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This story starts the night before team assignments, in the Hokage's office. I was inspired to write this by S'TarKan's Team 8. His (I will assume he's a guy) story is really good, but I am going in a different direction, and am praying that it works.

This fic is set in the "Z-verse". What's the Z-verse? It's a special universe that exists in my mind. Multiple versions of pre-existing characters live in this universe. Also, in this universe, there are many different worlds, each containing a different story. These stories, settings, and characters, while similar to their mainstream counterparts, are essentially different. For this fic I will be creating a new "Naruto world". So, if you feel that any character is not portrayed correctly (ooc), then I will refer you back to this note.

Z-verse changes/things you need to know(where I will be describing how this world differs from the mainstream):

Lee, Neji and Tenten are all in the same graduating year as everyone else for some reason I can't remember at the moment. Because of that, they will be just a little weaker than they were in the regular story. I am still going to leave Lee basically the same, without weights and the 8 gates thing, because I don't feel like having him suck.

Anko is a Jounin (as opposed to just being a special Jounin) because that just makes things easier.

The Kyuubi can heal Naruto better than in canon but dark red marks are left on the skin where the fox chakra touches, leaving the appearance of scars.

I added a Village council. they are more present in the beginning, but rarely are mentioned later. if this seriously bugs you, i am sorry. they kinda vanish after the first mission.

Sasuke is more sadistic than in canon. i personally think he should have been way more effed in the head after his brother killed his family, then forced him to watch it over and over for 72 hours straight at the age of... under 10, but some don't agree. this is for you.

Naruto was abused growing up. this is one of those stories. if it seriously offends you, to the point you know you will mention it in a negative way and then never talk to me again, don't start reading. it won't be serious, and i won't be shoving it in your face every other paragraph, but in this story it happened.

this story is pretty much my first real anything. I get much better later, as i improve myself, and you can start to see a difference by chapter "Renewed". I start to get really good until around chapter "Not Over", and i get awesome at chapter "Thrown Away"

Upgraded chapter! The "chapter 21" version of myself has come back in time to touch this chapter up! No need to thank me, just doing my job. Now there aren't so many (any) of the different people talking in the same paragraph stuff going on, as well as other 'touch up' stuff things, such as grammar corrections.

"Hokage-sama," a voice called after three knocks from behind his door, "the Jounin you summoned are here."

"Good, good, send them in" the seasoned Hokage called from his chair behind the desk, and begun lighting his pipe.

He watched as the five much younger Jounin entered his office.

Brittle looking hands brought the pipe up to their owner's mouth, and he took a puff, before turning his full attention to the gathered ninja in his office.

"As you all know, you are some of the sensei candidates for this terms Genin. Four three-man teams were made from Iruka's Genin," the elderly Hokage begun, then turned to Anko and finished, "so I am going to have to remove Mitarashi Anko from the sensei selection."

Anko's head dropped, and she nodded sadly.

"Only four from your group could get a team, and as you are the least experienced, you weren't able to make the cut this time," he said, taking another puff of his pipe, "but you will be first in line for the next team available."

"Understood, Hokage-sama." Anko spoke calmly from her spot on the right of the group, "So… does this mean I'm dismissed?"

"Well, I'm not kicking you out, if you wish to stay then you may, but you are free to go," the smoking Hokage told her.

"Thank you Hokage-sama, I'll take my leave then. Good night," Anko said, and then walked out of the room.

Anko was a little upset with not getting a team, but it was fine. Another team would come along in another six months; she just had to be a little patient. The main reason she was upset, though, was because she found a few Genin that she wanted.

She took a seat in the waiting room, and the assistant type person looked up to her. "I'm waiting for a friend," she told the woman, then returned to her thoughts.

She had told her good friend, Kurenai, that the Aburame kid, the Uzumaki kid, the Inuzuka kid, the Yamanaka girl, and the Hyuuga girl had caught her eye. She would have requested them from the Hokage, but now she could only hope Kurenai picked them and then she would help with their training.

She hadn't been surprised when she had heard that Uzumaki Naruto had failed, considering how most of the teachers hated him and probably fixed his tests, but she was a more than a little excited when she learned he taught himself a Jounin level jutsu and passed.

She had been gradually getting more hyped about getting her first team, and about the fact she would have gotten Uzumaki without a fight, considering he was hated for the Kyuubi, and his grades were horrible if anyone looked past that.

She was so excited, that she had forgotten to take into account that she only just gained Jounin rank four months ago.

There were also four more Jounin with more experience than she had, so it should have been obvious she wouldn't get a team this time, but she was too excited to even consider that.

She sighed deeply, than took out her favorite kunai, and begun playing with it. It wasn't really anything special, the kunai that is, but she liked the feeling of running her finger over the engravings, and the texture of the handle. It was just a little bit different from regular kunai, but it was enough to make it special.

"So," the white haired Hokage started once Anko left the room, "I called you here for team placement. You four are the best Jounin we have, so you get the privilege of requesting Genin. I will assume everyone checked the Genin for this year, and has decided on some that they would like to train. And, just in case you haven't heard, Uzumaki Naruto has passed this year."

"Pardon me, Hokage-sama," Asuma spoke up after his father's last comment, "I heard he learned a Jounin level technique, and passed. Is that right? How did he pull that one off?"

The Hokage smiled, and fiddled with his pipe for a second. "He broke into this tower, stole a forbidden scroll, and taught himself the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, then was able to create around 1000 clones and defeat a Chunin in a matter of seconds. He was tricked into stealing the scroll by a teacher, so he will not be punished for that, but the skills he showed that night more than proved he was ready."

"Wait, then how did he fail in the first place? One who could learn a Jounin skill, and in a few hours at that, it should have been obvious he was ready to move on" Guy inquired in a normal, indoor voice.

He was answered with the Hokage's, "Yes, and I am investigating that, but for now…" before he turned to Kurenai, "If you would start with your requests, please."

Kurenai took a step forward and said in a respectful tone of voice, "Yes, Hokage-sama. I would like to request Hyuuga Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto, and Haruno Sakura. I have watched them at the school, and I believe this team would be able to bring the best out of each other."

"Oh?" the smoking Hokage said in a serious tone, then leaned forward in his chair, "How so?"

"Well, as I have noticed," the crimson-eyed Jounin started, "Hinata has confidence issues, and she extremely timid. She likes Naruto, and gets more confident when he is around. I believe any training she undergoes will be mostly useless if she doesn't believe in herself, and Naruto is perfect for that job."

"And with Naruto," she continued, shifting her weight slightly to her right side, "He works hard to be acknowledged by people, and especially by Sakura. Any training he does will be more successful with her around. And as for Sakura, she isn't really particularly compatible with anyone anyway, so this is where she would do the most good. Sakura also seems to like Uchiha Sasuke, but when he is around, she neglects training, so if I don't get her, that's the last team she should be put on."

The Hokage nodded his head and looked towards the rest of the Jounin for his next question, "That sounded good, but are there any objections?"

To this, Asuma raised his hand and said, "Yeah, that sounds like it would work well, but I think she's only suggesting that because she like's smutty books with love triangles."

