Twiku Kung Fu Contest

Title: Grey Skin; Heartache Rules

Your pen name: PortiaKhalo

Characters: Bella, Rosalie, Carlisle, Nessie

Disclaimer: None, it all belongs to Mz. Meyer.

Rating: M

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A/N: Yellowglue gives inspiration. Aleighy offers guidance. UU is home. Thank you, loves.

I: Bella

Grey matter unfolds

Upon his eternal scale.

Balance isn't free.

II: Rosalie

Beauty is skin deep.

Shadows cannot penetrate

A hide of pure steel.

III: Carlisle

Poison forged each one.

Their scars reflect my heartache.

Heaving empty chest.

IV: Nessie

Loched monster, they say.

I'm an exception to the Rule,

Made to be pawed at.