Chapter 1 - Meet The Twins

The girls looked at each other as they sat in the office of the high school on the Quileute reservation in La Push, Washington. They were transferred to the reservations high school from Santa Monica, California. Kiara (pronounced key-r-a) had on her blue, white and black plaid jeans, and matching t-shirt with her blue Sneakers...Her long waist length raven hair was shaggy layered and had tones of blue streaks through it. She looked at her twin Kali who was in her red, white and black pleated plaid skirt that went to mid-thigh and matching vest, and a crisp white button up short sleeve dress shirt under the vest...with her 2 1/2 heeled red plastic knee high boots...Her honey blonde hair went to the bottom of her rib cage and had tons of red streaks except her red streaks were spiral curled.

They were twins in the sense that they were born on the same day and had the same crazy grey eyes, but they were completely different in what they wore...Kali was more of the surfer laid back California girl and Kiara was more of the punk rocker in your face California girl. Both girls sat quietly as the office administrator got their files together and made them school ID's. Kali's knee started bouncing, she was getting antsy having to sit there and wait...Kali was always on the go...Kiara reached over and put her hand on Kali's knee and said, "Would you chill out please."

Finally Miss Finlay said, "Kiara and Kali Clearwater?" The girls stood up together and Miss Finlay said, "I don't think the reservation has ever had twins before..." The girls smiled, Kiara said, "What a coincidence we're never gone to school on a reservation before." Miss Finlay said, "You'll both start home room and Trigonometry with Mr. Greenleaf...Then follow your schedule's accordingly...You're teachers will direct you to the other classrooms...It seems you have all classes together, per your Aunt Sue...When she got you guys signed up." The girls continued to follow the office administrator down the hall...She was nice...she dressed a little on the frumpy side...but nice nonetheless.

Miss. Finlay opened the door and walked into a class room and the twins followed behind. They had stopped at their lockers and got the Trigonometry books and notepads...As the girls stood at the front of the class Kiara could feel eyes boring into her and her sister. She looked around the room...There was about 15 people per class...Clearly not a lot of people sent their kids to the school on the reservation. Embry looked up when a voice started talking to Mr. Greenleaf...Embry's eyes got huge when he threw a piece of paper at Jacob and said, "Hey...Who are the foxy twins?" Jacob shrugged and said, "Beats me." Paul grabbed his chest and said, "No problem...I'd like them both to pull my hair and spank me at the same time." Jared said, "I second the motion."

The quartet of guys at the back of the room started chuckling. Kali and Kiara both looked back at them with quirked eyebrows...Sometimes the twin thing could get annoying with doing or saying the same thing at the same time...But sometimes it was nice to make people notice you. The quartet grew silent when they noticed the twins glaring at them. Mr. Greenleaf cleared his throat and said, "Have a seat anywhere ladies." They nodded and sat down next to each other. As they watched Miss. Finlay leave the room.

Mr. Greenleaf looked up from the stack of papers on his desk and noticed Jared had his hand in the air and said, "Yes...What can I do for you Mr. Tinsel?" Jared chuckled as he put his hand down and said, "Uh yea...I thought there was some rule about having to live on the reservation before people can come to this school...And they look pretty much like pale faces to how did they get in?" Kiara and Kali gave each other a knowing look. Mr. Greenleaf chuckled as he stood up, walked around his desk and then proceeded to lean against the front of his desk and said, "Kiara and Kali, I'd like to apologize ahead of time for Mr. Tinsel's bad judgment in questions...Mr. Tinsel...Are you fully aware that not all Native American's are full blooded as yourself?" Jared made a face and said, "Sure...yea." Mr. Greenleaf said, "Then why would you ask such a ridiculous question as that?" Paul leaned forward and said, "Smooth Jared." As he swiped at the back of Jared head. Jacob and Embry chuckled. Mr. Greenleaf said, "Okay you four...get back to work."

As Mr. Greenleaf took his seat behind his desk again, Kali looked back at the quartet of gentlemen and Paul pulled on the sleeve of Jared's shirt and said, "Hey...You got one of their attention." Jared looked over at the one in red and she glared at him and then suddenly he could've sworn he saw her eyes glow white at him for a split second. Jared stammered around and said, "Did you guys see that?" Jacob said, "See what?" Jared said, "Her eyes...I swear it was weird." Embry laughed and said, "You're seriously trippin'...No smoking peyote with your dad and grandfather." Jared made a face and said, "I haven't smoked that stuff in months. Last time I did I woke up naked in a bathtub full of lime jell-o." That earned another round of chuckles.

Once the day was finally over, Sue Clearwater took her nieces to a house that was built on the beach, it had been Kiara and Kali's parent's house...It was paid for so they didn't have to really worry about anything...The money their parents had left them after they died was considerable. In their wills they had both stated they wanted the girls to go back and live on the reservation, whether it was in their home or with their Aunt Sue and Uncle Harry...Uncle Harry had recently died from a heart attack...So it was just basically Aunt Sue and their cousins, Seth and Leah...The girls walked through the house...It was fully furnished and everything had sheets over it...It had definitely sat for as long as they'd been born...Considering they had both been born in California. Aunt Sue kissed the top of both of the girls heads and left her number in case they would need anything as well as Seth and Leah's numbers.

The girls opened the huge sliding glass door that was the length of the living room and noticed a deck went all the way around the house and then down to the sand to the beach. The girls walked out together and stood on the deck...both breathing in the ocean air...They had a lot of cleaning to get done and even more unpacking, plus grocery shopping...and of course homework. Tiki torches lined the deck and down the stairs to the sand...Kali wanted to light them but knew they didn't have time to relax just yet. The girls stood leaning against the railings of the deck, their head's resting on each other. They had to get busy but just wanted to enjoy a moment of peace.

So this was home now...