At this Kakashi started his perverted giggling, and Kurenai sent her hands in a flurry of seals. Asuma then fell to the floor crying, and entered the fetal position. She then glared at a still giggling Kakashi, and he suddenly became serious.

"…Uh…so I take it there are no objections, then?" the suddenly scared shitless Hokage asked aloud a little shakily. He then turned to Kurenai, "Could you, um, release him? He's sort of next."

She snorted, then put her hands together and released the genjutsu. She glared in the opposite direction as he got up and dusted himself off.

"Asuma, it's your turn," the Hokage said, starting to relax again, "Any requests?"

"Yeah, I do," Asuma began while lighting a cigarette he fished out of its box, pretending he wasn't just crying like a little girl. "Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji, they already work well together, and their abilities compliment each other well. Then Nagamaki Tenten, Hyuuga Neji, or Inuzuka Kiba will be helpful members."

"That sounds fine, and if there are no objections…" he said, and paused to see if there where any objections, there were none so he continued, "… then we will move on. Guy, you're next; anyone you would like?"

Guy did a sort of Michael Jackson spin, crotch grab included, that ended with his famous cool guy pose, using his right hand for the thumbs up and the left for the crotch hold, and spoke in an elevated tone of voice.

"Yes, Hokage-sama! Their flames of youth burn brightly! I request Rock Lee! They are all great, and I would prefer two more Taijutsu users, but I feel that Lee can only truly blossom with my taijutsu training!"

Hokage was still for a moment before he spoke up. "Okay, if Kakashi doesn't mind, then you can get Lee if you promise never to do that in my office, or within 30 feet of me ever again."

"Deal!" Guy shout-talked. He then turned to Kakashi, "So how about it? Are you willing to let me have Lee, my eternal rival?"

Kakashi looked up from his little orange book.

"Huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening. Is it my turn?" which caused Guy to go into one of his 'why are you so cool Kakashi?' episodes.

He was ignored, though, and they continued with Kakashi's request.

"Well, I don't really care who I get, Hokage-sama. Just give me whoever is left." This, of course, did nothing to calm down Guy's fit of 'why are you so cool Kakashi?'

"Well, then," the third Hokage started, taking in another breath of smoke while staring at the writhing Guy on his floor, "I guess that's it, then. You will get your teams tomorrow morning at 12 PM, so you are to get home and get some sleep. You are dismissed."

Everyone filed out of the office, and Anko jumped up and rushed to Kurenai as she came out.

"Who did you pick? Any that I'd like?" Anko whispered to Kurenai.

Kurenai smiled, and flicked her red eye's to Anko and said, "I might've grabbed one or two of your favorites, and I think you'll like them all together. You'll have to wait till tomorrow for the names, though."

"What? Are you serious? Come on, just tell me one of 'em! I gotta know, Ku-nee-chan!" Anko pestered as they exited the building.

"No," Kurenai said firmly, "now cut that out, Anko. You'll see them later with me, and I might even let you take them for dango. I'll even pay."

"Really? Okay, well, let's go home. I'm hungry; I skipped dinner 'cause I wanted to get here early!" Anko explained elatedly, then shushined towards their home.

Kurenai smiled, shook her head, and then shushined after the purple-haired blur.

It was the morning of team assignment; all of the academy graduates were gathering into their old classroom, when Ino and Sakura had just burst through the back door simultaneously, and shouted "First!"

"Ino-pig, what are you talking about! I was first, and you know it!" Sakura hollered unnecessarily loud, considering Ino was standing right next to her.

"HA!" Ino laughed, and then stepped in front of her, "You might've been first if your chest wasn't as flat as your forehead!"

Sakura blushed, then yelled, "Shut up, pig! Move your fat-ass, I'm gonna go sit next to Sasuke-kun!" and pushed past Ino.

She stopped mid stomp, and scanned the room. "Huh? Where's Sasuke-kun?" Sakura questioned, a puzzled look on her face, then took a seat towards the back of the middle isle.

"Yeah that's weird. He's normally one of the first here…" Ino commented.

Sakura smirked as Ino sat down next to her, "He probably left when he heard you coming. It seems to be a natural instinct for all men you're around, pig."

Ino's eyebrows and lips twitched a few times, before she retorted. "You can't talk when the only guy who wants to be around you is Naruto!"

Sakura didn't visibly get upset, she just flipped her hair over her shoulder and sighed, almost like a spoiled girl who had everything might, "What can I say? I'm irresistible to the poor guy…"

Ino was pissed that Sakura responded like that, but cooled off pretty quick. "Yeah, well, now you've lost your only fan, him not passing and all. Speaking of Naruto…" she said, and looked back towards Hinata.

Hinata was sitting on the top row of to the left of the room, along with Tenten who had her hand on her shoulder. She looked miserable, just sulking up there. She was radiating depressed vibes, and the other students were all sitting at least two seats away from the unusually gloomy Hyuuga.

"Huh?" the green-eyed kunoichi started, staring at Hinata, "What's Hinata have to do with Naruto?"

The blonde shook her head, "Nothing, she just looks miserable." She then sported a mischievous smirk, and added, "Naruto must be the same way now that he can't see his lover anymore."

"WHO'S HIS LO-" she yelled and slammed a fist on her desk, then looked to see a few people staring at her, and leaned forward and whispered aggressively, "Who's his lover!"

"Aww, don't say that," the purple clad kunoichi said mockingly, "you'll make him cry!" she finished, and pointed to where Naruto was showing his headband off to Kiba.

"Well, don't you just look delightfully cheerful!" a brown bun haired girl said as she approached the dejected Hyuuga.

"Hey Tenten…" she mumbled, sounding just as bad as she looked.

"Oh, come on, your still upset he didn't make it? You should be using your time to pray we get on the same team! Besides, you aren't going to help anyone by sulking like this; there wasn't anything you could've done about it anyway."

The lavender-haired Hyuuga sighed deeply, and mumbled, "… I tried, but…"

"Tried?" Tenten asked, taking the empty seat next to her, "Tried what?" and leaned a little closer to Hinata.

"Well…I tried to ask Otou-sama," she started, tugging at her sleeves a bit, "If he could help Naruto-kun pass. I told him about how he only failed because the teachers never helped him, and he said 'Good! They should not have ever allowed him in that school! That demon brat shouldn't even be allowed to live.' and then left."

Tenten frowned at that, placed her hand on Hinata's shaky shoulder, and started trying to comfort her.

"It's alright Hinata, I'm sure he didn't mean it. Well, I'm sure he didn't mean it literally, maybe he was just-" but was interrupted by someone yelling something across the room.

"Hey, Naruto, you idiot! This is only for graduates!" Kiba hollered to Naruto.

Tenten and Hinata had snapped their heads up at Kiba's comment, and were staring at Naruto. Neither was saying or thinking anything, just staring.

"Kiba, you're making yourself look stupid," Shikamaru commented, sounding bored and a little bit tired, "don't you see his hitai-ate? That means he passed."

At that, Naruto grinned wide, and adjusted the shining headband in the center of his forehead.

Lee had gotten out of his seat at this point, and ran towards Naruto immediately after Shikamaru's comment.

