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"It's not over yet, sweetie" Tara laughed.

"I know, but Willow's winning!" Sophie cheered again. "Yay!"

"Yes, I guess so" Tara smiled. "Anyway, Wilkins was becoming quite nervous now, realising he had obviously underestimated his niece.."

"Willow, please!" Wilkins begged.

"Tell them the truth" Willow growled.

"Truth?" Wilkins frowned. "But Willow, dear, truth is in the eye of the behold.. ack!" He was cut off as Willow seized him around the throat, threatening to strangle him.

"Tell them the truth!" she repeated, louder.

"Fine!" Wilkins spat, breaking free of Willow's grip. "I did it!"

"So they can hear you" Willow growled.

"I KILLED GILES!" Wilkins roared. That was all the Sunnylanders needed to hear. Led by Tara, they charged towards Wilkins, but the vampires blocked their way, and a huge battle ensued. Xander and Anya arrived at the cave, with Anya still on Xander's back.

"Excuse me, pardon me!" said Anya, throwing an occasional punch or kick to the vampires as they fought through the crowd. "Hot stuff coming through, woo!"

"Anya, will you please get off my back now?" Xander groaned. "We'd both be a lot more helpful if I could actually do something!"

"You are doing something, you're carrying me!" said Anya, throwing another punch. "We're a team!" One vamp broke away from the pack and tried to attack Willow from behind, but Lorne bonked it on the head, arriving just in time to join the fray. Another group of vamps tried to take him out, but it turned out that the demon had awesome martial arts skills, and dispatched of them easily. Meanwhile, Anya and Xander fought further into the cave, eventually coming across the ribcage in which Wesley was imprisoned.

"Please, let me out!" the Watcher cried. Anya finally got of Xander's back and helped him wrench the ribcage open, but Darla, Spike, and Drusilla had used the time to sneak up on them, and they turned around to find themselves trapped.

"Well, well" Darla smirked. "Looks like you three are gonna be our little snack."

"I don't think so" Xander frowned, stepping protectively in front of Anya.

"Aww, what's the matter?" Spike taunted. "Little One-eye afraid we're gonna hurt his girl?"

"What did you say?" Xander's eyes narrowed.

"Uh-oh" said Anya, slightly panicked. "He called him One-eye."

"Were you talking to me, Captain Peroxide?" Xander growled. Spike and the others just laughed.

"They shouldn't have done that" said Anya, worry growing.

"I said, were you talking to me?" Xander repeated.

"Yes, I was" Spike smirked. "What about it, One-eye?"

"Now they're gonna get it" said Anya, turning to Wesley. "You might want to close your eyes Mister, this won't be pretty."

"THEY CALL ME MISTER ONE-EYE!" Xander roared, charging at the vamps and pulling some well concealed stakes from his pockets, causing them to scream and flee.

Meanwhile, Willow spotted Wilkins trying to sneak out, and chased after him. Wilkins ran to the end of the cliff, looked at the sheer drop, and gulped, turning back to realise that he was completely at the mercy of his niece.

"Murderer" Willow growled.

"Willow, please" he begged. "Please, have mercy!"

"You don't deserve to live" said Willow coldly.

"But.. but I'm family! And it wasn't my fault!" cried Wilkins. "It was all the vampire's idea, they're the enemy!" Darla, Spike, and Drusilla, who had been rushing to their boss's aid, heard this, and growled as they slipped back into the shadows, angry at his betrayal.

"Why should I believe you?" Willow yelled. "Everything you ever told me was a lie!"

"What are you going to do?" said Wilkins with an evil grin. "You wouldn't kill your own uncle.."

"No, Wilkins, I wouldn't" said Willow, shaking her head. "I'm not like you."

"Oh thank you Willow, you are truly noble" said Wilkins. "I'll make it up to you, I promise. What can I do to repay you? Just tell me, anything.."

"Run" Willow growled, echoing the very words her uncle had told her when she was a child. "Run away, Wilkins, and never return."

"Oh, well of course" said Wilkins, eyes becoming fixed on a pile of hot embers that had landed at his feet. He scooped them up, throwing them into Willow's face. "As you wish, Your Majesty!" Willow let out a scream of pain and fell backwards. Wilkins charged, but the momentum he built up allowed Willow to send him flying over the cliff with a two-legged donkey kick. He survived the fall, and looked up to find himself surrounded by vampires. "My friends.." he smiled weakly.

"Friends?" Darla frowned. "I thought we were the enemy."

"That's what I heard" Spike growled. "What'd you hear Dru?"

"Wilkie doesn't want to play with us anymore, so now he has to go to sleep" said Drusilla.

"My thoughts exactly" Darla growled.

"No, no! I'm sorry!" Wilkins cried as the vamps closed in. "Please, I didn't mean to call you.." Wilkins let out one final scream, while Willow looked on in horror. After awhile she made her way back to the others. Rain began to fall, putting out all the spot fires that the lightning had caused. Willow was embraced by her mother, then Tara, before reaching Lorne.

"It is time" the shaman smiled. Willow nodded, and began slowly making her way up Sunny Rock. She passed Xander and Anya along the way. Xander bowed, while Anya was inspecting her nails, but bowed too when Xander nudged her. When she was nearing the top, Wesley ran up beside her. Willow hadn't really known what type of reception to expect from her father's former advisor, but he bowed as well, offering her a warm smile. When Willow finally reached the peak of Sunny Rock, the dark storm clouds parted slightly, and a beam of sunlight shone down upon her. The Sunnylanders cheered, welcoming their new Queen to the throne.

By that time the next year, the Sunnylands had fully recovered from Wilkins rule. Their was also great cause for celebration in the Kingdom, as Queen Willow and her wife Tara had welcomed a new baby girl, the next princess of the Sunnylands.

Til we find our place,

In the path unwinding,

Willow and Tara stood arm in arm, watching as Lorne carried their daughter to the end of Sunny Rock.

In the circle,

The circle of life.

Lorne held the blonde haired bundle in the air, and the Sunnylanders cheered.

"That was a good ending" Sophie smiled.

"Oh, that's not quite the end" Tara grinned.

"It's not?" asked Sophie, eyes wide.

"No, Willow and Tara's daughter had some adventures of her own. But it's getting late" said Tara, kissing her daughter's forehead as she stood up and adjusted the blankets. "So I'll let Mommy Willow tell you about them tomorrow night, okay?"

"Okay.. Mama Tara?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"Can we call Giles in the morning, just to make sure he's okay?"

"Of course" Tara smiled, backing towards the door. "Goodnight, Sophie."

"Goodnight, Mama Tara" Sophie yawned, drifting off. When Tara walked out of her daughter's bedroom, she almost crashed right into Willow, who stood smirking at her.

"'The Lion King', really?"

"You started it, Miss 'Beauty & The Beast'" Tara laughed. "Besides, tomorrow you can just pick up where I left off."

"I guess so" Willow nodded. "'Lion King 2' is one of the better Disney sequels.."

"Yeah.. Um, how long were you standing there anyway?" Tara asked. Willow didn't answer right away, but when she linked hands with Tara and began to hum a tune that sounded very much like 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?' as they walked down the hall, the blonde was pretty sure she had her answer.

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