When Fate is betrayed

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Chapter 26: Exhaustion

"Of course you know who I'm referring to Yuki," Kaname looked her in the eyes, "You saw him just now."

Yuki's eyes widened as she felt a knot in her throat. Through this exposure there wouldn't be a way out; a lie she could have used. Zakuro just looked at Kaname and then back at her ducky toy. She squeezed it with her tiny hands, but developed a feeling of frustration because she was eager to hear the amusing squeaky noise.

"Really Yuki… How long are you going to keep this up?" Kaname interrogated.

Yuki held her daughter closer to her and looked down at the ground, eyes widened and mouth open.

"This really isn't any of your business." She gave him a look of despair. Her eyes slightly squinted because of the nerve-wracking atmosphere. She proceeded towards the exit of her room but Kaname grabbed her arm.

"He told you everything didn't he?" now he was looking angry, and Yuki looked frightened.

"Let go! You're hurting me!" She shrieked. Zakuro looked uncomfortable while her mother was yelling at the pureblood. Her phone vibrated, and to make matters worse, it was in her pocket. Kaname let go of her arm.

"Go ahead and answer him." Kaname looked even angrier than before.

"It's Yori." Yuki said, in an annoyed tone. She hated that he assumed it would be Zero.

"Zee-row." Zakuro murmured as Juri walked by.

"Of course sweetie! He's your dad! But you have to call him dad," she paused with a cheerful face as she took the baby from Yuki's arms. She signaled Yuki to continue with her text in private, "Say dad!"

"Duhhh.." Zakuro couldn't really mouth the words.

"Hmph." Kaname quietly mumbled. Juri knew he was getting jealous, but she always felt as though Zakuro deserved to learn more about Zero. She felt guilty about Zero not being in the picture because of Kaname's stubborn attitude.

Zakuro just looked at Juri and Chairman Cross walked by.

"Come to your grandfather NOW. You're so cute ohh!" Chairman Cross took the baby into his arms and pranced around the hallway with the bemused child in his arms.

"She looks way too much like Zero." Kaname annoyingly said.

"And that's why you don't like her? Cause she looks like her dad?"

Kaname was quiet and looked away so things would be less awkward.

"Kaname, it's not her fault that she looks like her father. It's called genetics! And she inherited his recessive traits! Do not dislike her because of her appearance! You should love her as much as we all do! Zakuro is a different person from her father. And stay out of Yuki's business!"

"How can I when I care about Yuki? Zero is a threat."

"A threat to who? To you or to Yuki?"

"To all of us," Kaname shrugged, "And this conversation is over."

Kaname walked out of the room and Juri was catching her breath from all that yelling. It's just not fair, at all…

Yuki was texting Yori in the kitchen and sighed to herself in awe. She was just tired and worried. But seeing Zakuro in the Chairman's arms made things a lot better. A text from Zero appeared on her phone and she looked worried.

"Hey are you alright?" said the text. Yuki looked around and saw no one but Yuka sitting in the table. Of course she was still angry with Yuka and she even glared at her.

"What do you want?" She said in a crass tone. Yuki just looked away and answered the text with, "Kaname was questioning me. What do I do? And when will I see you again?"

"Yuki, I haven't heard of Kiryu until now. What does Kaname want to do?"

"Zee-row is my dad!" Zakuro said. Yuki's eyes widened in a blithe manner.

"I taught her that phrase!" Chairman Cross smiled. Yuki smiled back.

"Um, Zero…," she began to whisper, "and I were talking the other day."

"Look," Cross whispered, "I know that Kaname doesn't want him around, but I really can do something. Let's bring him here, tomorrow."

"NO!" Yuki shouted with fear. She covered her hands with her mouth, lost balance, and fell on the kitchen floor. Of course her father, the Chairman, didn't know about Kaname's threat from the years before. He was suspicious before, but there wasn't any point in reiterating things.

"Yuki, are you okay? I'm sorry for what I said. It was just a suggestion!"

Yuki's phone vibrated and she quickly got up and checked it. The text read, "I'm not sure when I'll be able to see you again. Yagari is nagging at me because I haven't caught up on my paper work. And I saw Kaname not too long ago"

"Yuka, it's passed your bed time. For God's sake! It's 12." Juri sighed in a frustrated manner.

"Oh okay sorry!" Yuka ran upstairs.

"Yuki, you should get some sleep. I'll put Zakuro in her crib."