"Naruto-kun!" he started, grabbing both of Naruto's shoulders and shaking him slightly as he talked, "You are an inspiration for us all! If you can make it, even after they told you that you failed, than I can do the same! I will prove that I don't need ninjutsu or genjutsu to be a great ninja!"

Kiba frowned for a second then addressed Naruto again. "Hey, wait a minute… Naruto, how did you get that? You failed the final test, right? You didn't steal it, did you?"

Both Hinata and Naruto frowned at this comment, and Naruto defended himself. "NO! For your information, I learned a super-secret A-rank jutsu, and they had to pass me!"

Neji had spoken up after the laughter in the classroom had died down, as everyone in the room was listening. "They probably were tired of looking at his face, so they just gave him a hitai-ate."

Naruto was fuming at this point, as was Hinata in her own quiet way, and Naruto shouted out, "Shut up! I'll show you!" and jumped to the front of the class.

Naruto had put his fingers into a cross, and shouted, "KAGE BUNSH-" before he was hit over the head by Iruka.

"Naruto! No unauthorized jutsu in the class!" Iruka shouted at Naruto, "Now get back to your seat."

"But, they laughed when I told them about my jutsu, Iruka-sensei! I wanna show them what I can do!" Naruto shouted back.

Iruka smiled slightly and said, "You can show everyone after class, but it's against the rules in the classroom. Now take your seat."

"Fine!" grumbled Naruto, and he headed back to his seat.

"Okay," yelled Iruka, "everybody settle down, it's time for team placement. Team 1…"

Naruto had made it to his seat, listening for his name, but not paying attention. He brought his right hand up, and stared at it for a long while. There were several scars, of varying sizes, from multiple occasions.

He stared at the largest one, framed in the middle of his hand. He was particularly proud of this one, as he got it while helping a little girl when he was younger. He didn't get a thank you from anyone, and he didn't even see the girls face, but it felt really good to know that he helped save someone's life like that.

He started scanning his other hand, remembering where each scar had come from. Somewhere around a minute later, and he heard "Team 8! Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Hyuuga Hinata!"

Some clutter, and a crash was heard in the back of the room, as Hinata passed out, and fell out of her chair. "Uh, s-she's fine," Tenten started to lie when everyone looked their way, "she just, uh, slipped."

"Oh, well, moving on then," Iruka said with a smile, knowing full well she didn't just slip, "Team 9! Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, and Uchiha Sasuke!"

Roars of disapproval went throughout the room from the girls, as none of them would tem with Sasuke or Neji. Ino and Sakura looked around for Sasuke, and found him in one of the middle rows.

"When did he get here?" they mused aloud in unison, as they had not realizing that he had walked in when they were bickering.

"And Team 10 will be Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, and Tenten."

Iruka had finished his list, and brought his clipboard down to his side underneath his arm. "You are allowed 30 minutes for a break, but make sure you get back on time; your senseis will be here then. You might also want to use this time to talk with your teammates, if you are unfamiliar with each other. Dismissed!"

Most of the kids left, completely ignoring Iruka and just going to hangout with friends. Ino and Sakura had left together, most likely mourning the fact that neither of them got Sasuke. Shikamaru and Choji left to get something to eat. Tenten was with Hinata, still trying to revive her. Everyone else important to the story had left to do things by themselves, excluding Kiba who was with Akamaru. Shino, too, if you count his bugs.

Naruto looked around for Hinata or Sakura, but they were nowhere to be seen, Sakura having left, and Hinata passed out under the table.

Naruto figured he would go look for Hinata, and see what kind of person she was. He hadn't really interacted with her before now, but he knew she was a little weird, and best friends with Tenten.

He didn't notice Tenten, due to her kneeling beneath the desk, so he decided to go look for Sakura or Hinata as teammates, or Tenten or Ino as his teammates best friends, as they might know where they are.

He left the room shortly before Hinata woke up. "O-oh, Tenten," Hinata said dizzily, "I just had the best dream. I got on a team with N-Naruto-kun!" blushing a little as she said his name, then stood up.

"It wasn't a dream, Hinata, but Naruto left already. Come on, let's go find him."

"W-What? I-it wasn't a d-dream?" Hinata said, in the middle of being dragged to the door.

Tenten sighed, "I am always amazed at how quickly your stammer returns when it's not just me and you, or you start thinking about him."

"W-well… uh… w-what about your teammates?" Hinata asked innocently, trying to avoid finding Naruto like this, "Shouldn't you go see them too?"

"Nice try, Hinata, but no," Tenten laughed as they exited the room, "you're going to see him, and I'm going with you. That's all there is to it."

They had been searching for Naruto for about 15 minutes, when they found him on the side of a building sneaking up on Sasuke.

"Hey, Tenten," Hinata called, tugging on her friends arm, "there he is, down there."

"What's he doing?" Tenten asked, approaching the side of the roof. She was answered when Naruto lunged at Sasuke, effectively ruining his quiet lunch.

"Gahh! Is he stupid?" Tenten blurted out, "He isn't good enough to take on Sasuke, he'll end up getting hurt!"

There was some clattering and rumbling coming from the small room for a several seconds, before it got quiet and Sasuke leapt from the window.

"Oh, man… well, at least he left quickly. Naruto can't be hurt to bad," Tenten stated, and then put a hand on Hinata's shoulder. "Come on, let's go make sure Naruto is alright."

"N-Naruto-kun…" Hinata mumbled before jumping down with Tenten into the room.

"What the… Sasuke?" Tenten asked in confusion, staring at the tied up Sasuke, "Didn't you just… wait… then that means… Naruto won…? Why'd he leave henged as Sasuke?" Tenten asked herself aloud. Sasuke was glaring at her, and Hinata was smirking at him.

"Tenten, lets go see what Naruto-kun's up to. The "Uchiha genius" can probably get out on his own, don't you think?" Hinata said, smirked a little wider, and jumped out the window.

Tenten turned to Sasuke and chuckled, "Don't take to long, or you'll miss your sensei!" then followed Hinata out the window.

Tenten caught up to Hinata quickly. "That was pretty rotten, Hinata. Anyway, do you see Naruto?"

"Yes, he's about 100 feet this way, and he's still henged as Sasuke." Hinata stated, with her byakugan activated.

"What do you think he's doing looking like Sasuke?" Tenten asked, jumping from roof to roof with Hinata.

"I don't know, but I guess we'll see soon enough." Hinata said speeding up a little.

They followed Naruto for a few minutes, before he came to a stop at a park on the edges of school grounds.

"He's stopped," Hinata said quietly, as if he might be able to hear her, "I think he's going to talk to Sakura. I can tell you what happens, or we can move closer so you can see them to."

"Let's move closer, I want to see, but still tell me what they say! I can't read lips, so fill me in!" Tenten told her best friend.

They jumped to a tree close enough to see, but still far enough away to avoid detection. They watched as Naruto in disguise walked up to Sakura, and started talking to her.

"What're they saying, Hinata?" Tenten asked to her lavender haired companion.

"U-Umm… he is a-asking her how she f-feels about him. Him, N-Naruto-kun, not Sasuke…" Hinata said a little shakily.

"…What did she say?" Tenten asked after a moment.

