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I sat on the plane, surrounded by my teammates. I was amazed that humans with strange abilities weren't entirely uncommon but were typically rare and it was unusual to get them together in large groups because of how sparse they—I guess I should really be saying we—really were. "Meta-humans" was the term Kyle's superiors used to refer to my kind.

I looked down at the M1 Garand resting in my hands. I had grenades strapped to my pack, an M1 bayonet attached to my thigh and a Smith & Wesson M&P strapped to my other thigh. Complete in military fatigue, including dog tags with my name them, I looked like a military infantryman to boot.

Kyle and his team of special force agents had spent long hours training me. Even though I was in good shape and healed fast the training was brutal.


John Godfredson, a six foot-five black man who had to weigh over three hundred pounds in sheer muscle alone walked over to me and picked me up from where he'd tossed me. I cracked my neck and felt the muscles and bones knit themselves back into their proper places.

"Fuck," I groaned, "Are you this gentle with all recruits?" He chuckled at the sarcastic tone to my voice.

"No, just the ones who are small, fragile, and helpless," I rolled my eyes. Perfect, my new teammates had senses of humor to match my own. At least I could fit in that way, since I was a good forty to fifty pounds lighter than the next smallest person and the only girl. Though everyone on the team was different.

Godfredson, who preferred to be called by his last name, which I thought a little egotistical considering his size but he was surprisingly down to earth, was a werewolf. He transformed in front of me, in broad daylight. Apparently the old days where they had to wait for the full moon were over and wolves could change at will. If he was big as a human he was enormous as a wolf, standing eight feet tall on his hind legs. He was also the only non-Caucasian person on the team.

Kyle was a vampire. He could go out in daylight just as he said he could. He was incredibly strong and fast, he was the reason why Godfredson was so down to earth. He could kick Godfredson's ass and he weighed over two hundred pounds lighter than Godfredson. But he was truly incredible when night came. He could walk up a wall, hang from the ceiling, literally be everywhere in a dark room at once, and even walk through walls.

Robert Munro was a warlock. He would, when he wasn't fighting with his staff, be muttering things in languages I couldn't understand and the next thing you'd know something was blowing up or levitating across the room or appearing out of nowhere. He was the most vulnerable (he was pretty much a normal human if you excluded his magic) out of all of us so was perhaps the best trained fighter. He gave me training while the other two spared with me.

It was just the four of us. The Meta-human, the werewolf, the vampire, and the warlock. It was all that was needed really. I watched Robert and Kyle fight sometimes and Robert would win some of the time, as amazing as that seems. It was funny sometimes looking at the two. You could swear that the two were brothers. They had similar facial structures, and both had short beards. Though Robert had longer hair, as well as also being an inch or so taller, and twenty pounds of muscle heavier. Robert was ripped.

But the two of them acted so differently. Kyle was serious, businesslike. Robert loved to joke around and would find humor in just about anything. Something had happened to Kyle, if I wasn't mistaken, in his past that he regretted deeply, and he was able to cope with life by being organized and logical.

Godfredson pulled me from my thoughts as he tackled me back to the ground. I squirmed underneath his weight and slipped out from under him. Jumping on his back I extended my claws and jabbed them into his back. Or I tried to anyway. Before I got that far I found myself buried in the brick wall surrounding the training yard.

"You need to be faster," Robert said from his perch on top of the wall I now rested inside, "An enemy combatant won't just throw you into a wall. He'll throw you to the ground and shoot you or stab you with his bayonet. And when he realizes that that doesn't kill you he'll do worse. The people we fight are more than human, Creed; they can do to you what you can do to others. Don't hesitate to use lethal force."

"But if I do that in training and kill someone…" I started to argue, annoyed with him for calling me by my last name.

"That's why you're fighting Godfredson," Robert explained, "Your claws are about six to seven inches long. A blade that length will merely annoy Godfredson because he is so big. Plus he's a werewolf so it will take more than just stabbing him in the heart to kill him."