"Thanks mom. Goodnight." Yuki grinned at her mother and walked upstairs. She ran into Kaname. He put both of his hands on her shoulders and Yuki began to feel nervous. The levity was no longer prevalent, now that everyone went to sleep. She didn't even look him in the eyes.

"Yuki, when did you stop telling me everything?" he pulled her into an embrace. But she didn't hug back.

"Kaname…" she felt strange as she sensed his ascetic aura.

"Tell me, what happened?" his eyes were closed and he sniffed her hair. Yuki felt his hand running down her back and remembered the butterflies she used to get. But they were no longer present. Instead she felt uncomfortable and rather mortified. She felt his hand go farther down and pushed him away with a wince escaping her mouth. Once again the awkwardness was in the atmosphere. Kaname shouted her name, eyes widened, astounded by her movement. Yuki, her hands covering her mouth, was beyond scared and slipped onto the wall and then the hardwood floor.

"I have to go." She ran down the hallway into her room.

Kaname walked into his room and kicked the chess board. Afterwards he knocked down all of the objects on the counter and fell onto his bed. He couldn't stand whatever it was that was going on. The pureblood's eyes began to glow a crimson color as he stabbed a chess piece with the thinnest knife in the room.

Next Day

The summer's humidity woke Yuki up as the sweltering sun shined through her silk curtains. It was only 9:30 in the morning and it was already 84 degrees. The red orbed girl sighed in agony as she felt a rash develop on her flat stomach. It was always what her skin resulted in due to the prevalent weather. Brushing that off, she walked to Zakuro's room only to find the baby awake and staring at the duck toy that lay on the shelf of more toys.

As Yuki was walking out of the room with her baby in her arms until Zakuro yanked on one of the pictures from a bulletin board on the wall. Noticing the fragile tugs, Yuki turned to see that Zakuro stared at one of the many pictures of Zero. Yuki smiled a smile that signaled a break down in her eyes; how badly she wanted to see Zero every day. She recalled the feeling she would get in her stomach every time Zero held Zakuro in his arms.

"I have many albums," Yuki whispered, "But you're going to take a bath first okay?"

Zakuro didn't even know what she was saying because she was only two, but she smiled because she knew it was a good thing that regarded Zero, her dad. Kaname was looking through the doorway and when Yuki saw him she jumped up.

"Are you going to see him today?" Kaname questioned in a scornful tone.

Yuki stayed quiet, and matters were made worse when Zakuro held Zero's picture in front of Kaname. Yuki couldn't help but smile because her baby's regular antics were cute but then she bit her lip in fright because she couldn't hide that look of affection that she held towards the silver haired guy.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be getting into your business." Kaname got closer. Yuki's eyes widened and she cleared her throat.

"It's really hot…." was all she could think of. Kaname only gazed at her.

"Moh-mmy" Zakuro said randomly. Kaname smiled in pain because he was trying to be polite but the jealousy in his heart was ready to break free.

"Yes, I'm your mommy and he's your….. daddy." She grinned as she kissed the baby's forehead. She walked past Kaname and into her room and slammed the door shut.

Kaname looked devastated and entered Zakuro's bedroom. Looking at the pictures of Zero on the bulletin board made him so angry that he knocked down the whole board.

Zakuro splashed water at Yuki and all she did was giggled at the baby. Yuki then opened her mouth to see her teeth developing and it made her happy that her baby was growing to be alive and healthy. She remembered it like yesterday when she was in the nurse's office at Private Cross Academy.

"Has it changed?" she asked herself as she felt a deep nostalgia. All her memories were buried there and somehow she couldn't understand how she quickly abandoned the place, not thinking twice about the memories she had left behind.

"I have to go back." She looked up once again as she dried Zakuro with a soft-clothed towel.

"You want to see him don't you sweetie?" Yuki asked Zakuro as she dried the baby's hair. Zakuro just looked at her and murmured "Zero".

Her cell phone rang and she ran towards it with Zakuro still in her arms.


"Yuki." It was Zero. Yuki sighed in relief.

"Zero," Yuki sounded agonized, "Uhh, Kaname found out about everything. Everything, everything, everything."

"What?" he stormed.

"I'm so sorry." She started crying.

"A- Are you crying?" he stuttered.

"And what if I said yes?"

"Don't worry… damn."

"What?" she was confused.

"I wanted to facetime." He cleared things up, sort of.

"Zero, let's hang out today."

