Chapter 15 - Halfway Gone

Kali had been driving almost all morning...Her head was really starting to hurt her but she didn't want to stop until she got to the California border...Kali came around a slow curve and hit the brakes. Paul was standing in the middle of the road, in his shorts and sneakers with no shirt...And he looked pissed. Paul pointed at the pull off spot next to the road and slowly steered the car over and threw it into park and turned the vehicle off...Paul stood there with his arms folded over his chest and just stared at her. Kali got out of the car and slammed the door, stuffing the keys into her front jean pocket...Ouch, she felt that...Her head was really hurting. She walked up and said, "Are you out of your damn mind...I could've run your ass over." Paul said, "That's impossible...Kali what the hell were you thinking leaving La Push in the middle of the night?" Kali said, "That's none of your business...I was just ready to go...Figured that was the best time to leave." Paul said, "To hell with that...You had to know it was dangerous...And don't try to be stubborn with me...I know you left because of what I said yesterday." Kali said, "No...I left because you took everything out of context...Not that I'm surprised or anything...The resident wolf pack hot head is at it again."

Paul said, "What do you want from me Kali...This is what I am. I can't stop being me and I'm damn sure not going to stop protecting our lands just because you moved there." Kali said, "I never asked you to stop protecting it...And I never would either. My family was born and raised on those lands...Why would I want someone taking them over that didn't belong there. I told you yesterday you phasing into a wolf bothered me...But you didn't let me finish...It bothers me if you do it in a public parking lot...There were a ton of kids around...You would've frightened them beyond everything...Do you want to be seen as some huge monster that can't be controlled...You start scaring people like that and the rednecks in Forks will start hunting you guys...and someone could get hurt or worse killed...You phasing into a wolf in the woods or in front of me never bothered me a bit...And you know it...You was just so pissed off because I distracted you and those two yahoo's got away so you couldn't re-arrange their faces...Or body parts or whatever it was you wanted to re-arrange."

Kali looked down and said, "I've never been ashamed of who and what you are Paul...You're my best friend...If anything I've been so proud to know have a friend as close as you who knows more about me then my own sister at times. I was so proud because you started calming down and not letting your temper make you crazy...And for the last two weeks I was at Emily and Sam's...It was nice spending all that time with you...I just figured you didn't want me around anymore. I figured we'd just finally gotten on each other's nerves and that was it."

Paul said, "That's so far from the truth...Kali I haven't been completely honest with you about everything...I figure if were confessing stuff, I might want to confess a little truth to you as well...I broke things off with Rachel a few weeks ago." Kali looked up and said, "What? Why? You guys were so perfect together." Paul said, "Honestly?" Kali nodded, Paul took a deep breath and said, "Because she wasn't...She wasn't you." Kali looked into Paul's eyes and said, "What? What do...What do you mean she wasn't me?" Paul said, "Just what I said...She wasn't you...I wasn't laughing as hard or laughing like I did when I was with you. Emily said it better than I did...I never realized it until she pointed it out to me...When we walk anywhere...we're constantly touching or holding each other...hugging...You kiss me on my knuckles and it makes me go crazy and I kiss the palm's of your hands...It's just a style we perfected between the two of us."

Kali smirked and said, "I have to admit when you kiss the palm of my hands...It ignites something under my skin...I don't know what it is." Paul said, "I have to be even more honest Kali...I don't want to be friends with you anymore." Kali could feel the tears brimming in her eyes, she could feel her heart breaking...She was definitely not going back to La Push now...Definitely not. Kali blinked and the unshed tears slowly started making their presence known as they started sliding down her cheeks...Paul looked down and said, "Why are you crying? What is wrong?" Kali shoved him for good measure and said, "My best friend just told me he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore...Is that supposed to make me happy? If so, stand back and I'll do a couple of flips for you."

Paul said, "Now whose taking things out of context? You didn't let me finish Kali." Kali away from him and said, "I'm so confused and my head hurts so bad...Paul, what the hell is going on?" Paul sucked his bottom lip in and knew it was either now or never and finally smiled and said, "I don't want to be friends with you anymore, because I want us to be more to each other." Kali said, "What the hell are you talking about?" Paul cupped her face in his warm hands and wiped the tears away from her cheeks with his things and said, "Kali, I love you....I love you like my lung love oxygen to live...I love you like my wolf form loves to hunt...I love you like Sam loves Emily and Jake loves Kiara...I was being a chicken and couldn't say it...But I can say it now...I love you Kali!" Kali opened and closed her mouth a couple of times but couldn't say anything and she smiled at him and more tears slid down her cheeks as Paul leaned down and captured her lips.

The lovers pulled away from the breathless kiss. Kiara and Jake looked at each other...They couldn't believe they were finally married. Kali looked over at Paul and he winked at her...she smiled and winked back...She couldn't believe they'd been dating for 2 years already. Every day their love just grew strong and stronger...Of course she finally understood why when Paul explained what imprinting was and that he had basically imprinted on her the day he'd gone after her...As Jake and Kiara turned to face their audience, every one stood and welcomed the newlyweds down the aisle.

When Paul was beside Kali and they were following the happy couple...Like always his arm went around her waist and he pulled her closer to his side and she bumped her hip into him on purpose...Paul leaned over and kissed her neck and said, "You just wait until I get you out of that dress later...Kali giggled and said, "That might be sooner than you think." Paul growled in her ear as he took her left hand in his looking at the engagement ring on her finger that he'd given to her for her 18th birthday. They weren't in a rush to get married...They were having way too much fun exploring each other.

Kali walked up to Kiara at the reception hall and they hugged...Kiara said, "You're next you know...I don't think Paul can wait much longer for you." Kali said, "I know...I think he's ready to be married." Kali gave Jake a hug and said, "I'm so happy for you guys...Uh you do realize if you break my sisters heart...I'm gonna break your neck." Jake chuckled and said, "Yea...I know...But I don't think you really have to worry about that." Kali said, "I didn't think so." Kiara said, "Speaking of which...Where did Paul disappear to?" Kali shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know...I'm gonna go look for him."

Kali walked all the way through the crowd of people as she made her way back to the front doors of the reception hall and was about to go outside when an arm snaked around her waist and lifted her off the floor and she suddenly felt herself being pulled backwards. She heard a door close and she was suddenly aware that they were in the coat closet, she was wiped around and came face to face with Paul. She smacked his arm and said, "You scared me!" Paul chuckled as his arms encircled her waist and carefully pushed her back against the wall...Paul leaned down and kissed her lips softly...The both could feel the hunger and desire growing between them.

They parted and Kali stared into his eyes and said, "What are we doing in here?" Paul said, "I decided it was time for a little me and you private time." Paul placed soft kisses all over her face and neck and ears...Kali's giggles we're music to his ears. Paul said, "Do you realize what today is?" Kali thought about it for a second and said, "No...What?" Paul said, "Two years ago today...I almost lost you forever." Kali said, "I was halfway gone...but you pulled me back." Paul said, "I'm glad I pulled you back." Kali smiled softly and said, "Yea, me too...Me too."

The End