I clambered out of the wall and turned back to face Godfredson. Taking a deep breath I prepared to take another go at him.

"Is the pretty little girl coming after the big man?" Godfredson taunted me, smirking, "Oh, she's gonna get more than she bargained for. I'm gonna enjoy this!" He got a look in his eye that screamed to me "I'm gonna lay you on your back, spread you legs, and fuck you till you can't walk straight".

I growled. Every man I'd killed had that look in his eye before he met his end. We ran at each other and I ducked under his arms and punched him in the gut. He grabbed me, but I twisted out of his grip and kicked him in the back of his knees.

He was back on his feet and jumping on me in a flash. I was suddenly pinned down, unable to move. Fuck. Not again. I started to panic. I froze as I heard his next words.

"You look so innocent. I'm gonna take that innocence from you." He whispered this in my ear.

Panic was replaced by unbridled rage. I slammed my head into his nose causing him to recoil, shifting his weight slightly off me and loosen his grip on my arms. With one quick movement I slipped my left arm out of his grasp and caught him across the throat with a punch. He rolled off me and I spun to my feet. I lashed a foot out at him as he rose to his feet and straddled his waist as he fell back to the ground. Both hands pulled back, claws extended, and plunged into his chest.

Robert was at our side in a flash, pulling me off Godfredson and mumbling a healing spell, his palm placed on Godfredson's chest.

Suddenly I realized what I had done and scooted back and away from where Robert worked on the fallen wolf. I ran into a pair of legs. Looking up I saw Kyle.

"Impressive," he told me, "Now you need to do that every time you face an enemy."

"I almost killed a teammate," I whispered, "aren't you going to…"

"Are you shitt'n us?" Godfredson's voice called from across the grounds. I turned back to see him getting back up. Wolves and vampires healed incredibly fast as well, so all Robert had to do was keep Godfredson from dying while his body healed itself.

Godfredson knelt down next to me. "Bella, Kyle and I nearly kill each other every time we fight each other. It's the only way we can truly test ourselves. We all, except Robert, can heal ourselves. We aren't going down as easily as those humans you killed before."

He helped me to my feet. "We shall keep this up. Your task now is to be able to do that without me having to make you think I'm adding myself to the list of your attempted rapists. And for the record, I'm sorry for resorting to that."

I nodded. And we were at it again.

(Present day-early 1945)

Kyle was resting his head against the wall of the plane, eyes closed.

Godfredson was reading from his pocket Bible.

Robert looked like he was praying.

I didn't blame them at all. They'd all seen combat before so they had an idea of what we were about to do. I on the other hand was a "greenback". This was going to be my first military encounter. Nervously I extended my claws. The white bone had an eerie luminescence to them in the dim light of the plane. I felt nauseous, or I think I did, my stomach felt like it there were little pins and needles in it pricking its lining. I guess this was what nausea felt like, I'd never felt it before.

"Nervous?" Godfredson asked me.

"Yeah," my voice cracked. Looking back down at the claws protruding from my knuckles I noticed that they were vibrating. My hands were shaking. Badly.

"Find a purpose," Kyle whispered.

"Huh?" I said, my whole body shaking.

"Find a purpose for why you are doing this," Kyle said again, "After you do that everything will be far easier. The fear will be there, yes, especially the first time. But if you have something you're fighting for the fear isn't so overbearing."

"What could a purpose for doing this be?" I whimpered, "I'm doing this to not spend eternity in jail. I don't know what you three are in this for but…"


I blinked at Kyle as he turned his head in my direction and opened his eyes. "Redemption," he said again, "To hold myself once again as an equal to my brother and sister."