"S-She said she wished they weren't on the same team and that he is an annoying n-nuisance…" Hinata replied, and her heart sank. "Oh, Naruto-kun…"

"Ugh, that bitch… what are they saying now?" Tenten asked Hinata.

"N-Naruto-kun asked her why she feels like that, and she said it's because he gets in the way of her feelings for Sasuke." Hinata said, her eyes glued to the two of them on the bench. It was sort of a useless action, as she could have closed her eyes and be facing the other way, and still have been able to see perfectly.

"O-Oh…" Tenten fumbled out as she watched Sakura kiss Naruto, followed by Naruto running away holding his stomach. "They… just kissed…"

"No," Hinata said sounding extremely relieved, "t-they almost, but their l-lips didn't touch."

"Phew! That was close. So, you want to talk to Sakura, or do we keep following Naruto?" Tenten asked curiously.

"N-No, let's just go back to the academy and have lunch. Our thirty minutes are almost up, and there isn't anything else to see here…" Hinata said quietly.

"Alright, but let me know if she keeps badmouthing Naruto like this!" Tenten says, pumping her fist, "I'll rough her up a little, let her know who's boss! Also tell me if you're gonna fight her, I want to watch."

"Okay, but I don't think it will get like that. She just needs to see Naruto-kun for who he is, and she'll start treating him right. Come on, let's get back to the academy." Hinata said shutting off her byakugan and leaping towards the school.

Tenten took a fleeting look at Sakura and muttered, "She'd better…" and then begun following Hinata.

"Team 8!" a red-eyed Jounin called as she stepped in the classroom. She watched as Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura got up and made their way to the door.

There were still three Genin left, Aburame Shino, Yamanaka Ino, and Kiba Inuzuka. No doubt who their sensei was, and no doubt they would be there for at least another 40 minutes.

She was a little late herself, but only by a few minutes. She had to fight with Anko to stay out of the way until the Genin got used to her. Being near Anko was tiring, and she would most likely do something strange that would freak them out.

Yes, they had to get somewhat comfortable with her before they met Anko. Mentally scarring them to soon would be bad for their training, and it would take too long to gain their trust.

They exited the building, and headed to an area around the academy with many trees. It was an area like in movies and animes, with the little bit of light shining through the trees making everything look nice.

Kurenai turned around and examined them each for a moment. "Okay," she said, and gestured for them to sit on the grass, and they did, "before anything, we will start with introductions. Just state your name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams for the future, that kind of thing. So who wants to start?"

She waited for a moment, but none of them said anything. "Okay," she sighed, "I'll start. My name is Yuuhi Kurenai. I enjoy reading… uh… 'romance' novels. I dislike men who look down on kunoichi just because they are women. My hobbies are gardening and making new genjutsu. Also, something you should know, is that you will have another Jounin helping you guys train. Don't ask about her, you'll meet her later. Now, who's next?"

Sakura sighed, and said. "I'll go next." She straightened up, and cleared her throat, then said, "My name is Haruno Sakura. I like Sasuke-kun. My hobbies are… well, anything to do with Sasuke-kun. My dreams for the future…" she blushed at this, and said, "to become Sasuke-kun's wife, and help him revive his clan." Then her face looked agrivated, and she said, "And I hate Naruto!"

Naruto got all depressed looking, holding his knees to his chest, and was pushing around some dirt with a stick, so Kurenai decided to skip him. "Uh, how about you?" she said gesturing to Hinata, "will you go next?"

"U-um…" Hinata started, twiddling her index fingers together and shifting nervously, "m-my name is Hyuuga Hinata. I-I like spending time w-with my friend, Tenten. U-um, I don't r-really have anything I d-dislike. M-my hobbies… r-reading, I guess. And m-my dream for the future… t-trying to b-be more like the p-person I a-admire most… " Hinata managed to finish, blushing furiously and looking in the opposite direction of Naruto.

Kurenai smiled slightly, and thought 'aww, how cute.' then looked to Naruto. He was done with his dirt drawings, so she gestured at him with her hand.

"Okay! Well, I like miso ramen! Especially at Ichiraku's. I also like when Iruka-sensei treats me to ramen. I hate waiting the tree minutes for instant ramen to heat up. And my dream is…" and Naruto started grinning.

Kurenai mentally sighed, and thought 'ramen chef, or to eat the worlds best ramen?', but didn't say anything.

"…my dream is to become Hokage so that everyone in the village will finally start to respect and acknowledge me!" Naruto finished with his grin still in place.

Hinata blushed slightly, and thought 'N-Naruto-kun…'. She had known of his dream for a long time, but hearing him say it caused the heat to rise in her cheeks.

Sakura stared at him with a slightly inspired look on her face, and Kurenai's eyebrows rose slightly at the unexpected answer.

"Oh," he added, having almost forgot to say his hobbies, "and my hobbies are pulling pranks." The three girls got as close to face faulting as possible without actually face faulting.

Kurenai brought her hand up in front of her face after righting herself, "I-I see… well, that's all for the introductions. Do you all know where training ground 12 is?"

They nodded, so she continued. "We will meet there tomorrow at 7 AM for a survival test. This one will be different from your academy tests, as you will be trying to survive against me. You are free for the day, so make sure you rest up tonight. Dismissed!" she said and shushined away, leaving only a swirl of leaves in her wake.

"So Naruto," Sakura started shortly after Kurenai left, "how did you get your hitai-ite? You failed the exam, right?"

"I learned a super special jutsu, and so they passed me!" Naruto said, grining brightly.

"No, seriously, how did you pass." Sakura said, sounding her usual aggravated self.

Hinata frowned at these words. It was difficult to believe Naruto had done something like that, but the fact that he passed and insisted it was true had made her believe him. Naruto was not one to lie about anything, especially about himself. Maybe to protect someone else, even if they would never know or appreciate it, but that was it.

Naruto looked dejected and said. "S-Sakura-chan, you don't believe me?" then his face turned bright and cheerful. "Fine then, I'll show you!" Naruto shouted proudly, and put his hands into a cross seal.

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" he shouted, and filled an area about 10 feet wide with smoke. The smoke cleared and 20 Narutos stood there, watching for Sakura's reaction.

"So you can make 20 clones," Sakura said, raising her hands, palm up, to the sides of her shaking head, "That might pass you, but you made it sound like something better than that."

"N-no, Sakura," Hinata said quietly, her eyes widening as she realized what Naruto just did, "look c-closely. They are s-solid." Hinata watched as Sakura inspected the clones, and widened her own eyes. The pink-haired kunoichi walked up to the clones, and grabbed two of them.

She gasped. "H-how? T-they're solid!" doing a fair impression of Hinata, slight blush included.

All Narutos grinned wide at Sakura's reaction and one said, "That's not all. I have another move that can instantly take out any guy. Want to see it?"

Sakura was not thinking straight and nodded, agreeing to see his jutsu.

"Okay! You!" Naruto shouted, pointing at one of his clones, "Stand over there! Everyone else, get ready! HENTAI, Hidden Ero Ninjutsu, Tactile Arts Index 2: Harem no jutsu!"

