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Written by Izzu alias honou-no-izumi



"I wished I could see some dolphins…"

Tanaka Yumehito smiled to himself as he made his last preparation for the finale of his 'kidnapping' plan. As he had told Ainosuke earlier this evening, this particular plot had been designed especially for him. Though, he doubted that Ainosuke would actually going to enjoy it at all.

He grinned in amusement.

"It does seem like I'm a doting brother… am I?"

Yume told himself slightly aloud, knowing that he was alone in the room—Noriko was out to attend to certain matters while he finalized his arrangements here. He chuckled. He couldn't believe that he would still remember even the littlest memories that he had shared with his lovely brother. Then again—he frowned—if he couldn't even forget about certain things that he'd rather forget about, how could he be able to forget anything else?

He glanced away from the laptop that he had acquired instead of his own during the last three months—well, he shouldn't just throw it away after all.

He sighed as he stared at the ceiling, while his mind wandered towards the image of his younger brother.

"Well, Ainosuke… at least now, you get to see them finally."


"Hmm… where should we start—?" Yumehito said aloud as he frowned at the pamphlet he was holding. Or more like, on the mini map printed on it about the attractions they have in this zoo.

He suddenly cried out as the pamphlet was rudely taken away by a very obnoxious ten-year-old boy, who had also walked beside him. Yume glared at the little kid as his younger brother grinned at him.

"Ainosuke! Give it back to me—"

"Why you need to look at the map? Can we just walk on ahead and just have fun?"

Yume just leered at the pouting kid as he shook his head.

"I just wanted to make sure that we don't waste any time getting lost around here—and it's not like we had all day to spend here. We'd need to catch the bus home later after all. Aunt Sumire would be angry if we got home late—"

"Don't worry!" chirped the little kid happily as Yume laughed. Ainosuke had imitated his gesture most adorably.

"We'll go through EVERYTHING really quick, ne? Then, Sumire-bachan won't scold you for it!"

Yume chuckled as he patted Ainosuke's head fondly.

"Alright, silly. We'll do it your way then—" he said before Ainosuke dragged him hurriedly towards the aviary section of the Asahiyama Zoo...


They ended up spending almost three hours at the zoo before deciding to head back to Sorachi. Yume glanced towards his younger brother, who was still in high spirits after seeing the animals. Ainosuke had been grinning so widely, as if there was nothing that could dampen his spirit right now. Yume's smile faltered slightly at how cheerful Ainosuke had been. Somehow... he envied his little brother. To be able to still smile so happily...

The little boy suddenly looked up towards his brother before noticing his expression. The kid pouted.

"Ne... niichan. Why are you not happy? You don't like going to the zoo?"

Yume sighed as he smiled a bit.

"Not at all. I'm just tired. Ainosuke had fun, didn't you? You looked very surprised when you saw those wolves... or that polar bear. Oh wait... you've been jumping up and down while seeing the lions, tigers, penguins... seals, monkeys—" he started listing even more animals as he counted with his fingers before Ainosuke slapped him, slightly embarrassed at how his older brother had been teasing him. Yume grinned as Ainosuke's face turned red.

"Niichan not nice! It's not always I get to see them so close—and the bear was SO BIG! And the wolves and lions were so cool!" Ainosuke started talking as he waved his arms around. Yume laughed as he pulled his brother to sit on his lap, while they waited for their bus.

"I'm sorry! But Ainosuke was so cute when you saw those animals, ne? Then... after this, would you draw something for me?"

Ainosuke started grinning again as he nodded his head.

"I will draw a nice big bear for you... with baby bears and his friends. I'll draw something really nice! Niichan really like my drawings, right?"

Yume nodded cheerfully.

"Of course I do, I—Ainosuke, what's wrong?"

The little kid pouted as he leaned against his brother.

"Too bad they don't have dolphins... I really wanted to see them."

Yume chuckled at his brother.

"It's too bad, isn't it? Then again, Asahiyama wasn't that big... it can't possibly have so many animals after all, so you might not be able to see some. But it was amazing, some of the new changes they made to the zoo. I'd say it's an improvement... after listening to what it used to be, before—"

Ainosuke turned towards him.

"The animals really looked so happy, weren't they?"

"Unn... but you know, Ainosuke. Perhaps... when you're a bit older, maybe we'll move back to Tokyo and live together. Then perhaps after that, we'll visit the zoos over there and see if they have dolphins or not."

Ainosuke's eyes brightened as Yumehito couldn't help but laugh. His brother was so easy to please...


Honestly, the kid was too adorable.



Yumehito chuckled to himself before turning his chair around to glance towards the windows.

In the end they never managed to do what they've planned for. Not like they haven't gone visiting any zoos around Tokyo ever since they've returned to live here again, but somehow... they always ended up not being able to see any due to some unavoidable circumstances. But well, at least this time he'd have a chance to show him one up close.

Hopefully, Ainosuke would like this present.

After all... dogs and doves aren't the only animals that could be trained by humans to perform any certain tasks. The same thing could be said about birds like parrots, seals, orcas... and of course...


az: I had them living in Sorachi after the deaths of their parents. And considering there was no other mentions about where they had lived after that or who their other relatives were, I had some free rein. That... and I liked Asahiyama. Even if the only thing I've seen of the zoo was from Youtube and the clip I've seen during the promotion of Sony's newest 3D LCD TVs last month.