Not my best work... think of it as a transition chapter, setting up for the smut.

Jack spat his used toothpaste into the sink and a sharp intake of breath feeling the fresh sting of mint. Jack smirked at his reflection before he opened the bathroom door and braced himself.

But he braced himself for nothing.

Jack slumped and whimpered to himself. He glanced at his watch, he whistled, "Damn it's early."

But he wasn't tired. So he ventured to the kitchen and started to make coffee. Jack smirked as he scooped the grounds into the machine; he was going make his boyfriend that fancy coffee he liked so much. Personally he didn`t like coffee, but Jack did love the taste of French vanilla on Kurt's breath...

The coffee started brewing, slowly dripping into the pot.

It was taking forever, jack thought as he rested his back and elbows on the kitchen counter. Jack rolled his tongue over his clean teeth as he made up his mind.

Jack's feet moved slowly over the polished floor as he crept over to Kurt's basement bedroom. Jack was beaming as he sat on the stairs, giving him a great view of his younger boyfriend.

Kurt's blanket were bunched around his neck his curvy bum prominent under the covers. No skin was visible but jack could see a tussle of brown hair.

It was messy, which was a eerie in one way, but in another way it made Jack happy. He had never really seen Kurt's hair in any sort of disarray. Every morning the seventeen year old had it combed and in place before he left his room.

Kurt gave a throaty moan and rolled on his back

The sound made Jack gasp quietly and the air left his lungs in a growl.

The younger man's cheeks were blotchy with dark red blush. His chest was heaving his were mindlessly palming his morning wood. The blankets were pushed and pulled till it was barely covering his chest.

Jack shifted awkwardly on the stairs his hands rubbing over his thighs. But a playful smirk played at his dimples as he watched. Reclining in his makeshift seat, jack's own PJ pant's started to tent.

Kurt was wearing the most Kurt like sleepwear, classic silk pyjamas. Navy blue, completed with an eye mask.

It made Jack chuckle. Quietly of course, He didn't want to wake Kurt.

Kurt whispered, his hips rocking into his palm searching for more friction.

Jack was witnessing the most erotic thing he could imagine. Kurt gripping at his duvet in between his knees, whining.

Jack ran his hand through his curly blonde hair ruffling it so he won't touch himself. To stroke at his throbbing inseam. Doing so would seem just so... perverted like a creepy peeping tom.

The more Kurt writhed the hard Jack gritted his teeth. But it was useless Jack was too weak of a man to resist. Jack bit his lip and squeezed through his cotton pants.

Jack's breath shallowed as Kurt's lips parted and he groaned. The older gay man bite his lip, harder, to keep from waking the teenager, with his own groan.

The sounds Kurt made, holy fuck, it drove him mad. Jack never heard anything so powerful. Jack was barely touching himself and Jack was so close to blowing his load.

Kurt' hips thrust up upwards, and then stopped suddenly. Kurt' gave a frighten gasp and a small scream as he ripped the mask off his eyes.

Jack's hand flew out from his legs, and he was half way down the stairs without thinking, without hesitating. Kurt was scared, and he needed him.

Jack was by Kurt`s side by the time his scream became mere pants, "Baby?"

Kurt's hand shot around Jack's neck pulling him mercilessly close to him.

Jack nearly choked, but he didn't mind. Kurt smelt good, but of course that was only his first thought, his last and final thought was to make Kurt feel safe. "Sh, baby. You're alright..." the older mind sat on the bed rubbing Kurt`s back.

"God it was horrible!" Kurt stared over Jack' shoulder with glassy eyes. "We're having sex." Kurt hushed.

Jack chuckled despite his crackling heart, "Sounds vile."

Kurt laughed as well snapping Jack on his arm. "Ass... but then it went terribly wrong."

"Rape?" Jack whispered into Kurt's hair. Hoping to god he didn't hurt Kurt, that even the dream, or nightmare version of himself.

Kurt shook his head into Jack's neck, "No... it was sweet and romantic. But then..." Kurt pulled back , looking down at his duvet as his hand rested on Jack's chest. "But then you turned into Cher and it got freaky. "

"Cher?" Jack's bright smile broke all dark tension in the room. He had a good laughed before he asked, "Which Cher?"