Naruto and all his clones (minus the one Naruto picked out) changed into naked women and clung to the still Naruto clone, and made sexy noises.

The clone sported a major noise bleed before passing out and disappearing. All Naruto clones disappeared, and Naruto returned to his normal self. He turned to Sakura with a big smile, and tried to say, "See Sakura? Awesome, wasn't it!" but was stopped halfway through the first syllable by Sakura's fist.

"Hentai? You idiot, what's wrong with you!" Sakura shouted at the smudge on a tree that was Naruto, "Even thinking up something like that… ugh, you pervert!"

Sakura looked at him crushed into the tree, looking dazed, made a Charlie Brown type of noise, then turned to Hinata. She looked worried; not for herself, but for Naruto.

"Hinata, are you coming tonight? To our kunoichi get together?"

"U-um… ye-yeah…." Hinata stammered, looking nervously at Naruto, as he hadn't gotten up yet.

"Okay, you remember where it is?" Sakura said and looked at Naruto.

Hinata relaxed as Naruto got up and dusted himself off, "Ye-yeah."

Sakura looked back at Hinata, smiled, then said, "Okay, see you there!" and left.

Hinata and Naruto sat there in silence for a few moments, staring in the direction Sakura had gone, and then Naruto spoke up.

"Hinata, do you think Sakura hates me?" Hinata blushed deeply, as this was the first time he has ever actually talked to her, and she was unable to form any words.

He sighed after a moment of her silence and said "I knew it…" sounding depressed.

Hinata was able to find her voice, and quickly said, "N-no, N-Naruto-kun, she doesn't hate you." This was probably not the best thing for Hinata to say, as it would mean a harder time for her to get him when she worked up the nerve to confess to Naruto, but leaving him unhappy so she could have her happiness easier was something she could never do.

She begun twiddling her fingers and averting Naruto's eyes, blushing slightly, as he was staring directly at her, "S-Sakura just can't see you for who you are right now. I-I'm sure she will eventually, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto stared at her a moment longer before smiling. "Thanks Hinata, I knew it was a good idea to ask you!"

Naruto continued to look at her, waiting for her to say something, but she couldn't think of anything. She begun blushing harder now that he was just watching her.

"Hinata?" Naruto asked stepping towards her.

"N-N-Na-N-Naruto-k-kun?" she stuttered as he stepped within arms length of her.

"Hey, Hinata," he said and leaned in towards her face, "are you sick or something? Your face is all red." He then placed his hand on her head, and she passed out.

"Uwaaah!" he yelped as she feel into him, "H-Hinata! What's wrong? Hey, wake up!" he said, shaking her lightly to wake her up.

She stayed unconscious though. Naruto had no idea what to do, so he picked her up. He didn't know where she lived. He knew the general area, but he was not allowed in the richer parts of Konoha, so he didn't know exactly where her house was. If he asked for directions, he would either be given fake directions, ignored, or attacked for having an unconscious Hyuuga.

He couldn't bring her back to the school, as they shut it down for the rest of the day and he had enough people wanting him dead with out him breaking trespassing laws. There were only two places for him, home and Ichiraku's. Ichiraku's was all they way on the other side of Konoha, at least 25 minutes if he was carrying Hinata. On the other hand, his house was right around the corner. He didn't want to be attacked because he looked like he was kidnapping someone, and Hinata was quite obviously sick.

His choice might as well have been made for him. He created a clone to go ahead of him and be a look out. He then carried her bridal style from tree to tree, not wanting to be seen. He made it to the street area, and waited in the tree for his clone to signal him.

Hinata woke up as he was waiting for the clones signal. She looked at him for a moment, before blushing more intensely than before, and made a squeaky mouse-like sound.

He looked at her, then smiled. "Don't worry Hinata, we are going to my house. I'm going to take care of you, okay?"

'Going to Naruto-kun's house? He's going to take care of me? He couldn't mean…' Hinata thought as she fell back into unconsciousness. Naruto frowned for a moment, then looked back towards the street. He saw his clone come out from around a corner, and wave him down.

Hinata opened her eyes and stared at a ceiling light. She felt heavy, hot, and something wet was on her forehead. She tried to sit up, but she couldn't move. She blinked a few times, and looked down towards her obstruction. There were three blankets wrapping around her like a cocoon from her feet to her neck. She looked around the room, and saw Naruto flipping through a book nervously.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata said quietly, and he looked at her.

"Oh!" He said smiling, putting his book down, "You're awake… again." She looked at the book, and it was titled 'How to deal with colds, flus, and fevers.' She looked at him questioningly, blushed, then looked away.

"You got sick when we were in the forest," he explained hurriedly, not wanting her to get the wrong idea, "I didn't know where you lived, so I bought you here."

Hinata, looking like a tomato-headed caterpillar with lavender hair, sunk as far into the blankets as possible, and looked at Naruto. "T-thank you, N-Naruto-kun." She mumbled through the blankets.

"Well, ya know…" Naruto said blushing slightly and scratching the back of his head. He straightened up, and turned to looked at his clock. "I sent some clones to find Sakura-chan, Tenten, or Kurenai, but that was an hour ago. I don't know if they found them yet, but you can't stay here. N-not that I hate you or something, it's just I would prefer not to be executed by your father." Naruto said, laughing at the last bit.

Hinata's blush faded as she remembered her father talking to one of associates. He said how he would kill 'the demon' if he ever got an excuse. Her eyes begun watering as she thought that over. She didn't deserve Naruto's kindness. "H-huh? Hinata?" Naruto called.

She didn't even deserve a second look. There's no way she would ever deserve Naruto's love, let alone anyone else. She was part of such a horrible family.

"Hinata, are you okay? Did I do something wrong?"

Not once did she ever stand up for Naruto to her father. Not even from villagers or the other kids at school, and he was kind to her regardless.

"U-uh, Hinata, whatever I did, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!"

Before Hinata could continue her own mental abuse, the front door opened, and a Naruto clone walked in. "Hey boss, I found Tenten!" the clone said proudly.

Tenten walked out from behind him, and looked from Naruto to Hinata, back to Naruto. "Ahh, Naruto! What did you do!"

"I-I don't know! She started crying, and wont tell me why!" Naruto said quickly, then looked to Tenten with pleading eyes.

Tenten made an exasperated sigh, then walked into the room and picked up Hinata. She shed Hinata's cocoon, then slung her over her shoulder so she was holding her legs against her chest.

"U-uwaah! T-T-Tenten, w-what are you doing! It's e-embarrassing, p-put me down!" Hinata squeaked, wriggling the whole time like a worm trying to get free.

"Thank you for taking care of Hinata, Naruto. You didn't do anything wrong," Tenten reassured Naruto, "She's sick, you know? She probably is hallucinating or something. Alright, I'll see you later!"

Tenten then walked out of the house with the squirming Hinata. The Naruto clone looked at Naruto and said, "What happened?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Naruto told his clone, "I might've insulted her father somehow, though."

"Idiot! He's scary, don't get him mad at us!" the clone shouted at Naruto.

"Shut up! Don't call me an idiot, were the same person." Naruto said and dispelled the clone, along with all other clones he sent to find help.

