Title: Amenable
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: May 6, 2010
Date Finished: May 6, 2010

Comments: Elias Elric was created by Kristen Sharpe and Sage SK. The adventures of Elias, Edward and Winry's son, started off as a joke between us, but all of a sudden they're starting to develop into a series. This probably won't be the last drabble I write with Elias.

The determination in those amber eyes was all too familiar. He'd seen it before, many years ago when he went to Resembool. He'd expected a string of profanity, just like many years ago. And, he'd heard all the horror stories in the letters from his father. Except the owner of those eyes wasn't the snot-nosed brat he'd recruited into the military.

Instead, the young man standing before him had been nothing but courteous, even after he'd walked into his office and said straight out, "I need to speak with you."

Roy Mustang rubbed away at the stray bangs in his eyes, making sure he heard right. "You want me to do what?"

"Teach me flame alchemy," Elias Elric returned. Without hesitation, he fell to his knees, a fist hitting the floor as he bowed respectfully, like a student before a master. "Please."