So..........this one is a little different, and I honestly had no plans of adding more until this popped in my head. LyricalKris writes a fuckhot story called One February Friday. It is slashy goodness, in which Jasper & Peter are more-than-friends who meet sweet, young Edward and take him home for some wild fun. But it doesn't end there. Jasper & Edward develop a friendship, and Peter realizes he's a tad jealous...and maybe wants more with Jasper??? Ooohhh!!! Trust me, this story is hot, fun, and brilliantly written. You should go check it out NAO. Point being, that story inspired this little piece of poetry. Let's all chuckle over the fact that this is A/N is about a bajillion words longer than the actual poem... Also, this is PeterPOV, not Jasper.

Title: Three's a Crowd (inspired by One February Friday by LyricalKris)
All characters are property of SMeyer & the Twilight Saga. No copyright infringement is intended. This original poem is mine.

Jealousy prevails;
I want, he wants, we all want.
I never realized.