Title: Confrontation
Theme: 086 - Seeing Red
Rating: T
Words: 401
Summary: Nami gets into a confrontation when they are out at a pub.

Nami was furious; completely over the top cantankerous. This wasn't like when the boys were being loud, or when one of her maps was ruined. Compared to this, those times were simply mild irritations. Her body was shivering with held in rage; her vision shaded red. Her back was against the wall but she could only hold back so much longer before she did something.

Her eyes were on her enemy, watching from across the room as she moved closer to her nakama. When the bitch's eyes landed on the green-haired swordsman Nami's control snapped and she pushed herself off of the wall. She stalked forward, pulling out her Clima-Tact as she moved, twirling it around her fingers at the ready. She stopped just behind the girl – slutty, evil bitch – and slammed the end of her Clima-Tact against the floor. It hit with enough force that combined with the aura she was giving off the girl noticed Nami's presence and turned around.

"Do you mind?" she sneered.

"Actually, yes I do." Nami replied icily.

"I saw him first." The heavily made up girl whispered fiercely.

"Wrong. I saw him first, years ago. He will never be anything to you because he is mine. And unless you want to get your skanky ass kicked I suggest you back away from my man and get the hell out of my sight."

Electricity was sparking from the Clima-Tact as she spoke and she vaguely noticed the other crew members taking a step back. Even Zoro looked a little frightened but Nami didn't back down any and continued to glare at the girl. For her part, she seemed to realize Nami was serious and with as much dignity as she could muster – not much – she backed away; looking for someone else to sidle up to. It wasn't until Nami was satisfied she wouldn't be coming back that she disabled the Clima-Tact, securing it against her thigh once again.

She turned back around to look at Zoro and simply shrugged when he raised an eyebrow. Her anger had faded away and the confrontation had her buzzing with adrenaline. She reached up to grab a fistful of Zoro's t-shirt, using her hold on the material to yank him down to her level. Her mouth was hot on his and he eagerly returned the kiss. He kissed her deeply until the only red she was seeing was passion.