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Toothless: Yes, let's. I was getting tired of just sitting around eating fish all day. Well, on second thought the fish part wasnt all that bad.

Hiccup: Oh brother.

Toothless takes a deep breath, filling his lungs with the cool morning air. He looks up to the sky, gazing at the sun just peaking over the horizon as it ignites the sky in a myriad of oranges, reds, and yellows. With a sigh he looks to the still sleeping Hiccup, not knowing how he should explain the changes to him. He walks over to the lake, watching the fish darting underneath the glass-like surface.

After a few minutes Toothless lays down in a sunny patch, letting out a slight burp from his now full belly as he spreads his wings, warming himself. He silently thinks to himself as he relaxes about how he should explain Hiccup's inevitable tidal wave of questions. "I hope I haven't made a terrible mistake", he thinks to himself.

The sun is about half way into the sky before Hiccup finally stirs.

Toothless silently pads up next to him and awaits the inevitable.

Hiccup opens his eyes and blinks as he gets used to the light. He lets out a long yawn before looking at Toothless. "Hey Toothless, I had the weirdest dream last night." He laughs slightly. "I dreamt that I became a Nightfury, weird huh?

Toothless shifts slightly. "Yeah, that's pretty weird. Um, Hiccup, what if that wasn't a dream?"

Hiccup looks at Toothless incredulously. "W-What? Toothless, did you get whacked in the head by Thor?."

Toothless sighs and walks up to him. "Hiccup, look at your hand."

"I really don't know where you're going with this but okay." He raises his hand to his view and stares in disbelief at what he sees. In place of his normal human hand is a black scaled dragon's paw. He stares at his paw for what seems like hours before his mind catches up with what he's seen. "Too-Toothless…Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but do you see what I see?"

Toothless takes a deep breath, mulling over his words carefully. "Hiccup, I need you to take a deep breath and keep calm. What I am about to say may cause you some confusion and panic….You are a Nightfury."

A cold feeling creeps up Hiccup's spine as Toothless's words slowly sink in. "Wh-What?"

Toothless gives a sigh. "You are a Nightfury, Hiccup."

Hiccup looks back and gasps as his puny body is now that of a Nightfury. "How-um….How did this happen?"

"Hiccup, before I tell you anything please know that what has happened was done with the purest of intentions."

"Toothless, what in Odin's name happened to me?" Hiccup said with a slightly impatient tone, his tail swishing slightly.

Toothless takes a deep sigh, trying to organize his throughts. "Hiccup, when you tried to delve into my mind you didn't just suffer from a little mental backlash; your mind was horribly scarred. That episode you had that caused you such horrible pain was an after effect of that scarring. Your mind was beyond healing from time, you wouldn't have been able to live a normal life if you had stayed the way you were. The elder woman that was in the village knew more than you or I thought originally. When you were lying in your bed in agonizing sleep I left and searched for her. When I found her she and I talked and she offered help." Toothless stopped to let what he said sink in before continuing.

Hiccup shits slightly as his mind tries to wrap around what Toothless is telling him. "What did she offer?"

"She offered salvation from your curse, Hiccup. I couldn't stand seeing you being tormented by horrible mental breakdowns. I wanted to help you from that horrid fate so I agreed to accept the woman's help."

"Toothless…You chose to turn me into something that I wasn't. Did you even think to ask me or anything like that? Have you any idea what this is like for me?" Hiccup's voice steadily grows angrily. "I have become a Nightfury!"

Toothless is caught off guard by Hiccup's sudden show of anger. "Hiccup…I-I don't understand. Why are you so angry?"

Hiccup stares at Toothless in disbelief. "Toothless, in all the years you've probably lived I cant believe you don't see why I'm so unpset! You chose something for me that was major! This isnt like choosing something small you literallly changed my life! How am I going to tell this to my father, Astrid, and everyone else? WHAT am I going tell them? How are you going to fly without me to work your tailfin? In Odin's name, my entire life has just been turned upside down and smashed with Thor's hamer!" His breath begins to come quicker as his mind buzzes angrily, his tail thrashing about. "Toothless, I have to get away, or I don't know what I'll do right now."

Toothless is taken aback at Hiccup's anger. "Hiccup…please understand…I did it to save you."

Hiccup glares at him, his eyes blazing with anger and dozens of other emotions. "Toothless…I-I cant believe that you're this ignorant! You cant see the writing on the stone that's right in front of you! I'm leaving, and don't follow me or…..I don't know what I'll do." His tone is icy and spiteful. With an angry growl Hiccup leaps out into the dense undergrowth, not knowing where he's going but just wanting to get away and occupy his mind.

Toothless watches as his Hiccup bounds away from him angrily. "Hiccup…" He sits for what seems hours before he can muster up the will to go and find his Hiccup. The sun has peaked as he enters the forest, easily tracing the path that Hiccup plowed through the green flora.

Hiccup runs blindly through the forest, stumbling and nearly tripping through the thick bushes and shrubs as tears trace down his black scaled face. 'Why…why me?' Is all he can think to himself before he jumps through a thicket and out into a clearing. He looks out and sees a small river rushing by and walks to it seeking to quench his parched gullet. As he drinks he cant help but look at the black dragon staring back at him, his eyes the only part of his human self he has left. A lone tear falls from his face and joins the quickly moving current. Hiccup sits and watches the river for what seems an eternity before a rustling rips his attention back to the forrest where he came as an all too familiar Nightfury slowly exits from it. He gives a growl that echoes through the clearing. "What do you want?" His words are steaming.

Toothless keeps his gaze to the ground. "I wanted to come and appologize."
"Oh so you think that a simple I'm sorry with just right your wrongs!" Hiccup fires every word at Toothless with heated anger.

Toothless folds his ears back as Hiccup barks his words at him. His voice retains its calm demeanor as he answers. "No, I don't expect it to. Hiccup, please understand that what I did I did becaue I couldn't stand to see you like you were." Tears begin to trace their way down Toothless's black scales but he ignores them as he pours every caring emotion into his words. "I care for you too much Hiccup, I will never let anything hurt you, but when I saw you scream in agony I felt I had let you down. You are my human and I will never let anything hurt you as long as there is a living breath in my body. Please Hiccup, forgive me for the confusion and anger I have caused you, but know that I am not sorry for the fact that I protected you." Tears now stream from his pale green eyes . "Hiccup, you don't understand how much I care for you, you are not only my rider but my soul partner. If anything ever happened to you I would never live with myself." Toothless lets his tears stream down from his eyes as he brings his head up and is surprised that Hiccup is right in front of him.

Hiccup stares into the pale green eyes that he has come to call friend for so long and cant help but feel taken aback at the emotional show that he has never seen from Toothless. "Toothless...I'm sorry for getting so angry at you before….I never knew you felt so strongly about doing what you did." He continues to stare into Toothless's pale green eyes with his own deep emerald eyes and gasps slightly at what happens next.

Toothless steps forward and rests his head on Hiccup's shoulder as he brings his wings around him, resting them around Hiccup as well in a form of a tender hug. "I will always protect you Hiccup, know that."

Hiccup silently scolds himself for his recent anger as he shares the hug. For a few moments all the anger and confusion cease as Hiccup closes his eyes, enjoying the comforting embrace.

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