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[We're here,] Robert signaled. We were using complete sign language when in close proximity to the objective because the enemy inside could hear us. Our scent may have been covered by the spray but our voices couldn't be masked. Robert spent a good week and a half teaching me the coded signals practically non-stop. It came down the point where I wasn't allowed to speak to communicate I had to use the signals in order to talk with my teammates. I found it amazing that Kyle and Robert had come up with such an intricate sign language system.

[Alright, remember that lethal force is necessary to complete the mission,] Kyle signed, mainly to me, [Our orders are not to spare anyone. As barbaric as that seems remember that our enemy can heal himself as well as we can and that there are only four of us and an estimated fifty of them. There are human soldiers here as well guarding the Adamantium but only a few perhaps a dozen at most.]

I was tempted to ask why there were so few guards here if the Adamantium was as valuable as it supposedly was but then remembered that it was guarded by non-human forces. A single vampire or werewolf could take on an entire human battalion and come away victorious due to the sheer power they possessed. I swallowed. There were around forty non-human soldiers to our four.

Granted three of our four were highly skilled fighters and I suspected that Kyle or Godfredson could have done this by themselves instead of sending all four of us in. Robert might be able to but since he was actually completely human if he got injured he'd stay that way until he could perform a healing spell on himself.

A question by someone who just found out that these "supernatural" creatures were being used by the military, in both the Allied and Axis militaries, but not typically used in combat forces could be answered quite simply: there aren't enough of them worldwide compared to normal human forces and it was easier to use them as guard detail because nobody would even think about trying to infiltrate the area because of the risks involved with deploying their own "supernatural" soldiers or losing an entire unit of humans to the non-human guards. In short, it was impractical to use soldiers like the ones on my team in active duty. We were more effective as guards or special, and we mean special, ops units.

We split up and synchronized our watches. At exactly 2:32 and 4 seconds Godfredson would begin his attack on the main entrance in wolf form. Nine seconds later Kyle would come into the building from the west to broadside the enemy forces. Twenty-two seconds later Robert would enter the buildings second floor through the window confusing the soldiers even more. He would blast a hole in the roof which would cause the soldiers to be looking for more troops dropping in from above. This wouldn't be the case as I would be entering through the man hole in the center of the complex three seconds after the roof flew off. The confusing and seemingly random intervals being used was designed so that the enemy couldn't predict what we were going to be doing exactly which would give us the advantage of confusion as well as surprise.

All that precise timing meant that after my watch beeped at 2:32 I had thirty-eight seconds to get the man hole open. This all pended on me reaching or being at least close to the man hole by the time my watch beeped. I had a fifty meter crawl through a pipe that would be barely big enough for me. Our rifles and other fire arms had been for if we encountered the enemy before reaching the warehouse. Now that we were here they were practically useless because we would be using close quarter hand to hand combat. I left my rifle, bayonet, pistol, and grenades with Kyle's pack and Godfredson's clothing.

I crept through the bushes, working my way to where the pipe opened and drained into the stream nearby. This was gonna smell bad. Chances were that this was a sewage pipe that I was going to be crawling through. I guess it wasn't any worse than living in the alleys of Richmond, Virginia. Lots of families didn't have the luxury of a flushable toilet in some areas of major cities and still used chamber pots and dumped them out the windows into the alley. Thankfully I was never underneath a window when this happened but the stench of human waste was putrid and near unbearable at times. Especially with the drought that plagued the nation so that nothing was washed away.

I reached the end of the bushes and got down on my stomach and belly crawled toward the pipe I was going to need to crawl through. I checked my watch. I still had eleven minutes and seven seconds until Godfredson initiated the attack. I estimated that it would take me at least five minutes, three hundred seconds, to crawl the fifty meters through the pipe. This meant that I now had five minutes and forty-two seconds left and counting to reach the pipe for the minimum amount of time till my part of the attack.

I carefully scented and listened for the approach of enemy soldiers. I couldn't smell anything past the stench of the sewage coming from the pipe and the only noises I could hear anywhere close to me was the sound of me crawling through the snow.

Four minutes eleven seconds left before I had to be at the pipe. I was thirty meters away. I could reach the pipe in less time than I had but I needed to concentrate on stealth. Kyle had trained me as a sniper, which required me to sneak through a field filed with military personnel and shoot specified targets without being noticed. I also had half an hour to shoot all seven targets and make it the two hundred meters through the field. If anyone spotted me they would say "sniper reveal your position". If they were anywhere close to my position, as in if they were looking within three feet of me I was to stand up because I had failed the task. At one point to avoid being detected I crawled under the very vehicle that was driving around with people trying to spot me. I managed to pass the snipers test with three seconds to spare.

I was now twenty meters away from the drain. Three minutes twenty seconds left to make it. It was taking me about fifty seconds to crawl ten meters out here so I was actually crawling faster than I needed to be, which was perfectly alright. If I reached the pipe with extra time I wouldn't be so hard pressed to get to the man hole in five minutes.

