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AN: As often seems to happen with me, I got excited about my idea and started a little sooner than intended. Also, this takes place not long after Willow and Tara got engaged in 'Dawn's Magical Mishaps, but that's not really that important beyond the first chapter.

"Do you likes your engageyment ring Mama Tara?" said Sophie excitedly as her mother tucked her into bed one night. "I helpeded Mommy Willow choose it."

"I know, she told me" Tara smiled. "And I do like it, very much" she gazed at the gold band on her wedding finger,it's small diamond twinkling, and her smile widened a little. "So, do you want a story sweetie?"

"Yeah!" said Sophie enthusiastically. "Tells me one with you and Mommy Willow in it, like she did that time with the Dark Willow story!"

"You mean Beauty and the.. I mean Tara And The Witch?"

"Yeah!" Sophie nodded. Tara paused to think. One idea was sticking in her mind, probably because it was the only movie she and Donnie had ever agreed on liking when they were young. However, the fact that his favourite character had been Scar and hers was Nala showed that they had liked it for very different reasons.

"Okay" Tara began. "Once upon a time, a daughter was born to Giles, the King of the Sunnylands..

A loud call echoed out over the Sunnylands. All the inhabitants of these lands, witches, Watchers, Slayers, humans, and benevolent demons alike, jumped to attention, knowing exactly what the call meant. Their new Princess had been born.

From the day we arrive on the planet,

And blinking, step into the sun,

There is more to see than ever be seen,

More to do, than can ever be done.

Everybody began moving towards Sunny Rock, the home of the King, for the Princess' presentation.

There's far too much to take in here,

More to find than can ever be found.

But the Sun rolling high,

Through the Sapphire sky,

Keeps great and small, on the endless round.

King Giles stood atop Sunny Rock, watching as his subjects approached. A young Watcher named Wesley, the King's number one advisor, rushed up and bowed, and Giles smiled.

It's the circle of life,

And it moves us all.

Through despair and hope,

Through faith and love.

The crowd parted as a demon shaman named Lorne made his way up the rock. Giles embraced him, smiling, then lead him towards the cave at the top of the rock.

'Til we find our place,

In the path unwinding.

It's the circle,

The circle of life.

Inside the cave sat Giles' wife, Queen Jenny. She was gazing adoringly at a tiny redhaired bundle cradled in her arms. This was Willow, the newborn princess of the Sunnylands. Giles smiled proudly at the baby, while Lorne rattled the end of his staff. Little Willow giggled, reaching up and trying to play with it. Lorne took one of the fruits from the end of the staff and broke it open, smearing some of the juice on Willow's forehead, then scsttered a handful of dust over her, making her sneeze. Jenny handed the baby to Lorne, who carried her to the end of the rock, raising her high in the air for everybody to see. The clouds parted, and a beam of light shone down on baby Willow. The Sunnylanders cheered, bowing to their future queen.

It's the circle of life,

And it moves us all.

Through despair and hope,

Through faith and love.

'Til we find our place,

In the path unwinding.

It's the circle,

The circle, of life.

In another cave not too far away, a small spider scurried over the floor. Suddenly sensing danger, it tried to hurry out again, but a hand grabbed it. The hand belonged to King Giles' brother, Richard Wilkins. He was a middle-aged man with dark hair, green eyes, and a scar across his right cheek.

"Life's not fair, is it?" he sighed. "You see, I, well, I will never be King, and you.." he taunted the poor creature, letting it run around on his hand, but catching it again the moment it made a break for freedom. "You will never see the light of another day. Goodbye." He was about to eat the spider when he was distracted by a voice at the cave's entrance.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" Wesley frowned.

"What do you want?" Wilkins sighed.

"I'm here to announce that King Giles is on his way" Wesley explained. "So you better have a very good excuse for missing the ceremony this morning!" While Wilkins was distracted, his spider escaped.

"Oh look Wesley, you've made me lose my lunch."

"You'll lose a lot more than that when the King is done with you" said Wesley, crossing his arms. "He's as angry as a hell-god with a hernia."

"I quiver with fear" Wilkins smirked evilly, rounding on Wesley.

"Wilkins?" said Wesley nervously. "Don't look at me like that! The King wouldn't be pleased if he found you.. ahh!" the young Watcher yelped as Wilkins seized him around the neck.

"Drop him!" came Giles sudden growl from the mouth of the cave. Wilkins hesitated, so Giles repeated his order. "Wilkins, drop him!" Wilkins sighed, letting Wesley fall to the floor.

"Impeccable timing Your Majesty!" he gasped.

"Why, if it isn't my dear big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners" said Wilkins sarcastically.

"Jenny and I didn't see you at the presentation of Willow this morning" Giles frowned, in no mood for his brother's behaviour.

"That was today?" cried Wilkins with mock-remorse. "Oh, I feel just terrible! It must have slipped my mind."

"Slippery as your mind may be" said Wesley, glaring as he dusted himself off, "As the King's brother, you should have been first in line!"

"I was first in line" Wilkins grumbled. "Until that little lump was born.."

"That 'lump' is my daughter, and your future Queen!" Giles growled.

"I shall have to practice my curtsy" said Wilkins, rolling his eyes as he turned to walk away.

"Don't turn your back on me Wilkins" Giles warned.

"Oh no Giles" Wilkins smirked. "Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me."

"Is that a challenge?" Giles roared, leaping in front of his brother and blocking his way.

"Of course not brother" said Wilkins. "I'd never even dream of challenging you."

"Pity" Wesley sighed. "Why not?"

"Well, in the matter of brains, I got the Watcher's share. But when it comes to sheer brute strength" he gave a sad, sarcastic sigh. "I'm afraid I got stuck at the shallow end of the gene pool." Wilkins walked away, while Wesley and Giles looked on.

"There's one in every family, sire" said Wesley, laying a hand on the King's shoulder. "Two in mine actually, and they always manage to ruin special occasions."

"What am I going to do with him?" Giles sighed.

"In my opinion, he'd make a very nice throw rug" said Wesley.

"Wesley!" Giles tried to scold him, but the effect was ruined by the grin that spread over his face.

"Then when he gets dirty, you could take him out and beat him!" the young Watcher continued, making the King chuckle.

Meanwhile, in his own cave situated in a rainforest beyond the Sunnylands, Lorne was painting a picture of the newborn Princess on the wall. He was just adding the final touches to the ceremonial crown.

"Willow.." he smiled.

I don't likes Wilkins" Sophie frowned.

"As far as I know, neither did any body else" Tara mumbled. "Except Faith.."

AN: I know Tara never actually met half of the characters appearing in the story, but I'm working under the assumption that Willow has told her of all the Scoobies' past adventures.