Tenten reached the roof of Naruto's apartment building, and dropped Hinata.

"Tenten! Why did you do that?" Hinata said through sniffles.

"Because it was hilarious. Now, tell me why you were crying. Did Naruto do something?" Tenten asked, sitting down next to Hinata.

"No, it was me. I am a horrible person," Hinata rambled shakily, "and he was so nice to me. I don't deserve it."

Tenten sighed and said, "Calm down. Take a deep breath. Now tell me how exactly you are a horrible person, and then I will explain to you why you're wrong."

Hinata took a breath, then looked at Tenten, "He gets treated horribly, by everyone; my father too. Everyone is so mean to him, and I never helped him. I am too much of a coward to even help the most important person to me. All of that, and he is still nice to me. Not once have I-" Hinata stopped short when Tenten raised her hands and grabbed Hinata's face, cupping her cheeks in her hands.

"Hinata, you are blaming yourself for what other people have done," Tenten explained, "none of that is your fault. Your dad and the villages treat him bad, not you, understand? Naruto doesn't blame you, so you shouldn't either. If you feel bad about what other people do, then you should try to make Naruto happy."

"Happy? Like how?" Hinata said, staring at Tenten curiously.

"Well… you could sneak into his bedroom at night and… you know? That would make him real happy, I bet." Tenten said with a perverted smirk on her face.

Hinata's face turned deep red, and smoke came out of her head as she thought about it. "T-T-T-TENTEN! I-I-I-I C-C-COULDN'T!" Hinata shouted, and some blood trickled down her nose at the thought.

She pushed Hinata's cheeks towards her mouth so she looked like a fish, and smiled. "It was a joke, a joke! Just try your best to make his life more enjoyable, and I'm sure he would be happy." Tenten told Hinata, and watched as Hinata's blush started to fade.

Tenten let go of her cheeks, then begun talking again. "So, Hinata," she started, "I noticed your jacket was open when I got there. Do you think Naruto copped a feel while you were out?" and watched as Hinata's blush went back up to full, and she sputtered.

Tenten laughed and put her hand on Hinata's shoulder. "Hehehe, man you're so fun to tease. Alright, Hinata, lets get going. The first meeting is starting soon; we'll be late if we don't hurry!" Tenten said, then helped Hinata up.

They smiled at each other for a moment, then Hinata said, "Thank you, Tenten. I'm glad you're my friend."

"I know, I know. Lets go before I break out in tears." Tenten said sarcastically, and then the two jumped to the adjacent building and headed to their destination.

Hinata and Tenten arrived at a restaurant in the center of Konoha, and found Ino, Sakura and Ami waiting for them.

"Wow, I thought you guy's might not make it!" Ino said loudly, and lead them to their table.

"So no one else could make it?" Tenten asked as she sat down.

"Nah," Ami said, "they couldn't make it today, but they will be here next time."

"Maybe…" Ino said thoughtfully.

"Maybe?" Sakura asked her best frienemy, "What do ya mean by that, Ino-pig?"

"Well, did your senseis tell you about a survival test tomorrow?" Ino asked, and continued when they nodded. "Well, mine told us that these test are extremely difficult, and there is only a 33% success rate. That means that it might only be just us that are still ninja. We might even be the ones to fail!"

It was quiet for a couple seconds, before Ami spoke up. "Oh, come on guys! Your sensei probably only said that to scare you. And if you keep thinking like this you'll definitely fail, right? You gotta keep positive, and only think about good things. Like, what about the boys on your teams? I know none of us could get Sasuke-kun or Neji-kun, but anyone else worth anything? Sakura?"

Sakura snorted then said, "I got an idiotic pervert on my team."

Sakura looked like she was going to continue, and Hinata was looking upset, so Tenten spoke before she continued. "Ino! how about you, what about your team? Anything good?"

"Oh, that's a good one! I got the shot end of the stick with all of them, sensei and teammates. Our sensei took, like an hour to come pick us up. Then after we ask him why he was late, he said he didn't like us. I also got teamed with Shino and Kiba. The only way it could be worse, was if I got Naruto on my team."

Hinata sank her head a little bit.

"At least you got a choice, Ino-pig." Sakura said helpfully.

"Oh yeah, dog breath or bug boy, great options." Ino said sarcastically, "but I know what you mean. Naruto will be the only guy you get to be around."

"Oh my god, don't remind me!" Sakura said, and Hinata sunk a little lower, "he is so annoying! He's annoying, selfish, and just over all worthless!"

Tenten was about to try and say something in his defense, least Hinata become permanently depressed, when the most unexpected thing happened. Hinata spoke up. Quite loudly, too.

"NO!" Hinata shouted loud enough to get every ones attention, but due to her normally quiet voice, not loud enough to disturb the other patrons. "Naruto-kun's not like that!" Hinata said firmly.

"He might be a little silly sometimes, but he is the best person I know! He works hard for everyone to acknowledge him, but no one ever does. He is kind to everyone, even people who hurt him. He even saved my life once." Hinata said, but paused when she realized she was speaking her thoughts aloud.

"He saved your life? How?" Ami demanded.

"I-It was when I was l-little." Hinata said, her stammer returning momentarily, "I w-was kidnapped w-when I was 5. T-the land of lightning sent a ninja to a-abduct me. He broke into my h-house, and put m-me in a sack. I c-couldn't do anything, but I watched from inside the b-bag. The n-ninja was about to leave the village, when he was attacked by N-Naruto-kun."

"Wait, a 5 year old Naruto just attacked a random ninja for no reason?" Ino asked, a bit skeptical.

"No, N-Naruto-kun had seen the man r-running through the streets, and could h-hear me in the bag, crying. He t-threw a rock at the man, and then t-tackled him. He went to stab N-Naruto-kun, and caught him in the h-hand. He got up to leave, but N-Naruto-kun grabbed onto him, and told him he wasn't getting away with k-kidnapping an innocent girl. The man k-kicked him to the side, and then otou-sama arrived and k-killed the man. N-Naruto-kun got up, and a-asked my father if I was alright, and he was threatened with e-execution if he interfered any more."

"Your dad really said that after he helped?" Sakura asked with a shocked expression.

"Y-yeah, he did. I don't know why, but all of the adults hate him for seemingly no reason. They want to exile or execute him for things like pranks. He doesn't have a family, and everyone hates him. He acts like he does so people notice him, that's all. He just wants to be acknowledged."

"Yeah, now that I think about it, my parents get really upset when they hear about anything he does." Ami said after a moment of silence, "and other people too. I remember him getting thrown out of a store one time, but I figured it was because he pranked the owner or something."

"Hey, Hinata, does he know it was you," Sakura said after thinking about different hateful villagers, "in the bag that night. Did you ever tell him?"

"N-no," Hinata stuttered blushing slightly, "I-I don't really t-talk to him."

Ino's eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed on Hinata. She kept watching as Tenten started talking. "You know, you guys might not believe me, but he beat Sasuke in a fight."

Sakura snorted, "Yeah right! When? He constantly challenged him, but he always loses!"

Ino hadn't taken her eyes off Hinata, but Hinata hadn't noticed.

