I am so horibble. God I really am! Why do I start stories then make others and take forever in updating *smacks head* I am SO sorry! Really I truly am! I hate people like that and yet I am one of those people. I am so sorry!

But I had to make this story. This was actually inspired by the song "New in Town" by Little Boots. I finally found the song and when I herd it I just got insperation! And now I can finally use the name "Steff"! No one uses that name anymore and it makes me so sad. Anywho this story won't be in Prodesto. It takes place in Toronto. But that doesn't mean Soul Nomad characters won't come and make some drama. Levin will have to learn about this new world and how to survive. With the help of Steff things should work out smoothly....hopefully.....

Anyway enjoy! Please review! Thank you for reading .^-^'

Everything was the same. Always the same. He hated it. Not only because he was tired of everything but he couldn't understand. Did the others wonder this?

Again he was attacked. Again they defeated him. And again everything would be still. He would be alone until the next time the cycle continued. Levin felt the last of Physco Burgendy. Endorph. He still couldnt' put his finger on it, but this man was out of this world. Levin still didn't understand. To be perfectly honest, he enjoyed his time as "Levin". Even if they didn't give his true self enough credit. Raksha was his real name. He was the third World Eater. The one who had really gotten to Gig and the hero. Yes hero. Her name changed all the time. Most of the time it was "Jenna" or "Lindsey". Either way it didn't matter. He always called the girl "Hero". Once though, he woke up and had a different experience. It wasn't nice. Not at all. Levin remembered when Hero turned nuts and started killing everyone. She called herself the "Devourlord" it was discusting. That was one of the reasons he had changed. Yes he had changed. After seeing all the ways he had been defeated. All the times he was called "Stupid man cow". How many times he'd herd the same conversation over and over again. It was just to much. He was about ready to go insane. Unless he was already. Which wouldn't surprise him.

He floated in a sea of darkness. Waiting for it all to repeat again. How he longed to live. To actually know what it is to "Feel". Here....no...no one felt. He was starting to think no one even thought. Even so. He wanted a reason to live. No more. No more of this torcher. It's just to much.

"I want to live....I want a reason to live..." he reached up as if he could grab it.

What he didn't expect was that he really DID grab something. Something light. Something that shinned so bright that it engulfed him. And spat him in the middle of a room.



Levin herd two girls squeel. What had just happened?

In the Kitchen a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights stared at the fridge. Her hazel eyes darted from one item to another. In the end she decided to grab a apple. The forbiden fruit...like Twilight....Jesus! she swore in her head and traded the apple for the pear. "EEEKKKK!"


If I have to hear one more god damn thing from those two I am going to rip their skin off and tell Aunt Larren that they did it to themselfs.... The girl could already see morbid images of the scene. Ok Steff...if you do that then you'll get kicked out of here...mom and dad would be a wee bit pissed at that....take a deep breath and show them who's boss. Taking her own advice, Steff took a breath and walked into the living room where her two cousin's played her game Soul Nomad and the World Eaters.

Her heart stopped when she saw what they were squeeling about. "Ho shit..." she whispered as her pear fell from her hand and dropped onto the red carpet.

There infront of the tv layed a blonde haired boy. Not just any though.

"Raksha..." Steff muttered, she felt as if her eyes would pop out. She noticed that he was trying to get up. Her mind said stay the hell away, who knows what he could do! If that's even him. But she acted instead. Something she did way to often. Steff came over to him and knelt beside him.

"Hey. Are you ok?" she asked.

Levin lifted his head up and saw someone new. Infact everything was new. What was this place?

"Who...are you?" he asked trying to gather himself.

He saw two other girls in the room. They were staring at him, more like drooling really. One of them litterally was. The girl that was beside him let him use her to lean on. In an instant she snapped her head at the other two girls. Levin would never forget this moment. Her tone was unforgettable.

"WHAT did you do now?"