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Chapter 1

"Nikki. Wake up." Pony said

I groaned and covered my face with my pillow.

"Come on. You have school today." he said then added "Don't make me get Soda."

In a flash, I shot up out of bed. "I'm up! I'm up."

Ponyboy laughed. "Good. He already left for work though."

I gave him a glare and hit him with a pillow.

He laughed again and got up. "Alright, just get dressed and come down. Unless you want to be carried."

I shook my head and got out of bed. He left, closing the door behind him and I got dressed.

It's been seven years since the whole mess with me and my brothers and friends. Seven very long years since I almost died saving my friend Johnny's life from a fire and seven long years since me and my brothers were almost separated from each other.

I'm Nicole Marie Curtis. I'm fourteen years old and have black hair and brown eyes. Over the seven years I've began to be like Ponyboy and everyone's been noticing. I started writing and reading a lot after he did and we're in the same academic level. Well, except that he graduated from school already. We're just a lot alike. He helps me deal with teenage peer pressure and you could say, we were closer then we were to Darry and Soda.

My brothers are still the same lovable, funny greasers. Ponyboy's now 21 and still is almost never seen without a book. I feel bad for him because his relationships never work out because of that. Sodapop's 24 and still happy-go-lucky and works at the DX station with his friend Steve. And Darry's twenty-seven, the eldest out of all of us. Yeah, I know, he's old. He's become very strict with me and takes care of me with Pony and Soda. Yeah, we all still live with each other even though my brothers are all old. It's been like that since my parents died.

The other greasers are Steve Randle, Two-Bit Matthews, Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade. They've grown up too and changed a lot! No joke.

Steve is Soda's best buddy. He's twenty-four too and he still has some of the little, irresponsible immature teenager inside him. He doesn't like Ponyboy because he thinks he's a tagalong, but he's slightly okay with me. Slightly.

Two-Bit is just as much of a lazy bum as he was when he was eighteen. He's twenty-five now and still is that Mickey-Mouse loving, beer-drinking, chocolate-cake eating, wisecracking guy. Now he only shoplifts when he wants to look for fun.

Dallas or Dally is the toughest hoodlum out of all of us. He slowly, slowly got out of his criminal record stage and is now twenty-four. Now he claims he only beats people up for me, especially boys.

Johnny is twenty-three now and has really toughened up and let go of his lost, little puppy stage. He's still trying to find ways to owe me for saving his life at the fire in Windrixville even after seven years! Once he was twenty, he finally got out of his hellhole house and got an apartment not too far from us.

Now after a couple years everyone has began to wind down. The greasers still have moments where they wanna go back to their old, young, trouble-free, easygoing lives, but now they've mainly been focusing on their own grown-up lives and trying to keep me in line. It's a slightly unusual life, but we learn to live it.

I put on a pink top, a white skirt and a black sweater then went downstairs. Two-Bit sat at the table eating chocolate cake and drinking beer. Told you he didn't change.

"You know you're setting a bad example for every little child in the world, including me" I said

"This is who I am, darlin'" Two-Bit said jokingly then went to ruffle my hair. "How've you been?"

"Good" I said taking a seat and smoothing my hair back.

After an entertaining and loud breakfast, I went out the door and walked to school.

When I got there I went in and went to my locker. My best friend, Danielle stood there.


"Hey" I dialed my combination and started shoving my books in

"Don't forget, we have that Twelfth Night essay due" she said

"Yeah, I think I did horrible on that"

"Why?" she asked "You're usually like Ponyboy in school."

"Sappy plays bore me" I said "I've lived my whole life with a bunch of greasers, what do you expect?"

Danielle laughed "I guess you're right. You were the one who pushed Johnnycake out of the way of a burning building at age seven."

"And strangely survived" I added closing my locker "I'm an action junkie."

Then the bell rang.

"See you later" I said going to my homeroom

"See ya" she said walking off

I arrived at homeroom and sat at my desk. I was just writing in my notebook when the door opened. I looked up.

Standing there was a boy, books curled under his armpit and wearing sunglasses. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt, a blue jacket and black pants. He looked cute.

"Am I too late?" he asked going up to the desk

Mrs. Edmunds shook her head smiling. "No, right on time. And you are?"

He gave her a slip of paper. "Patrick. Patrick Adderson"

I froze. Then I saw the rings on his hands.

He was a Soc.

Worst of all, he was Randy's brother.

And even more worse...I think I like him.

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