"What? You're crazy! But Kaname already knows."

"I'm sick and tired of it Zero. How long are we going to keep this up? Why is it that you can't be in our baby's life when she needs you more than anything?"

"you're right but…. Yuki. I have something to say."

"What is it?" she sounded worried.

"Kaname beat the crap out of me" Zero thought but then he remembered the words…

If you tell Yuki any of this, I will not spare Zakuro's life.

"What is it Zero?" Yuki repeated.

"Nothing. When are we going to meet?"


Zakuro was crawling on Yuki's bed wearing only a diaper and Yuki just caressed her little arm and she had a worried look on her face, waiting for a response.

"Don't worry about me Yuki," Zero reassured, "I'll drive to the park and from there I'll walk to your street. I can't walk any further."

"Ok then." Yuki smiled.

"Can you uhh, send me a picture of both of you?" Zero asked timidly. He wasn't planning on telling Yuki that he needed to update his phone's wallpaper.

"Mhm!" she laughed.


Zero waited on Yuki's street and he had this annoyed look on his face because the heat was killing him. He made the right choice in wearing a mahogany v neck shirt and not a jacket like always. Like always, he ditched work. The only reason he wasn't ever fired was because he was his dad's son and it's always been a divination for him to be the president of the company. No matter how annoyed the employees got about his chronic absences didn't affect any of Zero's position because he was in charge.

He walked much farther where he could only find shade and looked at his phone for weather updates. Turns out it was meant to be much hotter the day after.

"Damn why can't I be dead." Zero sighed as he reached a shady bench.

"Good morning Kiryu." A familiar voice greeted him.

"What the hell do you want? Kaname Kuran." The angry silver haired guy glared.

"Leave now." Kaname had a serious facial expression.

"Not until after I see my daughter. I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me. It's been two damn years and I am going to participate in my baby's life before it's too late! Whether you like it or not!"

"I can see that you don't care about her." Kaname raised his eyebrow.

"You obviously didn't understand anything I said you dumbass."

"No, you don't comprehend," Kaname paused, "you don't care to the extent that you want her dead."

"Shut the hell up pureblood!" Zero was looking angrier than before.

"Leave Yuki alone. You only worry her."

"You worry her more than I do." Zero panted in anger.

"No, you only bother her. And it's your fault that she's stuck with your daughter. Things would have been better if that baby stayed with you. She would have been happier." Kaname sighed, narrow eyes directed towards the other vampire.

"You bastard!" Zero pulled out the bloody rose gun.

"You're very oblivious aren't you?," the pureblood chuckled, "Leave before I beat you even worse than last time."

"I'm done with your shit," Zero shouted, "You can't get neat my daughter and you can't deprive me from my rights as her father!"

"Not when you're a vagabond who doesn't even support her."

"Because you threaten her life you wretched pureblood!" Zero yelled again and punched the pureblood in the face.

"You don't understand how disrespectful that is, Zero Kiryu."

"I don't care if you're a pureblood I fucking hate you!" Zero shouted, both fists ready to punch Kaname again.

Yuki tucked in her silk blouse into her shorts and combed her hair really quickly and got a hold of Zakuro. Juri walked into her room and smiled.

"Hey." She greeted.

"Hi mom," Yuki smiled and Zakuro reached for Juri so that she could carry her.

"You're going out?"


"Glad to hear that. I'm going shopping with everyone because I need new curtains." Smiled the kind pureblood. She kissed Zakuro's forehead and stroked her silver hair.

"You should be off then!" Juri kissed Yuki's cheek and Yuki smiled.

"Bye mommy!" Yuki waved as she walked out the door.

She walked through the street and witnessed children playing in front of houses, the pleasant breeze from the big saffron trees that provided shade for the sidewalks. Yuki constantly check up on the stroller to see if Zakuro was doing well because the heat was making her feel quite weary.

Kaname punched Zero's cheek with so much force that Zero's cheek turned red and his hand turned pink. Zero tackled him and decked him in to face and made his nose bleed.

"What if Yuki sees this?" Kaname asked.

"Then she saw it." Zero grunted.

"She'll panic and be angry at you for attacking me." Kaname dusted himself off.

"She'll be angry at both of us for this ruckus," Zero wiped off the blood on his lip, "you're inevitably at blame as well you damn pureblood."

Kaname only smirked and that simple smirk pissed Zero off so much that he tackled him once again and went as far as to kick him too. Kaname got on him and punched him consecutively.