"Oh, shit. Not this crap again," moaned Robert, "We all have moments in our lives that we wish we could do over Kyle. Just because you were jealous of how "easy" your older brother had it back in the seventeen hundreds as the eldest son and got turned into a vampire to be superior to him at something doesn't mean that you're the "spawn of Satan" or anything like that. You were being the typical younger brother…"

"Most younger brothers I know look up to their elder brother with respect and admiration," Kyle said leaning his head back against the wall again and closing his eyes, "The last three years of my human life I was bitter toward James for having the top pick of wenches. Looking back after my death I realized that I had just as many girls vying for my affections as James but I was too jealous of him being the one to inherit the family title and trade to notice."

"Don't let Kyle get you down," Godfredson said mildly as he turned the pages of his pocket Bible, "He still hasn't forgiven himself for things that others have forgiven him for. Just find something that will make it easier to do the task that you have been assigned. I find that scripture gives me purpose. Don't ask me why, my reason is confusing to anyone other than myself. Robert over there finds that he cannot sit quietly when he knows what atrocities are being performed on people elsewhere in the world."

"You have the ability to scry and see what is happening to people and see if you have the ability to sit to the sidelines," Robert said pointedly.

Suddenly the lights in the plane shut off and a red light next to the door we were going to be jumping out of came on.

"Alright then," Robert said standing up and cracking his back, "Time to go to work."

"You think this is just a normal job?" I raised an eyebrow at him, synching the straps to my parachute down a little tighter.

"Normal for us," Robert said, picking his staff up, "Pilot, this is far enough I think we can walk from here."

The door in the plane opened and the green light came on. Godfredson stood up, still reading his Bible and walked out the door. I stood there disbelieving at how casual he was just walking out of a flying object several thousand feet off the ground.

"Creed," Robert called me by my last name, pissing me off a little, "You need to jump."

"I know. This isn't the first time I've done this you know," I growled. I walked over to the door and looked out. 'Just another training exercise,' I thought to myself, 'Just jump out of the plane and Godfredson will pick you up and we'll move on from there.'

My feet stayed firmly planted on the floor of the plane. I turned around to look at Kyle and Robert. "Don't you guys have parachutes?" I asked, my voice cracking.

"I think she needs a bit of encouragement, eh Kyle?" Robert said, pushing me to the side a little, "CANNONBALL!"

He jumped out of the plane, tucking his legs to his chest, curling into a little ball.

"What the fuck!?" I exclaimed, my voice cracking even more, "He just jumped without a parachute! Kyle what…"

"Robert will be fine," Kyle explained, "He trained with a parachute to appease our superiors. He doesn't need one, like me. Now we're almost out of the drop area so we need to get off now."


"Close the door!" Kyle yelled to the pilot. He grabbed me around the waist and jumped out of the plane with me. As soon as we were falling he let go and went into a dive, shooting past me as I plummeted to the earth below. Instincts kicking in I pulled my rip cord, deploying the chute. There was the sudden jerk that accompanies the sudden loss of speed when the chute fully opens. Gracefully I glided down to the ground below me.

I landed and quickly packed the chute back into the pack it was in. We were to leave the chutes behind so I left the pack where I landed and moved out. Slightly calmer now that I was on the ground I began sniffing the air, trying to get a scent of my teammates, preferably Godfredson as he had the strongest scent.

I found the faint scent of Kyle. Judging by how weak it was he was about half a mile away toward the north. I swallowed and took off in his direction, continuing to scent out my teammates as I moved.

The shadows of the forest whipped past me as I ran. I was mentally berating myself for taking so long to jump now. We were on a time schedule and only had a short amount of time to get to each checkpoint. I had a moment to register the river in front of me before I reached where the water had eroded a twenty foot gap in the land. Without pausing I jumped the river and kept running. I was thankful of all the conditioning and training Godfredson had me doing before the mission. Especially since it was the middle of January and there was a layer of snow on the ground. I had to run raising my knees higher than usual and it was much harder to run through the snow. It slowed a person down.

