Summary – Sixteen year old James, Sirius and Remus have been thrown into an alternate, twisted dimension where the worlds of Reality and Harry Potter collide. Imagine all the insanity they can get into armed with a knowledge from the Books and Muggle technology—And still very mischievous minds—inside not only Hogwarts grounds, but the magical world.

Inspired by the infamous list of 586/807 things I'm not allowed to do at Hogwarts; I decided I wanted to write a fic with some of these insane things happened and deigned that Sirius and James would be the best puppets for this sort of thing. Feel free to chime in with ideas along the way!

Ready? Here we go!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (J.K Rowling), or the List (kupika's Demonic_Angel and a multitude of others). I'm simply using them for my amusement and the amusement of others.

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It had been a quiet, peaceful day for the Marauders. At least, three of them. Peter was stuck up in the Hospital Wing after an incident with Mrs. Norris an hour before; thus leaving his three best mates to wander the castle by themselves, half-heartedly plotting revenge on the mangy feline. Truth was, the incident was so repetitive that it had grown boring to play out anymore.

That was what led James and Sirius to the discussion of just how boring things were becoming around Hogwarts. It wasn't like they hadn't pranked everyone in the school; and you could only pick on the First Years so much before being threatened with much more than a detention. Neither of the two main trouble-makers were very keen on revisiting the situations in which James' parents had been called in to deal with the boys (the Blacks steadfastly refused to have anything to do with Sirius these days). Mr. Potter always left them swearing and promising never to prank another day in their life—Not that it ever stuck after they could sit without wincing again.

"All I'm saying is that it would be nice if things would get more exciting around here! I mean, term ends in a week and all but..." Sirius raised his arms in a helpless shrug, "What all will really be different during Sixth Year?"

"I know, Padfoot. But you know what they say, time reveals new things." James told him in a weak attempt at reassuring, "We'll probably come up with loads of things to do next year during the summer."

"Right...I just really wish we'd get some excitement in our lives. Really crazy, you know?"

It was at that time that something caught Remus' attention and he turned his head to the side curiously, "Uh, guys?"

"Yeah, Moony?" James turned around, a slightly irritated Sirius mimicking him but both wearing curious expressions at the tone of their friends' words.

"What is it?"

"A new door just materialized." The werewolf pointed at the fairly large and entricate double door taking up a large portion of the corridor wall before opening up the Map and taking a look, "And it's not on here."

"New territory, eh?" Sirius brightened up and strided towards the door, "Let's take a look!"

"Sounds like fun." James immediately agreed and started up after him, both pausing at the protest from the third in the party.

"You can't just waltz through any old doorway here! We went through this when we made the map; Just because Hogwarts is the safest place in Britain doesn't make everything inside it safe." Remus sighed, running a hand through his hair agitatedly, "We should get a Professor or—"

"Oh, come off it Moony. No one knows everything about the Castle and more likely than not we'll be shooed off somewhere if we tell someone else." Sirius huffed, crossing his arms and turning towards the doors, "Besides, Hogwarts obviously showed it to us for a reason. Just look at the designs on the door!"

He had a point. There was an intricate drawing of the four animagus forms of the Marauders; if a bit strange. First, there was a wolf howling up at a full moon on a hill by Hogwarts. Nearby, a dog was lying with his paws over his head as if blocking out the noise from the wolf's howling—The area around him distinctly in the shadow of the castle. In the middle of the picutre, a great stag was laying on the ground and appeared to be sleeping while not far away a doe lay in a similar position with a wide-eyed fawn poking out just from behind her. Off to the side, a rat could be seen darting away from the entire scene towards the Forbidden Forest where the outline of a snake could be seen.

"...And this is supposed to be an encouraging sight?" Remus asked dryly, but was ignored by James who voiced a question of who the doe and fawn were, as well as the snake.

"Look, it's meant for us so we should go in." Sirius told them both with an air of finality, grasping hold of the door and pushing it open.

None of them were prepared for what happened next. As soon as the doors were opened, a large gust of wind swept through the corridor and all but flung the three teens forward through the doorway. It flashed with light and their yells were abruptly cut off as the doors closed again and vanished without a trace.