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I can smell you in there. So moist and potent that it makes me want to hurt you even more. Your scent is beautiful and sinful, testing me to my limits of control. Not that I have any to begin with, my name is Cliffjumper for a reason. Caution and control isn't something I often guide myself by. But you. You I want to take to the limits of physical control and torture away all caution and consciousness from your very being. Tear away the layers of that are of only you and make them into an image that fits me.

You belong to me. Now and forever.

Beyond this door I know how you lay there bare to me in your sultry form. Moaning and crying, begging me to stop but all the more teasing me to continue. This is what you want. Attention. I'm giving it to you but on my terms, not yours, you selfish bitch. Always demanding that others bow down to your beauty but now we both know whose knees are the most soiled among us all. A tainted spark waiting for me to conquer.

Inside I can hear your engine stuttering and trying to recycle air, your brother's far more quiet and hushed from his curled position so far from the door. I won't have to worry about your brother anymore after tonight. His life will no longer be required to keep you alive. Split-spark annoyance.

Fingers deftly move across the numeral access pad, unlocking and unfolding the barrier between us. The lights wait for my voice demand to turn on, but I wait. Torturing you with the seconds. The backlight of the hall strikes across the opposite wall. My silhouette of shadow reaches for you and I want you to see that your master has returned. I want to hear your spark humming in rotting fear of what this means of what is to come.

Sobbing won't save you.

Moving quietly in, each step I take echoing in the dark. I move until I'm next to that slab of berth I've left you on chained so provocatively. Always teasing and tempting me with that body and valve of yours. I find the tears and rips pleasurable and pleasant to my optics.

Moaning and the scraping of metal upon metal announce that your brother is aware that I'm in the room as well. Blind but not deaf, or maybe he can sense me through you. A nuisance none the less.

I want you now. Right now.

With that I'm ready to turn on the lights to look upon you in your true glory. To see your ruined beauty that shines under any tinted light. I want to see you.


There standing in the light cascading from the door, with it reflecting off his helmet like some earthly deity's saint's halo, stood bumblebee. The master of nuisances and a good-bot of naivety. Did the idiot follow me? I wouldn't put it past him.

"W-what are…what a-are yo-you doing?" Unable to believe anyone could want to do harm to others willingly. He even believes that there is some form of goodness in the worst of Decepticons, Megatron.

I think he's about to cry. Poor little sparkling, probably never even interfaced before. Too bad, so sad.

"What it look like I'm doing?" Let's see if that sub-compact CPU of his can come up with the right answer to that twisted little question?

"A-are yo-you…W-why…P-please tell m-me this is-isn't…," taking a deep breath, trying to calm his shattered nerves I watch him turn his optics off for a few seconds. Rebooting probably. His back struck straightens and his optics flash back on, the soft blue of his innocence sharpened to a tempered turquoise. "I'm taking you in, Cliffjumper."

Ok, that might be the funniest line I've ever heard from this yellow bug, but I really don't feel like laughing. Not because I'm afraid of his words but because I've already had this scenario planned out with every occupant of the Ark. I would make Prowl proud. Tactical advantage is mine here because already Bumblebee was in my domain.

The chains around your limbs tremble and shuffle, you're trying to move to get a better view of your savior. Your optics are trying to so hard to stay bright and on. Energon deficiency and multiple other failures luring you into reserving what energy you have left. I smile at both you and Bumblebee. You shiver under that smile, already knowing what it means. Bumblebee continues to stand there before like some Primus' sent hero.

Heroes never live to see the end.

Before he can move towards his own blaster hidden his subspace, I have my crosshairs trained over his spark. Targeting to kill. He doesn't move and freezes on the spot. I wonder if he tried radioing for help yet? If he has he probably already knows I have a blocker hidden somewhere in the general area. Can't have mechs calling for help, now can I?

"Before I decide the next step in this one sided dance, how about I give you an offer?" I know the answer already, but I just want to see his face to the question.

Staying quiet, Bumblebee continues to stand there, frozen half way to unlocking his subspace, his optics judging and evaluating me. It annoys me.

"How about I give you one of the twins and we call it good? You can have Sideswipe all to yourself?" The smile that slowly crawled on my face turns sharply. The frown can burn the stars. "But, Sunny, is mine."

The look on his face is priceless. I'm going to sleep well tonight seeing that expression of disgust and horror etching itself smoothly across that pale face.

My finger pulls tighter on the trigger, readying itself for the final remark. You're crying and trying to scream beyond the voice modulator I've place so conveniently over your throat.

"No? Well, that was my final offer," now I'm really smiling. I'm actually twitchy with a vamp of adrenaline and energy. I've been waiting for this moment. "Goodbye, Bumblebee."



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