Ten meters. Two minutes twenty-nine seconds. A twig snapped and I lay perfectly still. I sniffed the air. It was a human soldier. Shit! Had I been seen? I sniffed again, concentrating heavily on trying to smell out how many soldiers were here. There were two.

Carefully I crawled as quietly as I could while still making relatively quick forward progress. I had one minute to reach the pipe and I was five meters away. I was so close. Four meters. Three. Two. I could reach out and touch the pipe if I tried hard enough.

Suddenly there was a boot on my back. I didn't wait to find out what they were going to do to me. There was too much at stake and I was running out of time to reach the man hole. My claws shot out of my knuckles and I twisted myself out from underneath the soldiers' foot.

Spinning around on my back I knocked him off his feet and slammed my fist into his head. He died soundlessly. I pulled the bayonet off his body, found his partner, cocked my arm back and threw the blade through the air. It struck the man in the back. He jerked stiffly and slumped to the ground.

I pulled myself into the pipe and began squirming furiously down it. I had four minutes and fifty three second to crawl fifty more meters, seven seconds less than I had calculated necessary for me to do the crawl. I had to move as fast as I could and didn't have time to check and make sure that the bodies were dead.

The smell was beyond anything I had imagined it to be. Fuck! Shit! What the Hell did these Nazi undead soldiers—no, that couldn't be right, vampires didn't take shits—Nazi giant fur balls eat? I knew Godfredson preferred his steaks, which was the main part of his diet, to be fresh, raw meat but I'd walked past the bathroom a few times after he'd come out of it and the smell had never been this bad.

Then it dawned on me. There was a concentration came only a few miles away from this warehouse. The Nazi werewolves were probably eating the dead carcasses of the prisoners! That probably tasted good considering how little food people in concentration camps got and how emaciated they were! I felt like vomiting but kept it in knowing it would just slow me down.

I was keeping a count in my head of the seconds that passed. I was to one hundred thirteen; I had one hundred and eighty seconds left to reach the man hole. I judged that I had gone about twenty meters give or take, most likely take.

I kept squirming my body through the pipe. A large chunk of shit popped up and hit me in the face. I couldn't help it. I puked. But I kept going, now dealing with the smell of my own volatile fluids as well as the smell of excrement.

My count was to two hundred seventeen. I had seventy-six seconds to reach the man hole. I crawled faster, hoping to be able to outperform my anticipated level of output. Fuck'n Hell! Why'd the superiors choose to use this Goddamn pipe in the first place!?

I had forty-five seconds left to reach the man hole.




Forty-o—my watch beeped.

Fuck! I began squirming like I had never squirmed before. I was off by three whole seconds! There wasn't any room for error in this mission and while the other three could make up for me if I couldn't pull my own weight it wouldn't look good on my record and I might get sent to prison after all as a useless asset in the field.

I could hear the muffled screams and roars from up above as Godfredson and Kyle created chaos amongst the soldiers. I had another twenty seconds before Robert came in through a top floor window.

Push forward with the legs. Pull forward with the arms. Push forward with the legs. Pull forward with the arms. Another chunk of shit hit me in the face but I was too busy trying to make it to the fucking man hole to throw up this time.

I had twelve seconds before a loud explosion would occur when Robert blasted a hole in the roof. The explosion was actually a signal for me so that I knew when to open the man hole.

Push forward with the legs. Pull forward with the arms. Push forward with the legs. Pull forward with the arms. I was constantly testing the roof of the pipe with the top off my head looking for the hole that was where the man hole was.







There was an explosion at the exact moment my head found the hole. I felt momentary relief that I had reached the hole on time.

I pushed up on the cover, lifting it up, and slid it away from the hole. Gripping the edges of the hole I pulled myself out of the stinking tube and into the chaos above me.

Godfredson was wrestling with about three other werewolves at the same time. I couldn't see Kyle. Robert was using his metal staff to deflect fire from some human soldiers. Next to them, what appeared to be some sort of vampires, they looked and smelled nothing like Kyle, were looking up at the gaping hole in the roof.

I grabbed the man hole cover and threw it like a disk at the human soldiers. One of them was struck clean in the face with it crushing his skull. Another was grazed in the head just enough that he fell over unconscious. There were five other humans and three vampires that didn't get hit. They all turned their attention to me.


Not waiting for them to make a move I went into motion, zigzagging across the floor to avoid the bullets fired at me. The floor beneath the enemy soldiers exploded sending a human flying my way. I popped my claws and slashed through his face as he went by.

Robert dropped down from the stairway he was on, spinning his staff over his head. He had said that it was a completely useless maneuver offensively but it was intimidating and caused more frightened opponents to pause momentarily. In that moment of hesitation he struck out with the staff, sweeping a vampire off its feet and hacking another across the face. I could hear the bones snap as the metal staff whistled through the air. Robert spun back around to the first vampire, raising a hand to his lips as if he were about to blow a kiss to someone.

