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The sea scented air felt cool and refreshing against Hiccup's skin, relaxing his aching muscles.

He sat on a cliff looking out over the vast endless ocean that surrounded the island of Berk as it sparkled underthe moon's gentle radiating glow. He had recently made it a habit coming here to relax.

After the week he had spent training the vikings how to properly ride their dragons and maintain their riding equipment hewas eager for a good nights sleep. He softly laughed to himself thinking how if you give a Viking an axe and a shield they are off hacking and smashing before you know it, but when it comes to simply oiling asaddle or tightening straps they find every possible mistake to make.

If it wasn't for his virtual shadow Toothless and his loving girlfriend Astrid he would have gone mad long before now.

Ever since the death of the Queen dragon he went from Hiccup the scrawny annoyance, to Hiccup the Hero in a split second. Although he didn't hate the admiration and attention at first he was quickly finding out how much of a pain itwas becoming. Every second he had alone was golden, and more often than not spent flying with Toothless.

He sighed knowing that the next day would be just as taxing and stressful, loathing the very thoughtof it.

Noticing that it was getting pretty late and not wanting to have to endure yet another rant from his father or, Odin help him, Astrid he got up, softly cursing at the dull ache from his prosthetic, and started for Berk.

Though he didn't particularly enjoy Astrid when she was angry he figured that she would be just as angry at him for being this late than any later so he decided not to worry too much and slowed his pace to a saunter,enjoying his time alone.

Putting his hands behind his head he looked to the star dotted night sky and sighed wondering what it would be like to have the innate ability to fly. He would sooner die than give upflying with his companion Toothless but he couldn't help but think what it must have been like for Toothless before he had lost his part of his tailfin. Being able to soar the skies knowing that you WERE thedeadliest dragon alive, having such power at your disposal must have been amazing. He knew that Toothless would never leave him. and even if given the opportunity to have his tail fin back he would never accept. They were inseparable on the ground but in the air they were virtually one being. None of the other vikings or their dragons even came close to their skill, grace, and speed. Being together with Toothlesswas the best thing that had ever happened to him and he knew that, but he still couldn't help but wonder.

He scolded himself for even thinking of flying without his Toothless and continued his walk towards Berklooking forward to his nice soft bed.

As Hiccup walked through sleeping village of Berk he started to have a creeping suspicion that someone or something was watching him. Knowing who it probably was he decided to act completely oblivious and continue his pace.

As he neared the uphill walk to his house he heard a sharp snap and quickly braced himself for a black mass to tackle him and unsurprisingly was knocked off his feet. He quickly felt a warm and slimy tongue lick his face thoroughly covering him with dragon slobber. Laughing, he wiped his face and looked up to see the great big pale green orbs that he had come to love and care for happily staring downat him.

"Hey buddy did ya miss me?", he was quickly answered with a happy growl and another slimly lick.

"Okay okay I get it, next time Ill come home earlier alright? Now lets get home and go to bed.",Apparently content with his statement the jet black dragon let him up and helped him the rest of the way home.

As he entered the house he shuffled up the stairs leading to his room with Toothless in tow. He sighed in relief as he removed his prosthetic and relaxed into his bed with Toothless now precariously hanging from the rafters across from him. "Night buddy see ya in the morning.", Toothless have a growling yawn in responseas he wrapped himself in his velvety wings in a makeshift cloak. He glanced over at the dragon now snoozing and silently chuckled at the odd sight before sinking into a much welcomed slumber.

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