoke quietly, though he didn't look at her.

Amy sighed and walked over, putting a hand on his arm. "Tell me."

"She might not recognise me. I've regenerated since I last saw her."

"Lost me again."

"When I last saw her, I looked completely different. But since then things have happened, I was dying and I changed. I said I didn't go too far out of my time line. But she might not recognise me. Not at first anyway."

"Well get in there and talk to her." Amy rolled her eyes at him.

The Doctor smiled and pushed open the door, causing the young blonde to look up from what she was reading to see who had come in.

"Hello?" Jenny spoke, looking confused. 'Who the hell are you?' She thought.

"Just came to see how you are." The Doctor answered, watching her carefully.

"I'm fine." she answered, and looked back down to the book in her lap. After a few moments she looked back up again. "Was there something you wanted?"

"Now is that a tone to be using with me." The Doctor said, pretending to be firm, but he smiled.

Jenny just looked confused for a few more moments. Her brain slowly piecing everything together. "Do I know you?"

"Well you should do." The Doctor held up his hand and waved. "Hello!" he grinned. "Not scarred this time, see?"

Jenny looked at him again, her eyes wide with the realization. "But… what happened to you? Why do you look like that?"

"Why? I don't look bad do I?" The Doctor asked, panicking.

Amy just laughed from the doorway. "No, you idiot! She means why do you look different to when you saw her before. Just like you explained to me."

Jenny nodded silently, still looking at him.

"Well… I was dying, and because Time Lords have a way of cheating death, that's what happened. I regenerated. Now I look like this. And before you say anything, don't diss the bowtie. They are cool."

Jenny stayed silent while he spoke, taking it all in and then raised an eyebrow at his last comment. "Yeah whatever you say." she said dryly, smirking slightly. "I can go soon anyway."

The Doctor nodded, smiling. "That's good."

"What does Luke know?" she asked.

"Nothing much. Just that you're in here and you're being looked after."

"Staying clear of the whole 'at death's door' thing then?" Jenny looked at him.

"Yep." The Doctor nodded, then looked at Amy. "Don't stand there Pond you can come in."

Amy shrugged. "I'm fine here."

The Doctor walked over. "Grace will be fine. You just heard Jenny, she really was in a bad way but look at her. She's fine. And so will your daughter. Told you, I brought her to the best place that can help."

Amy nodded, smiling and allowed him to pull her into the room. "I'm Amy." she introduced herself to the young blonde. "He talks about you. A lot." she laughed.

"Oh great. All bad probably." Jenny smiled.

"Yeah course. My parents say the same about me." Amy joked.

The Doctor looked at them both, grinning.

"So what was actually wrong with you?" Amy asked, curiously.

"They're not telling me exactly what, but from what I gather, there was some kind of… harmful type of gas in the air and it didn't help the fact that I'm still healing on the inside from where I got shot."

The Doctor looked at her. "Still?"

"The bullet was still there. So… I was still healing, but still alive. Don't know how but that's what happened. It's gone now though."

"What so you just did what he did?" Amy looked confused.

"No. I actually don't know what happened that day. All I know is I woke up after he left and I haven't stopped running since. Well… till I ended up here anyway." Jenny spoke.

"You're an anomaly, Jenny." The Doctor smiled.

"Generated anomaly thank you very much. That is how I got my name."

"Ah of course… Donna." The Doctor smiled. "Well, we'd better be going. Don't go running off anywhere."

"Got nowhere to run to." Jenny countered with a smirk, and watched the both of them leave the room.