"Kaname! What are you doing? Stop!" Yuki shouted, covering her mouth with her hands. Then she saw Zero and her eyes widened.

"Zero!" she sounded really scared.

"Yuki." Kaname got off and approached her. Yuki pushed him away.

"What the heck is going on?" she sounded angry. Seeing Zero all beaten up made her feel worse.

"Yuki, I can explain-" Kaname was speaking but Yuki ignored him on instinct and ran to Zero with her stroller.

"Zero! Why did you?-"

Zero only looked at Kaname, "Aren't you going to do it?"

"Excuse me?" Kaname questioned back.

"You're seeing me with Yuki, aren't you going to do it?" Zero taunted. Kaname approached him and slapped him.

"You shall not speak of that at this moment. You are being a nuisance to me and to Yuki."

"You wretched bastard!" Zero punched him again.

"Stop! Please stop!" Yuki shouted with everything she had and as Kaname was throwing a punch it hit her in the face. Kaname's eyes widened and she fell into Zero's arms, covering her bloody nose. At seeing this, Zero inhaled like a fire breathing dragon.

"Yuki, I'm sor-"

"GO AWAY! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Yuki screamed. Kaname tired to get closer but Zero glared.

"I'm really sorry Yuki." Kaname looked upset as he spoke.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she coughed as she fell on the ground.

"You bastard!" Zero shouted and was going to throw a punch but Yuki firmly grasped his arm.

"Don't!" she shouted as she gripped the stroller. Her face was in so much pain that she was losing her balance, and then fell on the ground.

"Didn't you hear her? Leave." Zero sneered.

Kaname left without saying a word.

"Yuki, look at me." Zero examined her face and it looked pretty bad.

"Don't worry Zero, please." She tried to smile but she couldn't help the tears coming out from her eyes.

"Yuki.." he picked her up and helped her sit on a bench and then he brought the stroller along with them. Yuki reached in for a frozen water bottle that was under the stroller and put it on her nose and sighed in relief, but pain at the same time. Zero handed her a handkerchief

"But it's going to get stained.." she looked up at him with innocent eyes. He blushed and just handed it to her.

"I hope you feel better. I'm sorry. It's my fault for fighting with him."

"I was pretty worried back there…":she said as she touched Zakuro's hand. Zero stared at the stroller and the carried Zakuro.

"She's beautiful." He smiled as he kissed her forehead. He affectionately played with her hair. Yuki just smiled. The nose bleed was going away but she had really bad swelling, since she has really sensitive skin. Zero would know…

Zakuro smiled at seeing Zero and she looked deeply into his eyes because to her it was incredibly strange to see someone with the same eyes as her. In the past few months she's been getting used to her face so seeing lavender orbs was a real sight.

"I'm still worried about Kaname killing her though." Yuki's eyes squinted as she said these words.

"Everything's going to be ok. I don't think he'll do anything after punching you." He angrily remarked.



"Can you kiss my nose?" she asked, blushing wildly.

"Uhh, sure." He nodded and did so. Zakuro was just watching and seeing this inspired her to kiss Zero's cheek.

An hour later

Yuki got in Zero's car and was surprised to find a car seat for baby's there. Zero saw the surprised look on her face and he sort of laughed.

"Even though I might now be with Zakuro very often, I still have a car seat for her." He admitted. Zakuro wouldn't let go of his hair and Yuki was laughing because of that.

"Zero, can we visit the academy?"

"You want to see how it is now?" he inquired.

Yuki just nodded and he indifferently nodded as well. And then it hit her.

"Who- who could be guarding the academy now?" Yuki questioned randomly.

"Not sure." Zero answered while driving, hid eyes focused on the road. Then he made eye contact with her when there was a stoplight. Yuki was done talking and began to feel a brief sense of awkwardness as he stared at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"You're beautiful." He blushed and looked somewhere else.

"The last time I heard those words was when we were having sex!" Yuki thought as she just smiled too. She glanced at him only to find that his face was more red than before. She looked back and saw that Zakuro had fallen asleep. She just smiled, sighing in relief that her baby was alive and well.

The car ride didn't las too long and they made it to Private Cross Academy.

"Uh, here we are." Zero looked outside the window and back at Yuki. She just looked bewhildered as she felt the nostalidia of her 17 year old self. Zero wasn't too sad since he was the type to hate everything.

"Well…" Yuki gulped.

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