Fire. Fire erupted from his hand and shot out like a dragons breath, engulfing the vampire on the floor in its cloud of burning energy. He straightened up and jabbed his staff down like he was planting a flag. The floor around him shook and he was vaulted high into the air, the two vampires that were running at him collided underneath him. I didn't wait for him to return to the ground to deal with them. Pouncing on them I stabbed one through the throat, ripping up and slicing through his head. The other lashed out at me. I parried his fists and dropped low, slashing through his right knee, and spun around, kicking him in the chest as I rose back up to my full height. He fell onto the burning vampire, catching flame himself.

Hands grabbed me from behind and I jerked my head back, smashing it into the nose of my attacker. The resulting crunch and loosening of the grip on my arms told me that he was one of the human guards. I stabbed him through the chest and looked up in time to see Robert using his staff like a baseball bat to snap the remaining human's neck.

The vampire that I had ripped gashes in its head was back on its feet, the wounds slowly closing up. I didn't know where Kyle was at the moment, Godfredson was in the middle of a four way wrestling match with three other werewolves, and Robert was busy beating the shit out of two other vampires. It was amazing to watch Robert do that, pulling chunks of floor and wall out and hurling them around the warehouse at his targets. Lightning laced from his staff as he advanced toward his prey. It was just me and this one vampire, I guess.

He was being cautious of me; I had to smirk at that. He learned quickly. Either that or he was a spoiled brat that didn't like getting his hands dirty and since I was covered in shit (literally) he was torn between duty and staying clean.

If he had qualms about remaining clean he got over them quickly once he realized that he was covered in his own blood. He ran at me so quickly I had only enough time to fall backwards and roll him over me. Somersaulting over my back I sprang up to my feet and rounded on my tumbling adversary. He was scrambling to his feet and I kicked him in the face sending him back to the floor. I couldn't let any of my opponents have a second to get a grasp of how I fought, if I toyed with them they would toy with me as soon as they found a way to block my attacks and I would be done for. Thankfully my razor sharp claws made blocking my attacks about as easy as catching a blade with bare hands.

I fell on him and hacked his body to pieces. Vampires could put themselves back together if the body parts were close together but if the parts were separated for long enough they died. So as I tossed his head to the north end of the building and his arms and legs to the west end and his torso to the south east corner I was pretty sure that this vampire was dead.

A howling roar alerted me to the advancing werewolf a second before he got to me. In that second I jumped onto jeep and leapt into the air, caught a pipe and swung myself up onto a narrow walkway between landings on the second level of the warehouse. The werewolf skidded passed me on the floor beneath the walkway, turning its ugly head up to growl at me. I turned and ran down the walkway away from it. A loud thud and snarling growls told me that the werewolf had joined me on the narrow platform and was now chasing after me. I sprinted as fast as I could, which was rather fast, at the wall in front of me. Upon reaching it I stepped onto the wall, climbing up it for a few steps before pushing off and twisting my body around so that I landed on the wolf's back as he plowed headfirst into the wall. I gutted its neck, hoping that it would bleed to death before it healed itself. For good measure I also cut through its ribs, tearing holes in its lungs.

I turned around only to fall back on my ass as another wolf appeared directly in front of me. I then realized that I would have been dead if it had not been for the broad sword buried to the hilt in the side of its skull. Nervously I glanced up at Kyle who was looking down at me.

"That was a close one, Bella," he said, pulling the sword out of the dead wolf, "You gave us a bit of a scare there for a moment."

Godfredson walked up the stairs, wrapping a cloth garb around his waist. "That seems to be the last of them," he said, "All soldiers have been accounted for except for two humans. Robert is looking for them to dispose of them."

"He'll find them at the entrance to the pipe I crawled through," I said, accepting Kyle's hand as he helped me to my feet, "I ran into two soldiers as I reached the pipe. I took care of them as silently as I could and crawled into the pipe. Remind me to kill whoever had the idea of me coming in that way."

"You dispatched them pretty quietly," Kyle commented, wiping the blood from his sword, "I heard something fly through the air around the time that you should have been entering the pipe but I never heard it hit anything."

Coming from Kyle that was an enormous compliment. Kyle and Godfredson, more so when he was in wolf form, could listen to conversations on the other side of a crowded room.

"I found the unaccounted for soldiers," Robert said, appearing next to us, "My guess is that Bella killed them seeing as they were right next to the pipe she had to crawl through."

"You're quick on the uptake," I said, "More than I can say for some of these guys. I've been in the army for a total of sixteen months and I'd say that you boys trained me a hell ov'a lot better than these clowns."

"The Third Reich wasn't counting on Allied Forces sending in a team of highly trained non-human combatants," Robert mused, "By the way, Bella, you look like shit. Anything we can do to help you with your predicament?"

Even I had to laugh at Robert's comment about my appearance.

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