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"Why do you love him?"

"The same reason you do, I suppose."

"Very funny. Are you going to tell me?"

Martha just stared blankly for a moment. She wanted to tell him. She just couldn't put it into words. "Well it's obvious, really." She turned her head towards him. "Don't you think?"

Jack smiled. He liked Martha Jones. He hated to see her so upset. "I think you two would be perfect together." He put his arm around her. "If there's anyone who could stop his techno-babble long enough for a kiss, it'd be you."

Martha couldn't help but smile at the thought, even though she was sure Jack was just humoring her. "I suppose." Her gaze trailed off again. "I suppose."

"At least you've got a better chance than I do. Well I guess we can't be certain of that, because I don't think he's ever actually mentioned if, well... but his previous track records would seem to be in your favor."

Jack couldn't have known, but it wasn't the right thing to say. Martha's stomach slightly lurched. She paused, then lowered her voice as she asked, "What was she like, Rose?"

Jack's eyes widened when he realized the conversation had gone in the wrong direction. "She was... nice."

"And blonde."

"Yes, and blonde." Jack swallowed. It was a bit of a sore spot for him as well, not just for Martha. "She was great. But she wasn't the brilliant girl he makes her out to be. Don't get me wrong, I loved her, but... he needs to move on." Jack and Martha shifted to face each other. "He knew it had to happen sometime, he needs to move on." Martha's thoughts exactly.

"Well I can't be with him forever, either. Maybe I'm the one who needs to move on."

Jack almost looked outraged at the thought. "Martha, you don't see it! He loves you, Martha, just like he did Rose! Maybe even more."

"Well I don't want to be the next notch on the belt," Martha exclaimed. "There was probably a thousand before, and there'll be a thousand after." Martha's eyes turned sad. "I'd hate to be him."

Jack's voice turned to whisper as he carefully tried to relate what he wanted to say. "Don't you want to help him? You can be there for him, for as long as you can. For as long as you want to."

"For as long as he wants me to."

"You know what, Martha, maybe. Maybe that's how it is, but that's not how it is right now. Right now he's the man who kisses you in the first hours after he meets you, and insists on sharing the bed on your first trip. Right now he's the man too scared to do anything about it, and you're the girl who's going to throw that away."

She closed her eyes. She wanted to believe it, believe it more than anything.

Jack closed his eyes too, and they sat in silence. They'd been proved two of the strongest people in the universe, but there was still Martha Jones, trapped between what could be, and what never will.