Kyle's scent intensified and I glanced to my left. He was now running along next to me. Our military fatigues were unique. Instead of the typical green we wore all black. Kyle had a rifle with him but since that would only really work on the normal human troops we would be encountering his primary weapon was a broad sword strapped to his back. He carried extra clothes in his pack for Godfredson in case Godfredson had to transform before striping.

Robert came out of the shadows and it was now the three of us running alongside each other. I sniffed the air again.

"We're about a mile away from Godfredson's position," Kyle said, "I'll run ahead and group up with him. We'll wait for you at the check point by the clearing." He vanished into the shadows without another word.

"It's freaky to see Kyle do that, you know," Robert said between breathes, "I mean he just vanishes like he was a shadow in the night. Course that's why they call his kind the Dark Ones I guess."

"How did you survive the fall?" I asked, hurdling over a fallen tree.

"My magical abilities allow me to slow my momentum as I fall," he told me as we ran through the forest, "It's like belaying down a cliff face rapidly I think. You're falling but it's a controlled fall. Kyle on the other hand could fall from twice as high and get up and shrug it off. And since it's at night—well—that just makes it easier for him."

We continued running through the woods. We weren't concerned about being spotted. Not only could I smell that there weren't any enemies around but the location of our objective was actually several more miles away. Even with the vampires and werewolves that were guarding our objective they wouldn't be able to notice us until we were within a couple miles of them and we were still well out of "range" for detection.

Godfredson's smell was almost over powering, I was wondering how we were going to get in unnoticed if we smelled the way we did, and Robert and I pulled up as we reached the place where Kyle and Godfredson were waiting for us.

"Alright, before we continue," Kyle said, "we're going to have to disguise our scents so that we aren't as noticeable." He handed each of us a bottle with a cap on it that would produce a small spray every time we pulled a little trigger mechanism. Looks like our superiors were as smart as they made themselves out to be.

Godfredson started spraying me and Robert sprayed Kyle. I guess I must have missed the point in the debriefing where this piece of information was told to us. All I knew about the mission was that the Nazi's had an extremely rare metal that was supposedly harder than any other material available. Werewolves and vampires in the Third Reich were positioned at the warehouse that it was stored at which was why the team I was on was being deployed to retrieve the metal so that the Nazi's couldn't use it.

Godfredson finished spraying me down and I began spraying him. It took considerably longer to cover up his scent than it took me since he was at least a foot taller than me. I used up all of my bottle covering his lower body and back and had to use what was left in the bottle he used on me to cover his front.

"We're two minutes ahead of schedule," Kyle said, glancing at his watch, "Let's go."

The four of us ran quickly through the clearing in the woods and back into the snow covered pine trees. If I had my information right we were somewhere in Austria. I glanced at Robert to see how he was holding up. He ran gracefully off to my right and slightly ahead of me. Considering how fast we were running, how cold it was, and how much gear we were carrying I found it amazing that he was keeping up with three non-human individuals.

Even when you're about to embark on a dangerous mission, possibly to ensure the future safety of Allied Troops and the fall of the Axis Powers, running though the snowy forests of Europe at high speeds with a bunch of guys who aren't saying much leaves you to your thoughts much of the time. I had time to run the last twenty years through my head.

My parents had passed away in 1922.

I had been employed in bars in five different states by 1929.

I was raped by an off duty Meta-human government agent in 1933. I killed him and went to living on the streets and stealing to get by.

I killed my second potential rapist in 1935 and by 1940 had killed twenty more. I had been arrested no less than forty times for various minor misdemeanors and public offenses by this time as well.

The same government that had employed my rapist abducted me in 1943 and hired me to practically replace him. I now worked with three men all day every day. Said three men trained me to fight properly and helped me be able to live again after running from my pain for ten years.

Now in 1945 I was thousands of miles away from home, running through the woods in the middle of winter, off to attack and secure a warehouse that had the rarest alloy of metal in the world: Adamantium.

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