The growing twilight still barely illuminated the fluttering insects hovering over the surface of the river. Tigerstar flexed his broad shoulders as his fiery amber orbs pierced the failing light to look at ThunderClan territory. His ambitious heart nagged at him for not having it, for not spilling the loathsome kittypets blood while he was an Apprentice. Oh well, he thought, I have TigerClan and BloodClan, we can easily snuff them out. He sighed, and his dark ears fell back against his scarred head. Tigerstar heard a rusting behind him, and whipped around, sliding his already long claws from their sheathes. He relaxed a bit when Lepoardstar's sleek body emerged from the lilies. "Oh..." he meowed, and gathered himself back into a sitting position. She padded over, barely making a sound, and settled in next to him on the bank.

"You seem…jumpy." Lepoardstar said.

"Yes, well being here looking at their territory makes me antsy for battle." Tigerstar shifted in the failing sunlight."I know I have your allegiance along with Scourge's, yet that only makes me want to fight more."

She looked up at him, her stormy gray eyes matching the torrent they now stood by.

'Well," she meowed, "I just want you to know that I will always come to fight with you, Tigerstar…" She looked away nervously.

"Yes, you have chosen the noble path, instead of that kittypet, Firestar's."Lepoardstar shifted closer to him, her dappled pelt brushing his dark one. She kneaded the ground as if nervous. Tigerstar had never seen the determined RiverClan leader so…flustered, embarrassed, tempted? He didn't understand the emotion painted on her sleek furred face."Are you a bit jumpy tonight?" He queried with slight humor, something he had little of these moons.

"N-no, I just…want this battle and killing to be over with." She finished quietly, barely audible . Her stormy eyes flashed like rain laden clouds for an impossible moment, before she composed herself and looked ferocious and angry again flexing her claws into the earth weakly. He had never seen her like this before; it must be because I killed Stonefur and others, I thought her ruthlessness would help me? He wondered. I've seen her fight she has to be strong, Tigerstar reflected. Lepoardstar shifted as if some internal struggle were taking place, as if she were contemplating if to do something or not.

"You have chosen my path?" he asked quietly. She looked up at him again with her determined eyes, true this time. Then suddenly, but slowly and softly she rested her muzzle on Tigerstar's scarred ear. Her soft breath smelled like a warm day after the rain. They both secretly relished the moment.

"I want to protect my Clan, you know that, but I have other reasons for why I trust you, my dear, And believe me, I am strong, I will fight like a fox hearted scoundrel, but I will do so with StarClan. And right now I trust that what you say is true and that pure blood is the only blood." Then she darted off as quickly as she came, hardy disturbing the water plants around her. Tigerstar looked back at where she had fled trying to piece together what had she meant, this had to be what StarClan wants. He too had had a soft spot for the beautiful RiverClan leader. But he could not focus on that now. Tomorrow was the day ThunderClan and WindClan would make their decision, after he won this battle then…maybe. Blackfoot startled Tigerstar out of his thoughts.

"What is it Blackfoot?" he demanded, the huge white tom looked pleased with himself.
"Some of the half Clan cats tried to escape again, but they were quickly caught." He was trying to make up for the last mistake with Firestar and Graystripe.

"Very well." A cool breeze rolling off the darkening horizon alerted the ShadowClan leader of rain, so he followed Blackfoot into the trees to camp for the night, leaving the rushing river behind.