"I don't know how, it might've been that jutsu he was talking about. He attacked him during our break before our senseis came. We couldn't see cause they were in a building, but Naruto left shortly after. We went to see what happened, and Sasuke was tied up. He looked pissed. That's why he was almost late for our senseis"

Hinata started smiling halfway through Tenten's recollection of the event, and had begun blushing again at the end. Ino's eyes widened, and then she smiled. "Hinata, I have a question. Do you have anyone you like?"

Hinata shifted a little, and started twiddling her fingers a little. "U-u-um… w-why would you ask me that?" she said, averting her eyes and blushing a bit.

Ino smiled a bit bigger, and said, "Oh, all this Naruto talk got me wondering," and Hinata started blushing more, "he wouldn't happen to be short, blonde-haired, and wears a bright orange jumpsuit, would he?"

Both Ami and Sakura were watching Hinata intently, and Tenten had her face covered by one of her hands, peeking through her fingers at Hinata. Hinata was remembering Naruto, being carried by him and cared for by him, and she blushed furiously. "N-n-n-no… i-i-it's not like that…"

"Oh? I understand. You been to his house yet?" Ino said teasingly, but got an unexpected reaction out of her. She blushed harder, shifted in her seat and looked away.

"You have? When? What were you doing?" Ino said, pouncing on Hinata's silence.

"No… really, Hinata?" Ami said, smiling awkwardly.

"When?" Sakura said immediately after Ami stopped talking, "You guys never interacted in the academy. Was it after I left you two in the forest?"

Hinata's hands shoot down, picked up a menu, and put it in front of her face.

"So that's why you were late!" Ino said in an elevated tone of voice, "So what exactly were you two doing that made you late, Hinata?" Ino finished, smiling and looking at Hinata as if the menu wasn't there.

Smoke was rising from Hinata's head and she pushed her face further into the menu.

"Alright, let me explain," Tenten spoke up, taking a short glance at Hinata, "before she passes out. Naruto is… well, a little bit of an idiot when it comes to a lot of things. Apparently, a women's feelings are also one of them. Hinata fainted in the forest 'cause Naruto got too close to her. She was blushing about the same as right now probably, and so he thought she was sick."

"You serious?" Ino said with disbelief on her face, "he's that dense?"

"Yeah. Well, anyway, he didn't know what to do. He didn't know where her house was, and people would probably attack him if they saw him with an unconscious Hyuuga heir, so he brought her to his house, as it was very close. His clone didn't know what happened after that, but when I got there, he had all kinds of herbal medicine in different pots trying to make medicinal tea maybe, was reading a book about flus. He also had a stack of books beside him about all kinds of different illness. Everything from chicken pox to cancer. And Hinata looked like she was in a cocoon, wrapped with like, 3 or 4 blankets, and she had a wet towel on her head."

"Oh my god, that's hilarious!" Ami said laughing, "well, at least his heart was in the right place. And what do you mean by his clone?"

"Apparently his special jutsu is Kage Bunshin. Solid clones."

Ino smiled, and turned to Hinata. "So, Hinata, about those 'solid' clones. Do you think you'd—" she started to tease, but was interrupted by Tenten.

"Ino, Ino, no more Naruto, I think Hinata might pass out with anymore."

"She'll really pass out, won't she? Oh, well some other time then. Well, what else can we talk about?"

"Well, when we pass these survival tests we will be official Genin, and we will be able to drink alcohol!" Ami added cheerfully!

They continued to talk about different things for about another hour before they left the restaurant. They had ordered very little, saving up for congratulating themselves on passing tomorrows test. They had all left and headed home to rest for tomorrows survival exercise.

Hinata, Sakura and Naruto had arrived at the training ground on time, and met up with Kurenai.

"Well, I hope you guys rested up last night, because this will be difficult. But there is going to be a little change to the test." Kurenai said, looking at them as they exchanged curious glances.

"Alright, you guys remember the other sensei I told you about?" Kurenai begun explaining, and continued after they each nodded, "You three are going to be tested by her right now. I was originally going to do it, but she'll be upset if I don't let her. Also, she might be a little scary, but don't worry. She's perfectly harmless."

Kurenai turned towards the tree thick area of the training grounds, and waved her hand.

Anko then shushined to the right of Kurenai, held her hands on her hips, and frowned. "So you are the Kurenai's Genin team, huh?" Anko said in a slightly disappointed tone, "nothing to get too worked up about, by the looks of ya…"

Kurenai almost laughed out loud, and thought 'yeah right. You've been looking forward to this for weeks. You even marked it on our calendar'

"Well, I guess we just have to use what we got." She said and changed her face into a serious one, then continued, "anyway, I will be testing your abilities as ninja. I don't know how to go easy, so just try not to let me kill you."

"I don't know how to go easy, so just try not to let me kill you." Naruto mimicked while doing a sort of chicken dance, "Yeah right! You're just trying to scare me! I'm not falling for that!"

"Wow, you're easily excited, aren't ya?" Anko said after a moment, with an ear to ear smile. Kurenai put her hand over her face, as she knew Anko was about to do something to the young blonde that he would not enjoy.

Anko flicked a kunai in her hand, and then threw it at Naruto before he could blink. It cut him along his cheek, and then she was behind him. She had her left arm wrapped around the right side of his face, pushing his cut towards her mouth, and her right arm was draped around his right shoulder and down to his left hip, snaking its way into his now open jacket.

She licked the blood slowly, the entire length of his cheek, then said, "When I see this lovely red blood of yours, I get really excited too."

Naruto paled and blushed at the same time, and was left speechless as she begun licking up the rest of the blood from his cheek. Sakura was blushing, as well as Hinata, but the Hyuuga heiress decided to stop her.

Anko leapt backwards as Hinata hit the air where she was with a powerful juken strike that visibly disrupted the air around her hand for about half a foot. "N-Naruto-kun, a-are you okay?" Hinata asked while moving into a protective position behind him.

"H-Hinata? Thank you…" Naruto said as he regained some of his color, "ugh, I feel violated…" and then he and Sakura turned to face Anko.

"Awww, you interrupted my meal," Anko said, then licked her lips and added, "I'll just have to make sure to squeeze out every last drop this time." She leaned down to pick up her kunai, held it loosely at her side, "I hope you're not the kind of guy to let the girl do all the work. Girls don't like selfish guys."

Kurenai, who had found a tree stump to sit on, blushed slightly. That last bit was almost a word for word quote from one of her 'romance' novels. 'They are probably too young to get the bit of innuendo Anko's throwing in there anyway' she thought, looking towards the aforementioned Genin to watch their reactions.

They were all blushing, which she figured was from the licking thing Anko did. "Are we really gonna have this pervert around us all the time?" Naruto said in a loud whisper.

Sakura shook her head, "Too many of those jokes and people will think you're easy, or something."

'Well, maybe they're a little more mature than I thought.' Kurenai thought as she watched the three Genin, who were not letting their eyes off Anko. Fearful that she would attempt something 'exciting' again, no doubt.

Hinata was still standing in front of Naruto protectively, and said nothing with words, but her glare told volumes. She was telling Anko that she would be dead if she attempted something like that again.

