Title: Don't Let Me Down
Theme: 33 - Expectations
Words: 717
Rating: K+
Summary: Nami expects a lot from Zoro but he doesn't mind [just a bit of au fluff]

The day had dawned like any other, just another Thursday in a long list of Thursdays. Zoro had been sleeping when Nami's alarm had started beeping and she begrudgingly shut it off and climbed out of the warm comfort of bed. Nami was not a morning person and she suspected that Zoro was merely feigning sleep so as not to converse with her until after she had showered and had her first coffee. The thought of said caffeinated beverage drew her into the kitchen where the rich brew was just finishing dripping into the pot and she sent up a silent thanks to whoever had invented the coffee machine with a timer. Mug in hand she made her way back into the bedroom moving on autopilot. Forty-five minutes later she emerged freshly showered with an empty mug.

Zoro was up by this time and he handed her a plate with a toasted English muffin when she walked back into the kitchen. They ate in silence as per usual, breakfast was always a quiet affair during the week as they thought about all that needed to be done that day at their respective jobs. Nami was a financial advisor at one of the top banks in the city while Zoro was a physiotherapist at a sports rehab center. Both went about their normal routine that morning and when Nami kissed Zoro goodbye at the door she wasn't thinking about anything more serious than her fist client of the day. Little did she knew that Zoro was thinking much, much more.

The day passed as any other for Nami and when five o'clock rolled around she was looking forward to unwinding at home. The first thing she noted when she got there was that Zoro was already home.

"Zoro?" She called out.

"Kitchen." Came the reply.

Kicking off her shoes and shedding both jacket and briefcase Nami walked into the kitchen where she found Zoro pulling cardboard cartons out of a paper bag.

"Picked up some dinner." He explained needlessly.

"Why are you home so early?"

"Johnny canceled tonight. Some family thing, he's coming in tomorrow at lunch instead."

They ended up carrying the take out into the living room to watch a movie. It took almost ten minutes of bickering but they eventually settled on a thriller they both enjoyed. They were about half way through the movie and the food was all gone when Zoro suddenly stood up and went to his sports duffel. Nami looked away from where the killer was hacking up the blonde slut to watch as Zoro rummaged through the bag with an odd determination.

"What are you looking for? And can't it wait until after the movie?"

"No, I don't think it can."

He held something small and black in his hand when he finally returned and when he placed it in hers she realized with a gasp that it was a jeweler's box.

"Growing up nobody ever thought I'd accomplish anything worthwhile. I was the trouble kid that was going to wind up in jail or worse. Except they never counted on you. You always expected more from me. You expected me to go to class, to graduate. But it didn't stop there. Because you expected so much of me I've accomplished a lot. I never wanted to let you down, Nami. You make me a better person. I love you and I don't want you to ever stop expecting more from me. Will you marry me?"

Nami couldn't help herself, her eyes filled with unshed tears as she took in the man in front of her his eyes dark with emotions that proved his words sincere.

"Baka." She said softly. "Of course I'll marry you."

Zoro smirked as he slid the beautiful princess cut diamond band onto her finger.

"Of course you will." He said causing her to laugh and smack his arm.

"Even if there is no fancy dinner or elaborate proposal." She teased.

"We actually have dinner reservations tomorrow night and I had a whole speech planned out but I didn't feel like waiting." Zoro admitted.

Nami just laughed and pulled him close the movie all but forgotten. A fancy dinner might be tradition but Nami expected more than traditional and as always Zoro hadn't let her down.