Kurt shivered and relaxed back into his bed, pulling Jack alongside him. Jack was laying on his stomach prompted up on his elbows looking up at Kurt. Kurt frowned then gulped, "80's Cher."

Jack shuddered. Once he was done Jack sighed. And as the air left his lungs, he pushed himself up, eye level with the younger teen.

The room was dark, private and it reeked of Kurt's lavender and vanilla scent. Jack was getting an idea. A pleasant idea. Jack pushed at the bed and eased himself forward, his lips fitting with Kurt's.

Kurt smiled and nipped at Jack's top lip, sighing contently. Jack snaked his tongue into Kurt's mouth, but Kurt didn't receive it well. He pulled back his head, breaking the kiss.

"Morning breath." Kurt chuckled into the sheets, looking down embarrassed.

"So." Jack smirked and brushed his top lip over Kurt's. He did it so slowly he could feel Kurt's lip tug, then move with his.

Kurt's hand curled around the twists in Jack's hair, pulling him closer as he nipped hard at Jack's bottom pout. Jack chuckled as he swipe his tongue past Kurt's lips and stroked the roof of his mouth. Kurt mewled scooting closer his hips touching Jack's. Jack pushed up gaining some domenace in the kiss. His older hands gripping at the silky Pj shirt, the tips off his finger past the buttons and touched Kurt's flat soft to the touch stomach,

Burt knocked at the door making both boys jumps, bringing the growing kiss to an aburt stop. "Kurt you ok?"

The couple stared the door in horror for a prolonged second before they realized the father was going to give his son his privacy.

Jack sighed before he rolled out the bed and headed up the stairs, taking them slowly because he wanted to stay down here. He could be Kurt's boyfriend down here.

Kurt followed, linking there pinky's together. Jack smiled and tighted the little hold.

Jack opened the bedroom door, dropping his boyfriends hold The teenage blushed prefuslly as he stammered out, "Yeah Dad, just a nightmare."

Burt glanced at Jack, confused, but he gave his own explanation " You heard him scream too?"

Both boys nodded, and Jack flashed his bright grin, " Thought maybe he had a zit."

Kurt slapped him upside his head, "Ass." He mumbled as he sniffed the air, " Dad did you start making coffee?"

The oldest guy shook his head, "Jack?"

"Yeah..." Jack coughed and past by his employer, " Just trying to be thoughtful."

"Why start now?" Kurt teased as he poured himself a cup of steamy joe.

Jack smirked as the boy mixed in the French vanilla creamer he loved so much.

Both Jack and Burt were watching TV by the time Kurt back from his shopping trip with Mercedes

Kurt walked straight into the living room and stole the remote from Jack's hand, with his head held high.

"Hey" Burt protested, "There is a suvoirman marathon!"

Jack went to snatch at the remote but Kurt' anticipated it and jerked it out of his reach.

"American's top model's newest season premieres and I'll be even more on an outcast come Monday, at school, if i don't watch it."

Jack frowned at the word 'even' and his hand that was still in the air gently rested on Kurt's ribs. Daring to comfort him for a second.

Burt rolled his eyes and pushed at his ball cap unaware of the intimate touch.

Kurt sat on couch, sharing it with a respectable amount of distance between them

Jack curled his legs, his foot brushing up Kurt's leg.

Burt watched awkwardly at the screen, for about a minute, "Can't you watch it at a friends house?"

"And miss any of it?" Kurt gawked at the horror.

"Burt?" Jack smirked at an idea forming in his head, " How about we make a wager with our fashonaita." Jack turned in his seat with a gleam of mischief in his eyes, "We'll let Kurt watch this, and every episode without pestering him, if he can last a night camping."

Burt laughed, and Kurt looked kinda hurt.

Kurt grabbed Jack's hand, shaking A spark flying as their bare skin touched, "You're on."

Burt lined forward in his seat, "Kurt's do you understand what your getting into? No bed to sleep in, no running water to do any of that girly face things. You'll be alone... and you can't even sleep in an empty house."

Jack past his tongue over his dry lips, " I'll stay with him, for proof, don't want him running off to a girlfriends house half way through the night."

Burt agreed, not realizing he was allowing his son's boyfriend take him out into the woods. All alone.

"Not my best work... think of it as a transition chapter, setting up for the smut." Told ya so... Reviews keep me typing?