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Your screams and tears taste like nectar to me. Addicting and sweet. I want more. I want everything that is yours. I want to taste all of you because you are mine. All mine. I own you. My slave. My pet. Mine. I'm your master and owner. I control you. I don't need to love nor require yours for I possess you. I dominate you.

Don't scream or you'll give us away. You don't want that do you? They'll ruin our fun. Saying that what I'm doing is wrong. Unautobot behavior. Disgusting. Uncivil. They'll take you away from me. We don't want that do we? No, of course not. You want your Master to be happy. You want me to enjoy you the way you deserve. Shush, you're too loud. Don't make me hurt you. I don't want to hurt you again.

Ah, yes. Move like that. Keep moving. You feel so nice against me. So vulnerable. Completely weak. I like you this way. You should always be like this. Than again others would want to taste you as well, and we know I don't like to share. At least not sharing things that are mine.

They can have your brother though. I don't have much use for him. All he's doing is taking up space in that corner. Hushed and unmoving. Silent tears keep falling from his broken optics. He couldn't bear watching me take you that he destroyed them. Broke the sensitive glass with his very own fists. Pathetic. That's why I like you. You're not as pathetic as him. You learn quickly, he doesn't. That's why I had no choice but to tear out his vocals. He was always screaming and crying. It was annoying. You're not like that. You bottle it all inside you like a good slave.

You like it when I do that don't you? When I move quick and hard. You moan so nicely. I love hearing your voice when I'm deep inside you. Primus, you've blessed with a tight valve. It always stays so tight and snug around me. Makes me want you even more. Delicious. I'm going to fill you until you bleed my energon. That's all you're good for. Lying here like you don't want it but taking it all the same. As a slave, I know you want it deep down. Slaves like to make their masters happy and I'm your Master.

::Cliffjumper, we need you down in the conference room #3:: Optimus always sounds so calm. No matter the situation. Always the fearless leader.

Now. Now. No noises. They might hear you over the com. We don't want that, remember? If you keep trying to fight me, I'll punish you. You remember your last punishment? You wouldn't stop leaking down there, making a mess out of everything. Don't give me those frightened eyes, you know you deserve this. For all the cruelty your brother and you done against me. The pain and embarrassment. Thought you were in control didn't you? But you know better now. If you keep acting disrespectful towards your Master I'll punish brother also.

I thought so. You don't want that do you?

::I'll be there in a couple of klicks, Prime::

I just need a little more time to finish here. Then I'll be done and leave. You can then rest up until I come back because I know you'll miss me if I stay gone too long. Maybe I'll even be nice and untie you from the berth. When was the last time I did that? A couple weeks I think. You can then crawl to your pathetic brother and cuddle together like sparklings. I'm sure you'll try to tell him everything's going to be ok, but its not. He knows that. You know that. Too much has happened to leave here unscarred. Too much as changed for the shadows to recede. You belong to me forever. You know that.

I have to go now, so be quiet and stay here. Not like anyone comes down this way anyways. No reason to. Nothing here but you two and, a lot of the time, me. I think I'll leave you tied up for another day. I just love the way you look in that position. Tasty. Don't worry I won't be gone too long; it would be hard for me to deny that flavor of you.

You should see them. Devastation and sorrow. They all look so tired and worn out. As if their world collapsed upon their heads and they're stuck at the bottom in the dark. Kind of like you.

"Why can't we find them?" Poor Ratchet. He was hit the hardest by both yours disappearance. I think he thought of himself as some kind of surrogate creator of you two. I sometimes here him crying in that locked up med-bay of his when I walk past. He misses you. Imagine his expression if he were to ever find out you two have been here all this time, right under his olfactory housing. That would be a good laugh.

"I can't say, Ratch," the ever warming Jazz. He looks like robopup that was just kicked and beaten before being left of the side of road. "But I can swear to you we'll find them. I'll find them." Keep telling yourself that Jazz. You'll never find them. You're all looking in the wrong places and if you guys get too close, I'll just move them. And keep moving them. They belong to me after all and I don't plan of sharing them with any you.

"Maybe we should do another search party," Bumblebee always has to stick his own little advice in. Can't ever be quite. You know, he leaves the Ark the same time every morning to go out and search for you. He thinks he can find you as long as he doesn't give up. Stubborn fool.

"No, we can't keep separating our numbers with the Decepticons planning another attack," thank you Prowl. Always reliable to see reason. "We'll just have to accept that they have gone AWOL." I bet you would be in hysterics if you heard these words. They are planning on giving up looking for you. No more search parties. No more wanted posters. They'll have to accept that you're gone forever and forget all about you and your stupid brother.

Which reminds me I need to collect more energon for the both you? Can't be having you two offline on me now. When was the last time I fed either of you? I can't remember.

"You can't be serious, Prowl?" Just give up already Bumblebee. You'll never find them. Never.

"Prowl's right. We need to focus on the war now," negotiate away Prime. You're good at that. "We can't keep using resources on a search when Megatron and his army is right out side our doors. We just need to have faith that Sunstreaker and Sideswipe will find their way back home." Never more beautiful words have been spoken by you, Prime.

It's over. They've given up on you.

Hear that, Sunstreaker? They're not going to be looking for you anymore. Not for you. Or for useless brother. Now I can do what I really want to do with you.

This lunar cycle we'll bond and you, my beautiful Sunstreaker, will forever belong to me. I'll control you both outside and in. Than once you're bonded to me and your spark is stable with mine, I'll off your brother. We won't need him alive anymore. You're spark will rely on mine and your brother's will be obsolete. You'll live on while your brother rusts in dust.

I think, for the final lesson, maybe I'll force you to kill him. Allow you to end your brother's suffering. Be the merciful killer. Saving your brother from me. I think I'll enjoy that show. I'll watch you break and shatter so I can rebuild and recreate you into the perfect doll. You won't fight me anymore, you'll beg for me to please you. To take you. You like the sound of that, Sunstreaker? Do you?

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