Anko smiled as she enjoyed the intensity of the young Hyuuga's glare, and lifted her kunai so it was diagonally pointed to the upper left, a few inches in front of her face. "All right you little shit's, no more playing around. The rules are simple, don't die. You have half an hour. If you die, then the results should be obvious. You die. If you aren't able to last half an hour, then you get demoted, and you have to go through the academy from the beginning."

"WHAT!" Naruto and Sakura shouted at the same time. Hinata's mouth was hanging open, and she could only think of how she would never be blessed enough to be on the same team as Naruto again.

"SHUT UP IDIOTS!' Anko yelled at the both of them, "damn, what kind of idiots yell at their teacher before a test… anyway, if you are able to make it the entire half hour, then you stay Genin. But, if I am not impressed with your abilities… actually, let's skip that part. It's not really important, and I don't need you three trying to run."

All three Genin paled and took a simultaneous step backwards. "What do you mean not important?" Naruto shouted hesitantly, "what are you gonna do?"

"Shut the fuck up, or you're gonna find out regardless of the results!" Anko shouted back. "Anyway, if you just impress me then you won't have to worry about it. And finally, if you manage to impress me, then nothing bad will happen to you. I might even take you all out to eat, or something." she finished and got into a battle stance and raising her kunai in front of her.

"What! That's all we get for this? We don't have something horrible happen, and we might get food?" Naruto said loudly under his breath.

"Well look at you, brat! You just assume you can win like it's nothing, don't you? We'll see how long that last's. Kurenai! We're starting now, set the timer."

Kurenai, who was enjoying the tough-guy act Anko was putting on, smiled and set the alarm for thirty minutes. Anko was going to say she was impressed with them regardless, or she would let them through the entire half hour. She watched as the three Genin drew kunai and put some distance between them.

"Hinata, Sakura-chan," Naruto called to his fellow Genin, "we only have half an hour. Let's attack all out, and if it gets bad I'll cover our escape. Hide for as long as you can, then on my signal, we jump her again. Okay?"

Sakura and Hinata both nodded once in agreement, then Sakura spoke up. "Wait, how are you gonna cover our escape? And what signal?" she asked.

Naruto answered with, "You'll know when it happens. So are we ready?"

"Ready!" Anko yelled from directly behind him. All three almost literally jumped out of their skins. "Done planning yet? Time has already started, ya know." She said as they scrambled away from her.

"Aggggh, lets go!" Naruto shouted, "Let's teach her not to underestimate us! Hinata, Sakura, henge into me!" and they complied. Three Naruto's stood in the middle of the field as the middle put his hands in a cross seal, and shouted "KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

Around 200 clones filled the field, and shouted battle cries as they charged Anko. Anko maneuvered through them, occasionally killing one of them. She smiled, but said nothing as she jumped into the air. She grabbed several explosive tags and threw them around the field, killing about half of the clones.

She saw three Naruto's standing outside of the rest next to the forest. She threw three shuriken at them, and smiled as they dodged them. 'So the brat set some clones aside on purpose? Not bad.' Anko thought as she landed, and killed several more clones with a fireball jutsu.

She summoned two snakes from each of her sleeves, and begun fighting them as if she didn't find out what she just did. After a few minutes of fighting through clones, she ran towards the three clones, wanting to see what they had set up. "I already know where you are!" she shouted, and leapt towards the three clones. She shot out three of her snakes to kill the clones, and waited. Some of the clones behind her started dispersing. 'Nice effect. I might've thought I got you.' Anko thought, smiling.

"G-Got ya!" the dieing clones said, then dispersed. She turned around and saw three Narutos running at her, then jump into the air and threw kunai.

'there they are. Yup these one's are moving like the two girls.' Anko dodged the kunai, then shot out her snakes and ensnared the three Narutos. "That was okay, I guess, but not good enough to-" Anko began, but was interrupted by two bodies latching onto her. She looked down to see a smiling Naruto and Sakura holding onto her tightly.

"What?" Anko managed, but was unable to get more than that, as she was then struck by a Hyuuga style juken strike in her back. She shivered for a moment, then coughed up some blood. "G-Got ya!" Anko said before she turned into a body-sized block of wood. 'Wow! I wasn't paying attention, and they angled my back to the forest. They almost caught me with that one.' Anko thought from behind the Hyuuga.

Three larger than Boa Constrictor sized snakes wrapped up and around the three Genin, and prevented any further struggle from them. "All right, you lose. Kurenai, how long did they last?"

"12 minutes and 23 seconds." Kurenai said as she got off her stump and headed to where the Genin were being confined.

"12 minutes? Honestly more than I expected at first, but that wasn't too bad. If I were a Chunin, you probably would've killed me. I heard you could make clones like that, but you made over 200 clones, and your not even tired. That bit with the clones moving like the girls at the end was pretty slick too, considering your grades suck at the academy." Anko had stopped talking for a moment, and then looked at the ensnared kunoichi.

"You girls didn't really play an active role for most of the time, but you worked together quite well and secured the finishing blow at the end. Overall, I'm impressed with all of you." She finished her little speech, and then smiled. "Now you get to keep all your body parts, dignity, and your self respect." The three still trapped Genin paled.

"What!" Naruto hollered, "what was gonna happen if we failed!"

"Oh my, did I say that out loud?" Anko said cheerfully, "well, it doesn't matter now. You passed! So who wants some food!" then the three Genin looked green in the face.

"Anko," Kurenai started, placing her hand on Anko's shoulder, "maybe we should let them go for today. They're probably tired, and they might throw up if they eat now."

The snake bound teens nodded vigorously, and she continued. "We can take them out tomorrow, so let them rest for today."

She was quiet for a moment, and then dispelled the snakes. "Fine, go home or whatever." Then pulled out her favorite kunai and begun fiddling with it as she walked towards the stump Kurenai had previously graced with her presence, and sat down.

Kurenai leaned towards her students. "Sorry about her, she gets too excited sometimes, but she means well. And about the body parts and dignity thing, she was just kidding…" Kurenai whispered, then paused and looked worried for a moment, "…I think… anyway, she is harmless now and she'll consider you like family soon, too. That's how she is." Naruto's eyes grew slightly, thinking about what Kurenai just said.

"… Family?" Naruto whispered, barely audibly. Sakura, Hinata, and Kurenai heard it though and looked at him. His eyes watered slightly and he took a step backwards, tilting his head down so his face was hidden by his hair. "Um, I kinda have something to do, so if that's all I have to go." Naruto said, his voice a little shaky at the end.

"Be back at seven AM tomorrow. You're dismissed, Naruto." Kurenai responded quickly. Naruto bowed, then ran away from the field and jumped up onto a building.

"What's wrong with him?" Sakura said, watching as the blonde leapt out of sight.

"He's an orphan. He is… 'disliked', by a vast majority of the villagers, so he was never adopted," Kurenai explained, "he is also rarely shown kindness. Imagining someone actually considering him family and treating him as such… I don't know what exactly he's feeling right now, so I probably shouldn't say anything else." Kurenai was silent for a moment, then said, "If you want to know more, you should talk to him. I'm sure he would appreciate it. So anyway, be here tomorrow at seven in the morning, and we'll start training and missions."

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