…Who Waits Forever Anyway?…

Dark amber liquid swirled in a squatty glass as Xander rotated his wrist gently so that the bourbon caught the light from overhead.

Cordelia sat across from him and took a long pull from her Corona as she looked over at the older man who nursed his own glass of bourbon.

Giles' house, or the library, were the only two places that the Scoobies knew were secure in that no one would overhear their private conversations. This time, they sat in Giles' dining room/kitchen and listened, non-judgmental, to his story. One of ancient times, sword fights beheadings, and love lost long ago.

"So," Xander said as he leaned forward to eye the older man with trepidation, "You're one of these Immortals?"

"That's right, Xander," Giles said with a nod. "I tried to get out of the game because there are things I know that others do not. Joining the Society of Watchers, I was able to keep tabs on the others and made sure I was well out of their way. I thought, moving to the Hellmouth, I would be able to avoid Immortals altogether."

Cordy frowned as she looked at the older man for a long moment, "Why didn't you tell any of us until now?"

"I'd think for sure you'd tell Buffy," Xander said with a jealous light in his dark eyes.

The Immortal sighed as he leaned back in his chair, "Just like the Slayer is a secret, so to are the Immortals. I've gone two thousand years without mentioning it, I never thought anything of keeping silent."

"So, if Cordy wouldn't have seen the fight and light show to follow, we'd still be none the wiser?" Xander asked as he rose from his seat.

The young woman looked up at him with a frown on her face as she touched her boyfriend on the arm comfortingly.

Giles looked down at the table, at a loss for words.

Cordelia leaned toward Xander before he could get up and leave, "Alec, it's just like what happened with us," she tried to get him to understand.

"I understand, Maxie," he responded as he pulled out of her grasp. "It would have helped to know." He stood there up and looked down at Giles with a sardonic frown, "All those times you were hit in the head, tortured, nearly killed, whatever and you recovered quickly."

"I couldn't just come out and say, 'Oh, by the way, children, I'm Immortal'." Giles began as he looked up at the young man, "Buffy would think I'm a demon and wonder how to kill me."

Xander smirked, "Well, we're all in this together, I guess." He sat back down in his chair and tipped the front legs up off the floor.

Giles poured them both another bourbon. Then, got up, went to the fridge and came back with another Corona for Codelia.

Cordelia lifted the long necked bottle to her lips for a long pull.

Giles looked first at the young woman and noticed the supportive light in her eyes.

He then turned his head to Xander, and noticed the hooded look the young man was giving him.

Kicked under the table, Xander sat up straight and nodded. "You're important to me, G-man. You're more of a father to me than my old man. You need someone at your back cause an Immie is out for blood, I'm your man."

The Immortal smirked as a funny expression stole over his features, "Thanks, Xander, I'll take that as a complement."